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NEWS: New Iraqi Leader Planning Amnesty for Insurgents

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posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 07:40 AM
According to a Washington Times report the new Iraqi Leaders are planning to offer amnesty to insurgents who have been fighting U.S. and coalition forces. For the new Iraq Government this could be a move to distance itself from the 14-month U.S. occupation....

BAGHDAD - Less than a week after taking power, Iraq's prime minister is considering offering amnesty to insurgents and could extend it to those who killed American troops, in an apparent bid to lure Saddam Hussein's loyalists from their campaign of violence.

††††A spokesman for Iyad Allawi went so far as to suggest attacks on U.S. troops over the past year were legitimate acts of resistance a sign of the new government's desire to distance itself from the 14-month U.S.-led occupation of Iraq.

††††"If [a guerrilla] was in opposition against the Americans, that will be justified because it was an occupation force," the spokesman, Georges Sada, said yesterday. "We will give them freedom."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Everyone has been screaming for this handover of power to the Iraqis and no one should complain now. Right?

Iraq like Saudi Arabia is in a tough position. They must find a way to co-exist with even the radicals among them. while trying to keep their nation secure. But to offer amnesty? Maybe they should just let the Insurgents take over and run the nation. Because if they give them total amnesty then in a way that is what they are doing. These same insurgents are the ones who have targeted several Iraqi leaders in multiple attacks and some were killed, so it would seem this is an attempt to appease the insurgents in what appears to be a pathetic plea for survival among the radicals.

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posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 08:00 AM
Well, I see it this way some of the insurgents are Iraquis, so the new Iraqui leader is for the people of Iraq, and now that US handle over the power, he have to appeal to everybody.

The problem with Iraq now is the clerick radical groups, they will turn Iraq into a clerical rule country.

posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 06:02 PM
Looks like the June 30th report, in which the Iraqi government decided to not only offer amnesty for insurgents, but also reinstate both the death penalty and a national security law first enacted in the 1960's, was on the mark. Links below.

June 30th ATSNN Report on Iraq Amnesty for Insurgents
June 30th News Report on Iraq Amnesty for Insurgents

Iraq seems to be following the Saudi playbook. Hopefully, they won't call the Saudi's latest play: exchange foreign national prisoners for terrostist held abroad. Link below.

US, British, and Saudis, Involved in Prisoner Exchange

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