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How much time to people start to say this guy is a terrorist or cia?

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posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 07:58 PM
How much time to people start to say this guy is a terrorist or cia, like Assange. I really dont see much difference between the two speeches.... Jesse is a true pratiot, you know?

Full interview if you are concerned:

And this Bill O'Reilly? Juicemedia is absolutely right in saying that he only talks crap. I saw two videos of him and thought to myself: How anyone listens to this man?

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 08:18 PM
I don't think he's cia or a terrorist, but I think he is capitalizing on "Conspiracy Theories". I believe he's no different than Alex Jones. Just watch his show closely with an open mind. For one, the guy hired on the show that always "doubt's" things, but yet always supposedly finds clues later on. Okay, you would think he would start to believe in everything good Ol' Jesse proposes, right? But every episode it's the same thing with this guy. He always starts off doubting, then believing. You can tell that's setup.

But it was Jesse's Wall St episode that really made me see the light. That meeting where he walked in on those Banker Boy's, and gave em a good smackdown, you could tell that was setup. In some episodes, listen to how he repeats things back to people that tell him information. Like in the BP oil episode. When that guy told Jesse Obama was a cia agent, Jesse repeated it back, but almost like Jesse himself thought that the guy was the biggest lunatic he's ever came across. Just listen to how he does that with the guy i'm referencing to and you'll see what i'm saying. It's in other episodes to.

I don't believe Jesse Ventura or Alex Jones is Cia or anything like that, but I believe they are out to make a buck in what they see as an ever growing gaining popularity set of theories. Alex Jones never speaks bad of celeb's and always tries to get on their good side and kiss up to them. Even goes as far to say Arab's own hollywood. LOL. It's a known Fact the most powerful player's in hollywood are Jewish. Nothing wrong with that, but why does Alex try to cover that up?

Jesse will put on the act on the news, because his act is to portray someone who "cares" and is getting "truth" out there. After all, how non-convincing would his show be if at the beginning of every episode his show had a disclaimer that said, "NOT FACT, ONLY SPECULATION", yada yada yada. Or if he laughed at himself in interview's about these theories his show investigates. So he's going to "ACT" in interviews and play the part. You have to remember, Jesse is a former Wrestler/Actor/Politician. In order to be good at those trhee things, which he was very good at, you have to do what? Lie, Act, and most importantly, portray someone your not. For years, live on tv he played a bad guy wrestler that convinced the public he was this big bad evil guy that beat up everyone for the heck of it. So, he can easily get in front of a camera and play "tough guy" or the guy who stand's up for the little guy. Why? Because he's paid to do so.

If you don't believe me now, then give it some time. If and when his show get's canceled, lets see the role Jesse plays then, or if he will still be talking about this stuff, or if he will still be getting on radio shows saying the same thing. I'm talking about after his current show is gone, lets see what role Jesse plays then, or if he'll just disappear. Could I be wrong? Of course, but I don't think I am,. So for now, only time will tell.
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posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 08:19 PM
WOW! Couple of things that shock me about this. Firstly, I've been a fan of Jesse since probably the mid eighties (?) & had no idea he was into this stuff. I guess I've been living under a rock where his stuff is concerned! I was floored by how much the big fella has aged. Where the hell did the time go??!

Second is that someone like Jesse has come forward in the way that he has & thrown himself at the corporate/media wall in the way he has. Inspiring!

I'm not an American, but JV should be commended by all for what he's doing. This is a true patriot & a fine example to all. I'm on a pay-as-you go internet service so watching vids burns my usage very quickly, so I tend to skip videos usually but I will be sure to check further into what he's saying.


posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by J.Son79

I agree with you 100%..

He takes perfectly legitimate conspiracies and then throws them into left field so we all get categorized into his insane 'conspiracy philosophy'..

I watch the show and i have only believed 2 guests.. everyone else is so obviously full of it..

He DOES get the truth out there; but then he distorts it and turns Truth into Fantasy

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 08:36 PM
That's another thing about Jesse I noticed. His freakin hair. When he first got back into the media after years of being off the air, look at his hair? Does he not resemble the crazy, spooked, paranoid, conspiracy theory stereo type? Think about it. When he first came out of the dark and back in the spotlight, he comes out with that hair. Of course now we know it was because of his show.

But now look at his hair in his show. Neatly slicked back each time and he looks a lot better than what he does on the news. So your telling me he couldn't have "primped and primmed" up a little better before interviews on the news, but he can for his show, especially when it takes...what, 5 minutes for him to slick it back with some gel?

