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Was the 1976 Tehran UFO incident related to alien abduction?

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posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 04:17 PM
Why was there a UFO the size of a Boeing jet hovering north of Tehran during the early morning hours of September 19, 1976? If this is a technological device from a higher intelligence, what was their reason for being there? What was the purpose?

Most of us are aware of the general story. For those who are not:

In short, the Iranian military seemed baffled by what happened that night. They sent two of the finest attack jets in the world at the time, only to come limping back to Shahrokhi AFB, frightened and confused as to what the object could be. The report of the strange encounter was taken by an American Colonel, and was circulated amongst the highest levels of the US gov't, including the NSA. There are several aspects to this case that make it particularly outstanding:

1) Unconventional movement of the object
2) Unconventional lights associated with the object
3) High amount of witnesses, including extremely credible military sources
4) Radar returns from the air and ground
5) Possible EMP weaponry used by the object on the F4
6) Smaller object(s) that seemingly detach from the primary object which also have unconventional movement and lighting*

Let's focus on #6 for this thread. Jafari watched a smaller object leave the primary object and fly towards the earth at incredible speed. He thought it was going to crash and he would see a big explosion! That did not happen. Instead, the object came to a rest gently and Jafari circled the brightly lit object from a decreased altitude, marking it's position on the ground. What was that smaller object, and more importantly, what was it doing there? Keep in mind that this incident occured very late at night, and it wasn't till the following morning when Iranian authorities investigated the area where this strange object had touched down.

The next day, the F-4 crew flew out in a helicopter to the site where they had seen the smaller object land. In the daylight, it was determined to be a dry lake bed, but no traces could be seen. They then circled the area to the west and picked up a noticeable "beeper" signal. The signal was loudest near a small house, so they landed and questioned the occupants of the house about any unusual events of the previous night. They reported a loud noise and a bright light like lightning.
wiki source

A loud noise? Noted.

Recently, I read about an Iranian alien abduction case that apparently occured just days before this well documented incident. Dr. Taylor and his Iranian friend Reza had gone for a hike in the mountains on September 16th, 1976. They stayed that night at one of the many "climber's cabins" that were abundant in the area. They had settled in the night and had turned the lights out to try and get some much needed sleep. Then...

Suddenly the cabin was rocked by a series of heavy, pounding thumps. Within seconds they both ran outside terror stricken. A few feet away stood three men. They were completely dressed in black and each carried a lantern like instrument. They all had large dark slanted eyes very lustrous. The men then began communicating with the two witnesses seemingly by using telepathy.
Peter Hough: The Truth About Alien Abductions

Loud thumps right before the onset of the experience? Noted.

Although it is not my place to divulge private information on a popular website like ATS, I have a pretty good idea of who this person is. Some time ago, I sent some emails and discovered that he's still alive today and involved with an eco-friendly organization that opposes the blatant misuse of our planet's natural resources by individuals, companies, and governments. I will not say the name of the organization. However, it should be noted that a high percentage of "experiencers" have reported that alien beings are concerned about the earth and our use of "negative technology." Was Dr. Taylor's experience (with these beings) so profound that it gave him the motivation/direction to become involved in environmentally friendly organizations that oppose unfettered exploitation of our planet's resources? I cannot say for sure.

This morning I was reading an article in the Daily Freeman about support groups for people to talk about unusual experiences. Some people claim to have seen a UFO, while others insist that they have been on board UFOs in an altogether alien environment.

Wiand said abductees seem to remember a certain pattern: a thundering noise, like a train; they can’t move; they’re gone from where they were; another noise; then, it’s over and they’re back where they were.

A thundering noise? Noted. But what exactly is noteworthy about it? People who report experiencing 'sleep paralysis,' sometimes also hear loud noises or loud humming that they associate with their experience. So what are we to make of all this?

As humans, we tend to think of ourselves as the smartest beings in the universe, even when this is not supported by observation... (ie- We are stuck on one planet, with enormous engineering feats needed just to get us to our own moon.) If we were a 100 million year old technical civilization, what kinds of doors would open up to us? Could we travel to another planet and examine lesser creatures in the name of science or spirituality? My guess would be yes, but who can really say?

Certainly, sleep paralysis, temporal lobe epilepsy, memory distortion, etc seem more plausible than going on board alien spaceships. Yet, so far no one has explained how these recognized conditions could explain hours of missing time. No one has provided an adequate explaination as to how people (who don't live by or know eachother) can describe such similar experiences (in detail) in such a convincing manner.

What really happened over the skies of Tehran in September of 1976? Dr. Taylor believes that his experience was "probably not physically real." Whatever happened, they found themselves back at the cabin several hours later. Dr. Taylor had the impression that these other beings had come for his friend Reza, and he just happened to be there. One has to wonder if any of us mere humans are qualified to distinguish the difference "real" or "unreal," when million-billion year old science could be involved! Taylor noted that around the same time period, there were other reports (coming out of the Iranian desert) of people claiming very unusual experiences.

