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Could HAARP do something like this?

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posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 12:05 PM
Ya know I could be nuts, but.....
Awhile back, I had a very short dream. It consisted of a newscaste about Japan. In order alleviate the lack of living space in Japan, they had constructed the first alternate demensional mall!
This got me thinking about other dreams, ect....where a portion of the US was blocked off from the rest of the world by a "sheild". A few facts about this place:

1. The sheild was first erected for protection.

2. One could not enter or leave the sheild without special technology, or abilities that enabled them to adjust their cellular vibrations.

3. This sheild effectively wiped out any detection of what was going on within from satellites, and was put up after a great earthquake that left northwest coast a goup of islands.

4. This effected the lifeforms within by limiting the ability to produce offspring..thus no children, or fruits and vegetables.

5. A weapon using sound could be developed to destroy the shield....interferring with the vibrations emitted.

This change in vibration was not enough to bring this area into the next demension, but rather, it somehow created it's own "world". Just like the mall was a pure creation of man, so was this world. If haarp is based on energizing the atoms within our atmosphere and within the earth itself, and can also be used in a localized area. Could it produce such an effect. I am not heavy with science, hoping others are. Thanks for any assistance that may be provided.


If the placement of this post isn't appropriate, I offer my apologies....I'm kind of news, and well, a little green.

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