Notice: Anytime a celeb or singer has a new movie or album coming out, they ALWAYS do something in the media. Brittany Spears. Okay, remember when she was going nuts and had the papparazzi all over her? What did she do about 3 months after all that fiasco? Released her last album. After the release, no more crazy Brittany stories. That's one example, but everytime you hear something a celeb or singer has done, it's usually to promote their album or movie. Most people still don't see that and still talk about how crazy so and so is. When I hear about something stupid someone is doing, I always tell my wife, "yep, they have an album release in a month or so, or they have a movie coming out". And everytime, about a month or two later, they do.

Jesse did the same thing. Came out of the blue with crazy hair and all this patriotic talk and conspiracy talk. Then a few months later, releases a book, then a tv show. He's doing the same thing the celebs do. He came out as the the crazy, spooked, paranoid, conspiracy theory hollywood stereotype, to do what? Promote a show called Conspiracy Theory.

Just another note I want to add here. Okay, not to long ago Laura Bush released a book. Before that book release, about two weeks, you see a story all over the media about her and George were eating it up at some $5,000 a plate dinner like usual, but then they all felt sick. She told her assigned secret service agents that she "think's someone poisoned them". Now, why does this come out a few weeks before her book this year? Shouldn't that have been big headline news back when it happened?

Same thing with Georgie's book. Remember the big headline quote that came out in the news? The one about George saying his worst regret as president was something Kayne said? Then the controversy came out. "He should have said it was 9/11". The media kept that in the new's for a week. Then at the end of every article: "George Bush set to release his memoir's this week".

I know the Bush's have nothing to do with this, but this tatic is constantly used by celeb's/singer's, and politician's to get their name out there to sell whatever their peddling. Jesse is no different. He comes out as the crazy CT. Remember, NO PRESS IS BAD PRESS, that's the ONLY bad press. NO PRESS
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posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 10:38 PM
I don't think they will label him as a terrorist or a thread ( at least not in public ) the guy is an former governor, they can't admit they hire a terrorist ? can they ?

Conspiracy theory is a show with lot of dramatic music, overplayed situations, suspense where is no such thing etc..

Its a good thing because the show reach a target audience that they normally not.

Dont forget, they do talk about real conspiracy theory dissussed here on ATS, so if they can, and by "they" i mean all the Ventura, jones, moore listened and watched by the average sheep, its a great achievement.

Average joe is not interested by documentary like Zeitgeist, The arrivals etc... because of the formula, its boring for someone with little or no prior awakening that the world is maybe not like it seem.

Conspiacy entertainers maybe, but at least they TALK...

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 01:54 AM
With all the talk about TPTB and disinformation agents, it is surprising to see people instantly glum onto Jesse's show. While entertaining, do none really think that it is serving the purpose of satisfying a particular demographic?

Mainly, because the show takes a certain stand regarding information that is in line with the large swath of ATS members it must be truth!

I am an open minded person and have watched a few of his shows. But I do not believe 100% of them. His show is subjective profits, not finding the truth.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 02:25 AM
The media that these guys are competeing with, the corporate controled press
get massive amounts of dough
Limpbaugh just signed for 40 million or something insane like that
O'Realy? too
The white house pays huge to buy the press they want
the corporate controlled press is in it for the money

no one is giving Aj that kind of dough
not to mention everything they do is avaliable for free to the average viewer
ventura gets like 40 million viewers for the runs of each show
thats huge
( most of their detractors get what 5 or ten readers,?and what good is that? )
Ventura is playing to the people who are entry level conspiracy patriots
between the two of them they have woken more people up
then the whole rest of the patriot movement put together

I keep waiting for their detracters here on ATS
to take advantage of AJs "disagree go to the head of the line" policy
and to call him up and take him on face to face like a real man

hasn't happened yet.

as to what aj doesn't say about jews in the Biz..
he was roasted here for saying that the media is run by Jews and owned by Arabs
then when the ground zero mosque biz came up what happened?
that came out to be exactly what he said.
the lions share of the critisizms I see here on ATS regarding AJ and Ventura
have been just like that

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posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 12:35 PM
Wow, TPTB Propaganda Matrix Brainwashing Campaign I see is in full effect, equating patriots like Jesse Ventura with terrorists. My, my how far we have fallen!

When Mr. Ventura abandoned the nation in 2004 he lost a great deal of credibility this is an attempt for him to regain it back and is well on his way to restoring his good name once again. As a former US Navy official if he abandoned his post he' be court martialed.

Mr, Ventura is a true American, I wish I could say the same for Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 12:35 PM
People, seriously, now is the time to wake up.

Those that go back to sleep and flatout refuse reality have already forfieted their right to complain when things don't go their way. Plain and simple as nothing else matters.

Star , Flag and Kudos for Mr. Ventura for spreading the good message.
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