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The NWO doesn’t exist, stop being ignorant.

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posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by starless and bible black

I feel complimented you ask. English is my first language.

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 04:25 AM

Originally posted by PFdiddy
The new world order is those who control the way of things. Those at the top of the pyramid scheme most people scrape by on each week. It is a syndicate, like the mafia. They all help eachother so as to maintain the power and wealth, for their benefit.

Some individuals gain power through helping others. This makes them more positive godly figures as opposed to those who gain power from exploitation. I will avoid going into anything spiritual.

You cant gain power from exploitation. You can only gain power from providing value to many. Those at the top of the Pyramid are not the mafia, they are the pure and holy ones.

Everything that is good and true is reversed by the "conspiracy-minded".

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 08:45 AM
What I would like to have is so called REAL HARD PROOF of the so called evil NWO, Becouse all the things people put out about it is just a whole lot of stinking BS. I have not seen anything concrete in so called proof, I just cant see that. And that a group of people have been in charge of the whole world for 2000 years, I mean C'mon guys. You dont hear how silly that sounds? Why would they do that? Seriusly? I pretty much think that this NWO stuff is mass-paranoia.

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by Monstret

I have been trying to tell them that, they seem to struggle with anything that constitutes “normal” they have an inability to trust anything or anyone who does not state the NWO does not exist even though they cannot provide any evidence that shows that is really does exist.

Oh btw your about to get flamed by the NWO-lovers so good luck my friend.

Good post though

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 09:13 AM

Originally posted by Monstret
What I would like to have is so called REAL HARD PROOF of the so called evil NWO, Becouse all the things people put out about it is just a whole lot of stinking BS. I have not seen anything concrete in so called proof, I just cant see that. And that a group of people have been in charge of the whole world for 2000 years, I mean C'mon guys. You dont hear how silly that sounds? Why would they do that? Seriusly? I pretty much think that this NWO stuff is mass-paranoia.

I have posted clear undisputable proof of NWO schemes in this thread several times, from the conspirators own mouths! - read the links there is much more hard proof there.

Quigley wrote the history of this conspiracy and published it in two books, Tragedy
and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment. They were not intended for mass
readership. One-thousand seven-hundred pages altogether, they were written primarily for
scholars, students of political science, and those who are involved with the conspiracy at
some limited level and want a better understanding of its totality.
What Quigley taught in his classes was similar to what John Ruskin had taught and,
like Rhodes before him, he took those lectures very seriously. Incidentally, it should not go
unnoticed that Clinton was given a Rhodes Scholarship (most likely obtained with the help
of Quigley), which took him to London to study at Oxford University, the alma mater of
Ruskin and Rhodes.
If reading one-thousand seven-hundred pages or dry history is not high on your list of
things to do, then here is a summary of Quigley’s message regarding the hidden hand behind
world events:
At the end of the 19th Century, a secret society was formed by Cecil Rhodes.
Most of his great wealth was given to extend this organization throughout the world.
It exists today and has been a major historical force since World War I.
Its original goal was to extend the British Empire and Anglo-Saxon culture
throughout the world. It soon evolved into something even bigger in scope. The goal
became world government of an international character based on the model of
collectivism ruled from behind the scenes by an oligarchy composed of those who
are loyal to the secret society.

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 09:42 AM
reply to post by JohhnyBGood

Still dont see it, For all I know anything about NWO can just be made up or just random spot connections, still thinks this is just a bunch of horses*it. Stop hide in your house and go out and be social to people and stop being paranoid.

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 03:19 PM
So, it's crazier to believe people strive for power in this world than it is to believe everyones a jolly old happy human who loves all and only wants better for humanity....yea....right.....

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by Doujutsu

Just a little something I did on my own.

Verify it. Then you can have a nice chuckle reading that the NWO doesn't exist.:

Georgia Fema Camps Verified.

1. Morgan Georgia. Located at the junction of Hwy 45 and Hwy 37 on the west side of town west of Calhoun St.

2. Camilla Georgia Located 5.6 miles S.E. of the intersection of E. Broad St (Moultrie Rd or Hwy 37) and Hwy 19. The camp is on the east side of Hwy 19. 32 miles south on Hwy 19 from Albany Georgia.

3. Abbeville Georgia Located 4 tenths mile south of down town on US 129 on the east side of the Hwy. Make a left on "Prison Road.

