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They're Back!!!!

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posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 06:11 PM
I thought that yelling at the ghosts would help me, but, I have since learned that is not always the case.

I have had three "frightening" experiences", since then, when I am working in my garage addition, and I would seem to think that someone was standing over my shoulder. I would spin around in fright, only to see nothing.

This has happened to me three times thus far, since I yelled at the ghosts.

And the strange thing is, that although I didn't tell my wife until recently, she said that Pepere, loved to look over people's shoulders, and see what they were doing and instruct them as to how to best accomplish the task at hand. You see, we bought her grandparent's house back in 1989.

To all of you, I never told anyone in my immediate family about the things that happened in my previous post.
My wife only found out tonight, when she asked why I was screaming so loud for no apparent reason.

After her telling me this, I have openly asked forgiveness from her Pepere, and have told him that I love him (which I do, although he is dead now).

To understand, please visit my previous post.

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 06:27 PM
reply to post by Hendrix92TheUniverse

I have a feeling Pepere doesn't like you as much anymore. That was right asking for forgiveness, but it would be awkward if it was the wrong ghost

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 03:29 AM
I've always heard it said from my superstitious grandmother that the best way to handle such things is to ignore it. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 04:03 AM
Well don't be too alarmed, dont assume the spirit "oh they are real" is malevolent. Often times spirits if not residual and is an intelligent haunting it will do things just to get your attention, because even in death we still like to be acknowledged.

As a teenager we lived in a old house over 150 years old, things would come up missing and end up in strange places later on. Footsteps in our attic that was sealed off from entry, my cats often staring at someone or something that was not there many times hissing at nothing i mean both cats not just one. Then one year as we were decorating the tree me my mother and sister we had a book fly off the book shelf and flew across the room as if thrown several feet. We never talked about it but we just ignored it. Later a full body apparition of a woman was seen by a friend that stayed the night, my freind left abruptly and i found out later when he told me later what he had seen. I was upstairs at the time and he was watching TV Arsenio Hall to be exact this was early 1990's. He said he seen a mist like smoke like figure walk across the room that resembled a woman. Just a few years ago the subject came up and my mom said she was down in the laundry room in the basement doing laundry and seen what she calls a " wispy" woman out the corner of her eye and it dematerialized. I never seen the woman while there but felt a presence and it was not an intimidating presence that i could tell. Being watched kind of feeling but figured was just in my mind.

Another thing is i had a girl freind around that time that went upstairs to use the rest room one day, i heard her talking to me but i was sitting on the couch thinking why are you trying to say something while upstairs. Then she came down stairs and started freaking out saying "how did you get down here" im like lol what? She said i was upstairs just sitting on the stair case that goes to the attic with my head down unresponsive to her? Well that was too weird and i thought she was messing with me at the time or just crazy. But she was so adamant and serious about it. Was it a doppelgänger?

It is said that where you will find a benevolent spirit it will have a negative entity to keep them bound to this realm, i cant help but hear story's like mind with a negative entity playing gate keeper to the good spirits stopping them from moving on. Perhaps they draw energy from them... i dont know. Seems to happen a bit tho.

Then our neighbors told us that a woman has been murdered in the house in the 80's by this man that was breaking in houses on that street and slashing womens throats. Then it dawned on me i remember reading about it in the paper and it being on the news the North Court slasher and how he was apprehended at a local pool hall. So i never knew all those years that we had been living in a house where that woman was killed. Still sends chills up my spine. Really i do feel sad for that woman and i hope she has moved on and accepted her death. Moved out of there in the late 1990's. I did live in another home that had a demonic or inhuman spirit in it and lived there for a few months, was a really nasty nasty thing. In fact i have a photo of my baby daughter in her crib and this black mass or shadow person showed up in the photo next to the crib. That is a long story in itself. That would be a thread itself and i do not mean to take away from your story just saying i can relate.

The thing is there is no reason to be afraid of spirits or the departed. Just because we cant see them does not make them bad, they are people and they have feelings and thoughts and just want to go home. Even some have a sense of humor and can be quite the character, some people learn to enjoy them and even consider them one of the family. Get to know your ghost he might be a pretty cool guy, maybe even open up a beer for him or her some time.

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posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 04:20 AM
Sounds can and most likely are most often residual. Creepy feelings in an old house when your already spooked about the unexplained sounds- pretty common. Try not to freak out too much. In all likely hood its residual haunting. A residual haunting is as follows:

Do you see the same apparition doing the same things all the time? Do you hear the same noises, possibly at the same time of day, each time they are heard? Does that ghost seem to not even realize that you are there? If the answer is yes to any of these, you may be witnessing what is known as a residual haunting. Some of the most famous hauntings appear to be residual ones.

A residual haunting is a playback of a past event. The apparitions involved are not spirits, they are "recordings" of the event. I believe that this will be the first type of haunting that main stream researchers will recognize and study. There are numerous theories on how these residual hauntings come to be. The main one will be discussed here.

