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"U.S. Military To Share Fireball Data From Secret Satellites"

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posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 07:08 AM
From an article by one Leonard David:

For decades, the U.S. Department of Defense has operated classified spacecraft loaded with high-tech gear to carry out a range of reconnaissance duties. But the satellites have also spotted the high-altitude explosions of natural fireballs that routinely dive into the Earth's atmosphere, and talks are under way to offer scientists access to that data. In the past, the data on the fireballs, caused by small asteroids called bolides, was shared with the near-Earth object (NEO) science community, information deemed ideal for understanding the size of small NEOs and the hazard they pose.

Nice to see that some information sharing is being encouraged in some fields.
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posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 10:08 AM
This is a good solid find buddy!
I think it is firstly confirmation of the network we are not supposed to think about, circling up there in NEO doing god knows what /
Secondly and more importantly it indicates the concern which the PTB have with these "bolides" which are exploding meteroites.
The signifigamce of these celestial fireworks, may be far more important than the public understands.

I had started a thread back a ways that was trying to gather the facts, as well as find some connection however tenuous to these fiery objects, and our extra solar visitors.
How to catch a bolide?
Im thinking that the new space plane x37B already finished a 200 odd day space flight successfully this year,
may be the tool for the job....
Manwhile i call your attention to the frequency and loaction of known bolide activity and the possible connections this may have with an alien agenda , either counter to, or in aid of whatever your imagination may conjure.(thats for later speculations...)
In the town of albaqurque nm, there were recorded three red bolides, these apeared on three consecutive days, at the exact same time of day same quadrant etc...They fell to a certain height, and exploded in fiery red streamers.
What are the ods that this is coincidence?
The green, red, and other bolides which have been bombarding the earth since the roswell days are not all natural meteors.
What better way to deliver biologicals, or chemical compounds etc, designed to do specific tasks within the earths bio sphere?
Further notice and some statistical compilation is due to the subject of these curious phenominae.
It is indeed possible, that a stage 2 civilisation is co existing with us in this sector of space, and we are beginning to ecognise the signs of their presence, tho they have been aware of us a long time....
The exploding space visitors(the bolides) could be the sophisticated result of subtle but powerful very advanced alien techmology being applied to our environment for reasons that range from countering nuclear wastes, to altering the species, flora, or fauna, in order to facillitate some far sighted objective.
New Mexico. seems to get more than its fair share of such things,and the goverment facilities abounding there report many such phenomena.
Ah well time will reveal what remains now concealed.....

heres somebodys answer maybe
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posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 10:30 AM
We work...
We pay taxes..
Taxes pay for services like Military...
Those services purchase goods, which is funded by our taxes...
which we work for.

National security?



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