4. Oglethorpe Georgia Located 2.4 miles south west of down town where SR 49 and SR 26 converge.

5. Unadilla Georgia Located 1.91 miles NE of town on East Rail Road St.

6. Hawkinsville Georgia Located North east of Hawkinsville Take Hwy 129 east to Upper River Road Left turn on Upper river road. Go 2 miles north Camp is on the left hand side just before Cannon Rd. (Fire Rd 110) Its called "Wilcox".

7. McCrea Georgia Located North of town on Long Bridge rd. just before CR 92 on the left side of the road.

West Virginia Fema Camp Verified

1. Mill Creek W. Va. Located on west side of US 250 or US 219 or SR 92 just north of "Old Brick Church Cemetery".

Oregon Fema Camp Locations

1. Umatilla Oregon Located east of McNary golf course on "Beach Access Road North , referred to as "Two Rivers Correctional Institute.

2. Sheridan Oregon Located south of town on Ballston rd just below Salmon River Hwy or SR 18. East side of Ballston Rd.

Nevada Fema Camps

1. Lovelock Nevada Located N.E of town eastern side of US 80 Going north, Take exit 112 east on Coal Canyon Rd. Make the first right on Prison Road. It is called Lovelock Correctional Facility.

Texas Fema Camps

1. Beaumont Texas Located 5.9 miles south of Beaumont on West Port Arthur Road from US 69/US 96/US278. Take a right on Knauth Rd.

Louisiana Fema Camps

1. Oakdale LA. Located north of town. Take US 165 north to East Whatley Road make a right(east). Go past N. 16th street about 850 yards. Two big camp complexes will be on your right side looking south.

These are FEMA camps and are named as either Federal Prisons or Correctional Institutes. They are under Fema Jurisdiction and are manned and ready. Google "teamed up" with the NSA earlier this year. Use Google Chrome 3D. tab on "maps" locate these sites and hit satellite or "earth" and rotate the camps to get a closer look.

Go to these locations using Google if you are unable to visit them in person. The Fema coffin manufacturing center west of Covington Georgia on 960 Almon Road is still making these coffins. The storage facility in Madison Georgia is relocating coffins to another area as I write this comment. Here is a site that gives the patent for these coffins along with other information.

With the Executive orders, NorthCom. Infraguard the guillotines these camps etc. it is a wonder that we still have a Nation.
Get ready.....stay ready.


posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by kevinunknown

I think people are confussed over Corporate Greed, Governments Greed and NWO.
I don't think there is a Single Entity with World Order on their mind, just lots of Seperate Entities after as much money as they can get their hands on, legally or Illegally. That's not Order, that's Kaos. It's all about Money, nothing else matters.

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 08:11 PM
Double post.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 07:14 AM
People are confused.

In lames terms, the old world order implemented a monetary system. And man work hard and care for family have wholesome life. This day is now different. Have you heard of destiny? You think by which system we operate.

The New World Order is not an entity or club but rather a bunch of stakeholders and freelancers working for their own benefit and/or that of a evil/sadistic collective interest of which there may be different groups. Of friends for example.

What the NWO do which makes things now bad is they manipulate the system and they can because they control it because money is power. So....they make all political correct things and change natural characteristics of people with technology and brainwash with mass media influence. They make you emotion so you care about nothing important besides family and sometimes not even these days so much.

Like the destiny of revelations or 1984. You believe this will happen so it will. Peoples energy is channeled for the most part, into arguing stupid bullsh*it. Someone would like a coke and a smile

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by kevinunknown

When I listen to the various presidential clips using the word 'new world order', I translated it as meaning a new hierarchy in relation to how the world is organized. I don't see it being used in reference of an actual organization, which select individuals determine the course of all society. It is just a catchy phrase used to rhetorically send a message to other nations. Example: "The United States is now on top, so we must act as shinning examples to the world." Nothing more.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 11:12 AM
NWO is a metaphor. It is a way of easily describing a phenomenon that is quite abstract in more concrete terms. The problem with it is that since it is so over simplified and still to some extent abstract (New + World + Order) that any one person is able to construct the total meaning of it, which may or may not partially or totally overlap with the next person's conceptualization.

In that case, the more ...ahem... interesting characters among us who have paranormal or biblical leanings may attribute reptilian creatures, aliens, the book of Revelations and so forth to this cabal. However, I believe that the "devil" is really in the details.

