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A very cool poem...

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posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 06:06 PM
Found this on the web and thought some of you might enjoy it.

The Weave of Light.

Sitting in his booth he feels the pain of the confession,
finishing up with a prayer and a lesson.
If it weren't for the lord this man would be dead,
struggling in poverty, he learned to be lead.
Walking now through the town of his peers,
he noticed a boy who he held very dear.
Alone in the street, he needed a hand,
and out came the palm of the black dressed man.
Over nurturing wisdom and a warm meal,
the man confesses his own sins to the boy as he healed.
"Although I see the world in such pain,
I am only one man, and can't reach them all the same."
Crying years later he sees that boy, now a man,
"Go for the light Father, for I will now take your stand"

Jason M Appleton

Copyright ©2004 Jason M Appleton

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