So what is the answer? We don't know for sure. However, the Iranian military reported a large unknown craft in the skies of Iran around that time period. Maybe we should ask them? Unfortunately, no one got their license plate number...

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posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 06:38 PM
Awesome thread and one of the most interesting UFO cases with such great evidence and witnesses. Alien abduction? I dont know for sure...I do believe it happens. The ET's are coming here for some reason. maybe Earths natural resources or they're just coming to check up on their social experiment, us humans and our planet (just my opinion). S&F once again good job with this informative thread

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 07:08 PM

Originally posted by Scramjet76
However, the Iranian military reported a large unknown craft in the skies of Iran around that time period. Maybe we should ask them?

Okay let's do that
After all Iran was out buddy back then... and let's ask the NSA for some help too

1976 Tehran UFO incident

Map of Iran and surrounding countries, showing Tehran and Hamadan,
where two F-4 jet interceptors were launched. Credit: 1982 CIA political map of Iran

Pegasus UFO Files

Video presentation by Lady Kylie on Youtube May 27, 2009 very well done

Declassified Defense Intelligence Agency documents released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that on 19 September, 1976, an unusual incident occurred over Tehran, Iran.

Imperial Iran Air Force Report

"The U.S. Government and the Iran Case"- IUR Report

Joint Chiefs of Staff report concerning the sighting of a UFO in Iran on 19 September 1976

Routing and Transmittal Slip from Louis E. Foster, DIA with a DIA summary sheet and US Defense Attache report on the sighting of a UFO in Iran on 19 September 1976

NSA UFO reports NSA website

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posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 06:30 PM
Thanks for your comments ziggyproductions & zorgon.

This is the kind of data we must use to pressure our gov't to stop the silence. Although there are many grave risks for coming out with this information, the alternatives are far worst.

If there is cleaner technology that the gov't is aware of, then we should tear our pretentious walls down and make that technology available to mankind so we stop changing out planet's atmosphere with our carbon combustion activities. I have a bad feeling that we humans don't know what we are doing, yet we still strive to control and dominate everything....even if our technology could ultimately endanger our own lives.

If there is a huge mystery here (the gov't is afraid to admit), then we should make all the data publically available, so the full weight of the world's scientists, philosophers, etc can be brought to tackle the problem.

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 07:05 PM
One of the most intriguing UFO incidents ever. Whatever happened above Tehran rattled those pilots and workers in the control tower. There are numerous accounts of the incident from the Iranian military, US officials, and civilians. Too bad that most of the documents made after the event are probably lost forever after the Islamic Revolution. I find it odd that the Defense Intelligence Agency's report got distributed to the highest levels of the US government? Even the White House got briefed about it.

So it was something of importance, and not a pipe dream as some of the skeptics would claim.This thing whatever it was, scrammed radar, disrupted communications, disabled aeronautics, and weapons systems. The F-4 Phantom was a state of the art aircraft at the time, and it got outmaneuvered by this craft at quite excessive speeds. Moreover, the pilots were on par with their US counterparts since many were probably trained by the US Air Force given Iran's close relationship with the US at the time.

Therefore, the men who witnessed this incident are credible sources, and their accounts were followed by extensive corroborating evidence. I am shocked that this incident did not make international headlines, given the widespread eyewitness accounts. As for the abduction theory, that is another intriguing angle that I was unaware of. Something big happened over the skies of Iran in 1976, and I would love to see more evidence about it. Thanks for the new angle on the topic, OP. Star and Flag!

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 04:44 PM
1976 Tehran UFO incident

Disclosure NSA Style

Was the 1976 Tehran UFO incident related to alien abduction?

FOIA: UFO Sighting in Iran, 1976

The 1976 Tehran, F-4 Phantom Chases UFO Case

1976 Tehran UFO incident

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 02:10 AM
is there a transcript of the conversation between the men and aliens ? i would love to read what was said .

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 04:45 AM
reply to post by tom.farnhill

Good question. I would love to know what was said too. First, I would point out that by following the link I provide in the original thread, there was also another documented incident:

Location. Near Lake Tabriz Iran
Date: September 18 1976
Time: unknown
Ahmad Bani Ahmad, 56, a researcher on Iranian history, and his wife were visiting Lake Tabriz when they saw a round glistening object 9-12 ft in diameter land 100 yards from their car. 2 beings similar in shape to Egyptian mummies stepped out. Mr. Ahmad was taken inside the object. No other information.

Humcat 1976-69
Source: Tehran Iran Journal
Type: G

9-12 ft in diameter? Sounds like exactly the type of thing that circled Jafari's Fighter. Exactly like the type of thing "Reza" and Dr. Taylor sat in..

But enough about that. I'll post a few more things from Hough and Kalman's book about this particular experience:

I cannot remember all of the places we 'visited,' but I distinctly remember fantastic aerial panoramas of London, New York, Paris and my home city of Birmingham. We saw deserts and frozen wastes of ice and snow, seas - more water than I had ever seen in my life! The pictures were crystal clear and 3-dimensional. We flew near some sheep on an Albanian hillside they were so close I felt I could reach out and touch them. All through the journey the beings were talking to us about the places we were visiting, the people, their habits and beliefs.