It's not a matter of supernatural phenomena that are constructing this new world order, it is humanity itself, with all of our pitfalls and overextensions into the realm of technology. We are still slaves to innate, evolutionary mechanisms; we are still subjectivists trying to construct an "objective" reality. This is not possible. This will never be possible. The only objectivity that truly exists is natural law and once it has been observed, always in part, never in totality, it instantly becomes subjective.

Example: An ant, a little girl, a hippy, a cow, a bee, a dog and a developer at Monsanto will all see a dandelion differently. So where does the objectivity of the dandelion truly exist? Does the dandelion exist as a surface to walk on (to the ant), as a beautiful thing to be picked (to the little girl), as a food (to the hippy or the cow), as a source of pollen (to the bee), as nothing particularly interesting at all (to the dog), or as a pesky weed (to Monsanto).

NWO is a metaphorical conceptualization of the order of things, the changes that are taking place. It is clearly idealized by some and despised by others. Some who idealize do not know it as "NWO", but as a friend said, "Screw Big Brother, I think we need cameras everywhere like London [to prevent crime]". Others despise it with out really knowing what it is called, such as people who, despite being wrong in their actions, have a less than positive view of policing - for better or for worse - because they have been exposed to abuses specifically due to their living situation / conditions.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by Doujutsu

To: Doujutsu: Here is the location of one of the largest "unknown" FEMA camps and isn't found on any "list of camps" that I am aware of. The location is North East of Eloy Arizona where SR 87 and East Hanna Rd. intersect. This camp is huge containing four separate compounds using double row wire fences topped with concertina wire and cameras all the way around each one. Note that each compound has only one way in and out. Also, if any one should attempt to escape, there is nowhere to run or hide. There are other elements contained at this compound that are not seen at other such compounds. I shall not speculate as to what these things are. Take a minute and check it out. Note also that there is enough room contained inside this "city block" to build several other compounds. This compound goes by the name of US Prison Bureau and was built by CCA for the government. Check out CCA: They list where these camps are located.


posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 07:01 PM
While part of me agrees that this NWO could all be fairy tales due to the lack of hard evidence (don't get me wrong though, theres evidence but its not entirely direct), the other part says that it could totally happen.
Now in response to what you said that it would be impossible to get every country to work on one single system... It does not take "every" country for such a thing to succeed. I would assume that only the largest, wealthiest, most powerful countries would be part of this. Certain countries probably would not just up and say " sure I'm down! " It would either be applied by force or due time, seeming this country would crumble without the support of the so called "NWO". In the beginning when I first learned of all this I thought to myself this seems like something that could happen. Yes it would be very difficult but when the goal of all this is money and power you know they'll find a way. Think about it though, if we operated under one unified system with the biggest countries wouldn't that diminish the money spent and made on trade? We wouldn't have to pay China to send us rice and all of our electronics because China would be us. I'm no economist though so if I'm wrong please do correct me. If for argument sake the USA, China, India, Saudi Arabia, European countries... so on and so forth- all worked under one system and one money, what would happen to the worlds debts? Would that make it easier for the US to repay China the money we owe them if we all work under the same denomination? So of all this it makes me believe that the NWO could happen... now what the reptilians have to do with this I have no idea.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by Sphota

I like your post. Unfortunately im not sure this is the right thread for intellectual conversation. Its not always instantly satisfying or overly fun. Well done

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by kevinunknown

Black is white, up is down, and the NWO was never mentioned by any leaders...


posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 11:27 PM
Well this is a strange thread to be sure - people asking for hard evidence of a NWO, some have posted quotes by prominent people warning of just such a conspiracy, others of prominent conspirators admitting this is thier goal - ok one or two can reasonably be constued as ambiguous (as no doubt was thier intention) - but many are undeniable!

I have posted writings from an eminent historian, Carrol Qigley (Clintons tutor) who tells of being invited to document the archives of one of these groups as a historian and publishing thier story - this is as hard evidence as you are going to ever get of a 'secret conspiracy' - I note that despite posting this material 5 times on this thread in different forms - not a single person has commented on it! - which strkes me as rather odd to say the least!

That there is a NWO conspiracy is simply not in doubt - just look on the back of your $ bill, what I think people cannot and will not grasp is the sheer size and scope of it and what the motivation could possibly be.