Video and audio tapes capture sounds and images on a film of special material that has been oxidized or rusted. Certain building materials, such as slate used in older castles and stone structures and iron nails used in many older buildings, have properties similar to that of the tapes. When a traumatic event occurs or a time of heightened emotions, these materials record the event for future playback. Everything is made up of energy and energy cannot be destroyed. The materials store the energy created by these traumatic events and plays them back at a later time. The Tower of London's ghost of Anne Boleyn and the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall are two famous examples of residual hauntings. We are not sure what causes the playback of the events, that still remains a mystery. Is it the right weather conditions, the witness's energy or sensitivity or some type of energy release? That is the question that we as researchers are trying to answer.

As I said, in a residual haunting, there is no spirit involved. This type of event is not dangerous at all so if you ever have the chance to witness one, do so without fear and enjoy it. This type of haunting has to be considered when investigating a haunting. When my group goes to a haunted location, we spend the first hour split into two teams. One team maps out the area, noting any EMF readings and Temperature readings so we have guidelines to judge other readings by. We also make note of how the building is constructed and set up. The other team is conducting interviews with witnesses. The questions are setup to find out if the activity sounds like a spirit, poltergeist, residual haunting, etc. If we feel the activity is a residual haunting we will set up a stakeout in the location the ghost is often seen or heard. This is the best way to observe and possibly capture evidence of the event. It may take many return trips and hours of sitting there staring at nothing. It is very tedious but if it something occurs, you will forget very quickly about all the time you sat waiting for it to happen.

Even if its not residual- there are so many "squatter" ghosts that you wouldnt believe me if i told you- but 90% of all houses have atleast 1 ghost in them. Most choose to remain unannounced to enjoy their free ride. Ghosts come and go and wander through houses to find one their comfortable in.

Now as far as frightening experiences since youve confronted it- are you talking about a feeling or an experience? If your freaked out as is by a residual haunting you will be on edge and scare yourself into a hissyfit- i know ive been there myself.

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posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by xynephadyn

Now as far as frightening experiences since youve confronted it- are you talking about a feeling or an experience? If your freaked out as is by a residual haunting you will be on edge and scare yourself into a hissyfit- i know ive been there myself.

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Well, thanks to those that have replied.

When I say frightening experiences, I mean that I have been working on the lathe, or table saw or just standing in the garage, and have seen either a change in lighting, or a dark shadow moving in my peripheral vision, as though someone approached me, and was standing and looking over my shoulder.

It was real experiences, and not the lights of a passing car, all times have been during the day.

And all times, I spun around, thinking someone I know has entered the room, but only to find myself "alone".

And actually, a fourth time it happened to me in my kitchen, 3 rooms away from the garage, but that time, was the first time, and I just chalked it up to imagination.

And actually, all these events, could be debunked by calling it imagination, but to me personally, I feel that I have a tenant in my home.

It is only frightening to me, because of the element of being startled. I do not fear death, it is my destiny, as it is all of ours destiny. I don't think it is a residual haunting, I think it is an entity, and probably an entity which does not wish to cause harm. Maybe, my wife's pepere, because when we first bought the house, she claims to have seen him on two separate occasions, but I never saw him.

I don't know if it is my wife's pepere, because, why would he still be here, wouldn't he have moved on into the light?

Sorry, for my ignorance, but I don't know much about things like this, but I did know pepere and if anyone was going to heaven, it would have been him.

So, after, this last occurence in the garage, my wife said, that it might be pepere, because, he was a know it all, and really he did know a lot, but being a know it all, he liked to look over people's shoulder's as they worked.

So, while I don't think I am crazy, I also think, that there is much that we don't know, or maybe I should say, that there is much I don't know.

But thank you guys for honest replies, instead of ridicule.

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by Unknown Soldier

Dear Unknown Soldier,

Thanks for your reply,

and thanks for sharing your experiences. I would wager that most people have had something inexplicable happen to them in their lives.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 01:23 AM
reply to post by Hendrix92TheUniverse

OK well are you saying that while working with a saw blade an entity is trying to startle you? I perceive that as threatening, not curious. You could literally seriously injure yourself.

OK for one- stop using the saw while your house is haunted. I have seen with my own eyes things fly across the room - objects- people flung into walls- hands pushed into things like knives etc.

Im not saying that this entity is for one way or another malicious, however it does not seem to have your safety as its main concern, which should be your concern. You need to take the steps to remove this entity from your home.

There are many ways to do this. One- was outright telling it to f*** off.
However, it has increased in severity so we step up the removal process.

Unfortuantely yelling at a ghost does not seem to scare them off most of the time, especially if theyve been there for a while, they're comfortable there. You provide energy, comfort, entertainment, enjoyment, for this ghost. You can try smudging, you can try prayers, you can try salts, you can try anointed oils and holy water. All with the intention of removing the spirit. You can invoke the holy spirit or the archangel michael into your home and ask him to remove this unwanted entity- it will work, ive seen him many times come to me in need. You must however, put energy into a "ritual" of sorts because it makes the act stronger. You must believe that you have nothing to be scared of, just startled. This is just a human being, just like you, who happens to have gotten stuck on the earthbound plane likely for reasons not its fault. Its probably confused, scared, pissed off, and angry because it cant cross over. Should you feel "up" for crossing it over U2U me and I can walk you through how to do so. Otherwise by using the above mentioned methods, the spirit will likely just leave your house and move on to another house.

Hope this helps, I have crossed over hundreds of ghosts and have helped tons of people just like you. email me with any questions!

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