Here are some thoughts from Dr. Taylor looking back-- "I don't believe what happened to us was purely psychological, although much of it, the "craft" and the amazing "flight" around the world probably was."

Probably is the keyword here. He doesn't know for sure and I think has made this assumption due to the outlandish nature of the event. Continuing-- "The entities, whatever their true identity, were real. Of thisI have no doubt. They could touch and be touched, see and be seen, 'speak' and be spoken to. At Ahar we were not dreaming."

Now there are two things that really strike me about Dr. Taylor's full story. This is aside from the obvious "wow factor" and a possible connection to the well documented 1976 Tehran incident.


they suddenly realized that they were no longer on the path but in some sort of room. Under their feet was a thick Persian rug. The room was oval shaped and was bathed in a soft light.

Stop! This is a recurring theme in alien encounters. These beings seem to realize that they scare the *bleep* out of us, so they sometimes make an attempt to make humans feel more comfortable. I highly doubt any flying saucers have "Persian rugs" in them. This makes me believe that perhaps they are using some variant of Star Trek's Holodeck!! The rug was meant to make their craft feel a bit more "homely." Certainly seems like sound psychology to me.


Dr. Taylor's friend "Reza" was a gay man. He 'liked' Dr. Taylor but quickly realized that he was heterosexual and their friendship would always be limited to that--friendship. Shortly before their shared alien experience, Taylor had told his Iranian friend that he was engaged to his girlfriend. He believes it was then that Reza realized their day excursions to the Caspian sea or nights out of talking about culture and poetry over wine were nearly over. AKA girls before bros.

Now this is where it gets weird! After the alien experience, Reza started to become distant. While he used to often visit Dr. Taylor in the city, between the period of September 1976 to that December, Reza only visited him three times. Soon Reza didn't even acknowledge the incident even happened (denial) and told his fading friend that he should see a mullah, or Muslim Holy man for help. Dr. Taylor eventually went back to England to continue his studies and build a life with his fiance. A little over a year later (start of 1978), shortly before the Shah revolution, he returned to Iran to earn some money. It was during this stay that he visited with Reza twice, although Reza still refused to talk about the incident at Ahar... Eventually Dr. Taylor (again) returned to England and completely fell out of touch with his old friend, save for yearly greeting cards marking the Iranian New Year. All attempts to write or call to his old friend were not returned.

It wasn't till 9 years later that Dr. Taylor received a bizarre message. The telephone rang one day and a voice said: "Reza has joined Reza." Reza means "contentment" in Arabic. Dr. Taylor was alarmed but more intrigued. He tried to reach his old friend, calling his old office number. He introduced himself as a "close friend" and was told that Reza had died nearly a year (to the day) earlier of liver cancer.

Apparently immediately following the alien experience at Ahar, Reza had confided to Simon that he knew when, where and how he would die, although he would not give any more details. Reza had also told his family this, which had shocked them more than his actual death. Upon discovering that his old friend was dead, Dr. Simon wrote to Reza's brother in Turkey. His brother returned his letter with a photograph of Reza and writing describing the weird circumstances surrounding his death. Get this!!

A few days before Reza died, he discharged himself from the hospital and travelled hundreds of miles to the city of Mashhad. He checked into a small guest house near a shrine to Imam Reza. Reza had joined with Reza.

The evening before his body was found, people described seeing a man of his description in Mashhad's central courtyard with a large black back filled with $10 bills. He was just freely handing them out to people.

I believe Reza was the central figure of the experience and that he was an 'experiencer' as we call it today. The aliens showed him how he would die. I believe they are doing this to people so that we remember who we are! We were created in the IMAGE OF GOD. Humans are meant for great things (perhaps like the beings themselves) and instead we have gotten trapped in our own minds. Warring with eachother, losing our spirituality and damaging our planet in the process.

Sometime later (1990s) Dr. Taylor had a substantial dream about his old friend Reza. The first significant dream since Reza's death. In his dream, Reza was reading Persian Poetry-- something he loved to do in his life. He was also talking about "the night" (the 1976 experience). The poem was Mowlavi's "From an unborn child in the womb," which is apparently an allegory on ressurrection and the hereafter. I believe this was Reza's way of sending his greeting from beyond the grave! Body and spirit.

I think this is central to the whole abduction phenomenon. The aliens are trying to make us remember our old values. We should not live in fear. We should believe in some form that we survive physical death. And therefore, it is not logical to live the way we do. We should treat eachother better, treat our home (mother earth) better, and join the rest of the sane universe. There is no death. Only life after life.


posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 05:27 PM
Also, I'd like to follow up with my previous post.... "Reza" is not the first man to claim that "aliens might have access to timeless information allowing, allowing one to see their own death."

"Ufoabductee" (the puerto rican fellow) on youtube also has said similar things:

Also, the life after life deal again matches up with "Reza joining with Reza." (see prev. post)

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