For those with the necessary courage and intellectual integrity here is an excellent overview of the NWO.

posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 09:48 AM
You are obviously either seriously lacking the ability to see what is going on or living in a dream world. I see your other posts state that we shouldn't have guns! LOL
You would be a perfect candidate for the job of new world order disinfo blogger. I hear they are hiring thousands of them.

Let's see if you are capable of listening to this interview from Aaron Russo who got the GOAL of the new world order right from one of the Rockefellers. It's all about TOTAL control, one world government where they control every aspect of your life. But you won't listen or will have some snide remark I'm sure. Aaron Russo was a great man who did a lot to fight the new world order while you've done nothing but say it doesn't exist. I guess you are just the type of person that won't investigate things very deeply or care more about sports. Very sad.

There is so much evidence of the plans of the new world order, you have to either be blind or working for them not to want to stop them. Let's see if you will listen to a Patriot or have a snide remark about it.

posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 10:14 AM

Originally posted by Monstret
reply to post by JohhnyBGood
Still dont see it, For all I know anything about NWO can just be made up or just random spot connections, still thinks this is just a bunch of horses*it. Stop hide in your house and go out and be social to people and stop being paranoid.

Understanding power and logistical systems and constructs has nothing to do with being paranoid. It rather has everything to do with being observant and pragmatic.

There are places that people travel to and circles that people travel in.

There is an excellent chance that the places you travel too and the social circles you travel in are completely devoid of the truly wealthy and powerful movers and shakers of the world.

Thus you get most of your news from the people paid to tell it to you, instead of the people who are actually creating it.

You likely get your history from the books that people have commissioned and written, not from the actual people who have made history itself.

In other words much like Kevin and other amateur skeptics your world view is comprised of your own limited experiences in life, your own capacity to reason, which is diminished through your lack of quality and substantive life experiences, and the inflated ego that comes along with the insecurities that plaque younger people, who crave being right and accepted and listened too, despite their lack of formative experiences that would make a much better learned and traveled and experienced person take note.

Typically such people like Kevin try to isolate the weak link in the herd, the paranoid delusional person who is similarly limited in their life experiences and sources of information, who have latched onto wild theories by those who have put incomplete or exaggerated or simply wrong theories forward about the power and logistical structures that make up societal constructs and run the world.

It’s just two opposite sides of the same coin both in similar stages of denial, both fueled by the same forms of inflated ego.

One side says nothing is amiss, the world is perfect, even if it isn’t who cares, it’s not so bad, have a beer watch a ballgame, hug your dog, and everything is fine.

The other side says, everything is amiss, space aliens are ruling over a class of Satanists that are ruling over everyone else, and they are eventually going to eat us all, unless the good guys in the government radiate us with back scatter x-ray machines at the airport, but the baby Jesus will show up and save us all in time.

Each side of this coin suffers the same thing, denial, bad information sources they trust, an over reliance on them, a critical lack of life experiences, and a desire to be right at any and all cost.

Those who truly understand the logistics of political and corporate science understand that Bellum omnium contra omnes a concept that has stayed with the world from Roman times that you can easily do an internet search on and learn to understand, realize that yes, there has always been a quest to create a unified world, a one world government, and just one person at the top of all that.

It’s what has driven the wars of this planet for thousands of years.

Wars that ignorant people on both sides of the coin routinely suffer and die in because on this planet what you don’t know can end up killing you or in some cases worse.

It’s not contingent upon me to prove anything to you, its contingent upon you to learn everything you can.

If your style of learning and teaching centers around what you imagine is not happening, well, my friend, you aren’t saying a thing, learning a thing or teaching a thing, except how to live in a state of denial and ignorance.

Dedicate yourself to learning, expand your own worldview to incorporate the perspectives of different social and economical and ethnic and religious classes that are not your own, understanding the world as it really is, versus understanding the world as you want it to fit to your own perspective are two different things.

In conclusion there is a certain type of person who loves to prove their intelligence by focusing in on someone less intelligent, that they are sane by trying to focus in on someone more insane than they, that they are well off financially by trying to focus in on someone less well off financially, that they are more popular by trying to focus in on someone less popular, that they are free, by focusing in on someone with lesser freedoms and denigrating those people, and trying to bolster themselves by way of comparison.

Such a style works well when you are really dealing with those people who are less intelligent, more insane, poorer, less popular, with fewer freedoms but it doesn’t work at all, when you raise yourself up out of your own level to join those on the next one up.

Gutter sniping might be fun, but the truth is you have to get down in the gutter to do it.

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