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Why do Americans need guns? Rip UP the Second Amendment, problem solved.

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posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 04:07 AM
I think this is more about poking Americans with a stick than an honest discussion about gun laws. The original post is so outrageous that it does nothing but bait angry responses. Trolls do not belong here.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by c0ldPhr34k

You obviously don't know what you are talking about. Here in CA, you can keep your guns loaded with one in the chamber with the safety off, in your home. So good luck with your knife, I'll be spraying buck shots and slugs. No little man syndrome here, and I don't carry in public like you do with your knife. Big man

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 04:23 AM
I have many guns,there used for hunting and to defend myself i live way out in the country, and if someone were to break into my home i would'nt think twice about shoting them there is no way this girl could fight off some guy..I will always have guns It's my right !

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 04:32 AM
reply to post by pteridine

The Magna Carta was written in 1215.
It was but the first in a series of events and actions which eventually resulted in universal sufferage etc.

Along the way we had little things like The Reformation, the removal of a couple of ruling monarchs and the public execution of another.
There was also the miinor matter of The English Civil War and the influence of people like John Lilburne, .

And contrary to popular opinion the UK does have a Bill Of Rights, 1689, which is still in effect today.

All of these were massive influences on the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights, which, as noble as they are, were hardly original pieces of work and had many precedents and inspirations.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 04:37 AM
reply to post by PhantomLimb

We don't have guns.

When was the last time the UK was successfully invaded?

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 04:41 AM

Originally posted by Freeborn
reply to post by PhantomLimb

We don't have guns.

When was the last time the UK was successfully invaded?

Well, I hear the royal family are actually Germans? Windsor's just a front name.
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posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 04:42 AM
reply to post by skeptic_al

What on earth has GOD got to do with this?

Even if we take the existence of GOD as a given where in his teachings does he give you the right to bear arms?

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 04:48 AM
reply to post by bigrex

Originally posted by Freeborn reply to post by PhantomLimb We don't have guns. When was the last time the UK was successfully invaded?

Well, I hear the royal family are actually Germans? Windsor's just a front name.

Don't I remember something about some YANKS with GUNS pulling not only the UK's bacon out of the fire but much of the rest of Europe's

Oh and didn't Hitler decide to leave the SWISS alone because of not only the terrain but the GUNS?

In 1939, just before Hitler launched World War II, Switzerland hosted the International Shooting Championships. Swiss president Philipp Etter told the audience, which included representatives from Nazi Germany:

There is probably no other country which, like Switzerland, gives the soldier his weapon to keep in the home.... With this rifle, he is able every hour, if the country calls, to defend his hearth, his home, his family, his birthplace.... The Swiss does not part with his rifle.

Switzerland won the service-rifle team championship. The lesson was not lost on the Nazi observers...

Halbrook details in Target Switzerland: Swiss Armed Neutrality in World War II, the Swiss militia policy of a rifle in every home deterred a Nazi invasion. A Nazi attack would have cost far more in Wehrmacht blood than did the easy conquests of the other European countries, whose governments had restricted firearm ownership before the war. Many hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of Swiss — and refugees who found sanctuary there — were saved because every Swiss had a rifle, and was prepared to resist.

To this day, every male, when he turns 20, is issued a full automatic military rifle and required to keep it at home. Universal service in the Militia Army is required. When a Swiss is no longer required to serve, he may keep his rifle (converted from automatic to semi-automatic) or his pistol (if he served as an officer).....

There is a darn good reason the UN and the rest of TPTB want a world wide ban on guns and it has nothing to do with murder.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 04:49 AM

Originally posted by kevinunknown
Don’t bother trying because my mind is made up, citizens don’t need guns.

I'm a little tired and I'm getting ready to retire to bed but not before posting.

I've read every post up until this certain one and I'll just go ahead and say what's on my mind.

While you and the rest of the world sit back and look at the United States and our Second Amendment and question why we have this right, we here in America look a you and the rest of the world and ask why do you lack it.

If you've never been to the United States, then you won't never know how peaceful the law-abiding citizens that own firearms, whether it be a long-arm or side-arm, are.

The difference between UK and the US is that our founding fathers, being of British origin, knew that power must reside in the people to keep our government in check. Not to be offensive but it's a mentallity that the UK lacks.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 04:56 AM
I haven't read more than the first few posts. Nothing new there -- the same old lame arguements. I especially like the one about protecting yourselves from your government.

Well you're enslaved with more rights taken away every day and your stupid guns have not helped you. In fact you are hog-tied and helpless.

Your notions about safety thru guns is a fantasy that pretty much any and every movie made in the US reinforces. Its another one of those things to keep you pacified, like a baby with a toy hammer.

Feels good. Looks good. But totally useless should the government actually come after you. But don't worry, they're making a good buck on the prison system built to hold all those criminals who use guns to commit crime.

At least someone's profitting -- it just isn't average Joe.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 05:04 AM

Originally posted by NEWclearMind
One last thing before I go to bed . The fact that you knew about our second amendment is awesome. Because you guys are so jealous of us you can taste it. I don't know what your laws or anything is called. I know you have a big clock and sound a lot like Harry Potter. That's all I care to know. Not because I'm ignorant. It's because that's how much I pay attention to an insignificant country such as yours. By the way, the next time Germany comes barging in, don't call us. You don't want our guns!!!!!

You wallow in your own arrogance and take pride in your ignorance.

I feel nothing but pity and contempt for you.

Fortunately I know you are not representative of Americans as a whole who I know to be decent, honourable and respectful people.

