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Israel's leader does not want to share Jerusalem

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posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 11:26 PM
Yeah, those settlers are, after all, prudent.

When you've lived just a few years, and you didn't just become aware of the internet, and some of the highly skewed representations out there that only uninformed kids would believe, you can actually remember the attacks on Israeli farmers and settlements.

I recall the Israeli farmers getting artillery fire from the Golan heights, complements of Syria.

Not long ago, Israelis were at risk from Jordanians (now posing as Palestinians) attacking and killing Israelis on roads, in the homes, in their farms, and in their businesses.

Yeah, about those walls and towers?

They WORK!

And that really PISSES off the Jordanians and Gazans. Not such a cakewalk as it used to be.

posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by randomname

these settlements are armed forts with watchtowers and gun turrets on strategic hills over looking palestinian towns surrounded by mines and barbed wire.

LOOOOOOLLLLL No they aren't!

Sometimes it's just 4 caravans, a donkey and chain link fence..

Mines? Gun turrets? Where did you come up with that crap?

If you had ever seen one of these settlements you would be laughing too..

these "settlers" don't even work, they are subsidized with money and supplies, i.e. american tax dollars, by israel.

They do too! What the hell are you talking about?! They work inside and outside of Israel (inside and outside the 67' borders)..

they are paid upward to 100,000 dollars to live there and build their home.

Source? I know they get less taxes and other benefits, but I haven't heard of this, and couldn't find anything to confirm it.

they patrol their settlement armed with automatic rifles and radio support. israeli defense forces and military personnel are only a click away on military frequencies.

Yeah, they have one guy who's in charge of security in most places driving around from time to time in his truck checking there aren't any cuts in the fences and such, and yeah he has an M4. Is that a problem?

these settlers are some of the most hardcore zionist zealots ready to rid every inch of biblical israel of gentiles.

True, some of them are.

israel backs them, the u.s. condones them and when they say that these settlements are an obstacle to peace they aren't kidding.

True. But it seems like Israel will not be backing them up forever. It's just a delicate matter, politically, economically, socially, etc. But, we've done it before, we'll do it again.

posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 03:38 AM
reply to post by FarArcher

Not exactly right FarArcher. All through history land has been taken by force and kept. That is until the world enacted laws against doing so. Genocide was a common occurance throughout history. Until the world enacted laws against it. No, no country now has the right to take land by force, transfer their population to it and claim it as their own, Not anymore! Therefore Israel is in severe violation of International Law and should rightly be sactioned by the civilized world. Israel declared their borders in 1948 when they declared their state. These are their legal borders. IF the world choses to recognize extended borders to the 1967 cease fire lines then that would change Israels borders. This is one reason the world wants the Palestinians to "negotiate" borders with Israel. Israel is illegitimate beyond the '48 border until the Palestinians agree to the new borders.

The idea that Jews are simply coming home after being forced out of their country and dispersed is pure nonsense. There were vast numbers of Jews living in other countries during the existence of ancient Israel. They were not forced out they either were never there or chose to leave. History shows SOME jews were indeed transfered out after a war but not all. Likely only the troublemakers or politically strong. Many of todays Jews have no "Biblical" right to Israel as many if not most of European Jews are converts to Judiasm.

I believe Israel has a perfect right to exist as a country within their original declared borders of 1948. If they can extend their borders by agreement then so be it.

As far as Jerusalem is concerned, West Jerusalem was NOT part of Israels original borders so in W. Jerusalem they are occupiers of land not theirs. No country recognizes the annexzation of W. Jerusalem and unless International Law is changed they won't.

The chances for peace is virtually non existant. Therefore, one of two things will happen, One, the world will recognize a Palestinian state based on the '67 lines or, two, Israel will have to absorb the Palestinians into the State of Israel. Israel will still have a strong majority for about 20 years at which time the demographics will change in favor of the Palestinians. This is the reality.

posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 03:41 AM
reply to post by FarArcher

Was that "artillilary fire"directed at Israelis in one of the 360 villages taken by Israel from the indigenous Arab population? What did you expect? Candy?

posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by gem_man

I agree with your post. And I gonna need yours and everyone's help, with what I have to write in this post....

The Jews had been discriminated for centuries, thus they know what is like to be discriminated against, more than anyone else on Earth. They had been living in Ghettos, bullied, murdered, and all sort of atrocities committed against them long even before Africans became slaves in the course of human history.

Right now, the racism rears its head amongst the Jewish ethnic group. All because of the belief that they are the Almighty's chosen group, and MUST maintain that homogenuity.

Truth of the matter is that mankind had already been hopelessly mixed. There is no longer any TRUE Jew of pure ancient stock anymore, just as there are no longer pure chinese, indian or aryan mix.

Throughout the conquests of ethnic groups, many had assimilated one way or another, at times even forcefully till that original stock no longer exists, except in fossils.

Can thus a jew with only perhaps a maximum 40% jew stock claim that he is 'pure' jew and still chosen by the Almighty? Do remember, the Almighty mentioned in the Talmud had been against blemishes in any form for His selected.

Furthermore, if it is a religious thing, cannot the jews see that religion can exists side by side as is happening in other nations, and yet still remain intact in their faith, or way of worship, for afterall, we had been worshipping the same Creator, only in different forms, and what matters more to our Creator is our heart and not the form of worship to appeal to others?

Each and everyone of us are our Creator's creation. No father would want to see His child harmed. In the initial years of civilisation, many of such children were uneducated and ignorant, deserving of punishment, but as time and divine teachers sent, new generations had grown up to realize and worship Him. Dare any Jew, or Hindu, or Christian, or Muslim, lift their hands to smite His children again without His public approval and not approvals made by flawed mortals?

The time has come for us to live together, to pursue common goals and fulfill our destiny. New generations of the jewish ethnic groups had grown up, matured and ready for leadership of our Creator's children. We need not fight or kill one another anymore. There is enough to share for all. We are one race - the human race, children of our Creator.

I appeal to our younger brothers and sisters of the Jewish ethnic group as well as the Palestinian tribes to consider my appeal, even though I am only an insignificant and a nobody. It is only them that can solve the problem of the tragedy that is happening in that state today.
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