You odviously learnt your history from the most reliable of sources, Hollywood....and it may have escaped your attention but it's the US that has been begging the UK to help it out recently.
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posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by wayno

Actually guns are a hell of an investment.

An AR 15 in 2004 cost between 500 to 700 bucks. Today that same rifle costs anywhere between 700 to 1400 bucks..

If you think this is only due to prevailing political winds...Not so much. The M1 Garand is one of the most popular weapons of all time. It was manufactured for use in WW2. Since the end of WW2 the value in dollars of a typical, in good condition M1 has only gone up. It's like buying a bar of gold, only it'll actually feed you in times of need.

Aside from all of that, my weapons certainly have served to protect me and others. People are animals man. Some of us have more control over it than others. Luckily, the others are in the minority. I don't worry about it everyday. Most of the time, unless I'm training, I don't even give a passing thought to the idea of being attacked... Why? Because I have the means and the training that affords me that peace of mind. I'm confident in my skills and in the reliability of my weapons.

Am I worried the jack boots will kick down the door? Not immediately. I am forward thinking and I do see how the policy of the last ten years in America could lead to despotism. If not an outright dictatorship, a tyranny of incompetence, the end result is chaos either way. I intend to protect myself and those I care for, my intention is not to go and pick a fight with Federal troops, as this does not achieve the goal of protecting myself and loved ones. My firearms mean as much to me as my traditional bladed weapons. They aren't a symbol of bravado, but one of a sense of personal responsibility-A sense instilled by long held American traditions.

That's peace of mind.
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posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 05:12 AM
Problem in America is bigger then lets say in europe where gun trafficing is very low.
Let say you ban guns in US. Do you really think that criminals will suddenly loose thier weapons ?

For me in country so loaded with guns every citizen should have right to carry one ... for the sake of "what will criminall think before he invade Your home?"

2 answers :
with gun ban - oh i have gun they do not.. lets roll
w/o gun ban - oh wait i should check if they have weapons first or be more carefull not to get shoot...

in Poland we have crimminals with guns (not all of them) most of them use knives and other weapons since its hard for regular lowlife to get hold of one and its like that for very long so cops managed to clean up most of gun trafficing (except for big organized crime groups)

in US it would NOT WORK!

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

Generally speaking the UK has ALWAYS been a violent society.

It is no more or less violent now than it ever has been.

But it is reported on more and people's fears are preyed upon, for various reasons.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 05:16 AM

Originally posted by c0ldPhr34k
We are talking about gun crime. And I said in my post that in the last 15 years Canada's crime has dropped. I never said it was worse than the US.

But now you have said its lower than the US I have to question where you got your info. The US has more gun crime than anywhere in the western world.

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....You are extremely confused... Violent crimes in general in Canada are DOUBLE that of U.S. violent crimes, and the UK is the most violent country in the western world, even gun crimes have increased in the UK.

That information came from the UK, other European countries and Canada...

I know Canadians and Europeans, among others, like to claim "The U.S. is more violent than anywhere else in the world" but this is not true, and only shows the arrogance and ignorance of those who claim this without any real evidence.

In fact VIOLENT CRIMES are higher in EUROPE AND CANADA than in the U.S., and most of the crimes, including gun crimes in the U.S. occur in states where guns have been heavily restricted or outright banned like Illinois, New York etc, etc...

If EVERY state in the U.S. followed the LAW OF THE LAND, which that is what the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights within it are, there would be LESS violent crimes, and even less gun crimes...

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posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 05:21 AM

Originally posted by kevinunknown
but surly if it were the case that gun’s were outlawed or heavily regulated it would lead to a overall reduction in the number of firearms owned and therefore the odds of someone pulling a gun on you would be greatly reduced therefore you wouldn’t have to own a fire arm and the odds would fall further.

Guns are strictly regulated or outright banned in pretty much every major city. Baltimore, MD, Chicago, New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles etc. are a few examples. Google the gun crime statistics for these cities that have gone the UK route of heavy regulation.

Also even though the UK gun crimes statistic are very low, maybe you should look at the violent crime stat, or odds of being stabbed.

As for why do we need guns. Why not? Why do some people need 10 pairs of shoes? 2 cars? Self preservation/protection of family is YOUR responsibility not the governments.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 05:22 AM
reply to post by Freeborn

It's actually a philosophy echoed in the Bible. I'm not religious, but I tend to agree with these provisos.

Exodus 22:2-3: If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed. If the sun has risen on him, there shall be guilt for his bloodshed. He should make full restitution; if he has nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft.

Except I wouldn't sell the guy. I'd rather just see him do time for his crime..Or pay restitution, should he survive in encounter that is.

Proverbs 25:26: A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring and a polluted well.

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posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 05:26 AM
reply to post by bigrex

Phl's a Greek.

Unfortunately he's also an arrogant knob head and a walking anachronism.

What has that got to do with despite us having gun control nobody has successfully invaded us since 1066, nearly a thousand years ago and 700years prior to the US Declaration Of Independance.

So please explain why having an armed population would deter foreign invaders?

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 05:29 AM
It is true that it is the individual - not his or her tools - that is responsible for killing another human being.


Why exactly are guns made?

While a car can be used to run somebody over, they were not designed primarily for that reason.

What about guns?

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 05:39 AM
reply to post by projectvxn

I'm agnostic but if I was religious one of the bodies of work I would completely ignore would be The Old Testament which is a bloody good book and read but is hardly compassionate and endearing and if followed to the letter would instigate more hatred, intolerance and bloodshed than possibly any other piece of writing known to mankind!

Anyone who uses religious dogma and doctrine to justify their actions immediately arouses my suspicions!

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