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Optimistic Perspect

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posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 12:00 AM
Good Evening ATS!

I was doing some thinking and came up with this one...
What if, all the things that are currently happening right
now, the obvious tyranny, the open TSA molestation, the
London riots, the political awakening and uprising... what if
All of this was just one giant theatrical stunt to prepare humans
for a new way of living? A new world of possibilities!

The things that led me to ponder this are the following;
Google, being one of the biggest companies out there! They
own and apparently they are a Government created
program. From the looks of it, you can find videos on just about
any sort of Conspiracy. If they really wanted to, they could wipe
all these videos off the web in one blast and censor the net from
the truth in a single shot. Even the show Conspiracy Theory is
available on the TV and now all over the Internet, specifically

How about the Higher Consciousness meditation videos. Opening
the 3rd eye can lead to a whole new understanding of life. Awakening
can allow folks to see beyond the local scope and connect themselves
in a more global aspect. There have even been testimonies of humans
having conversations with other beings beyond our dimensions. How about
foundations like which is a psychedelic research program.
How about websites like Erowid where people are allowed to post experiences
on the different mind altering drugs out there in the world. How about Remote Viewing?
These are old, yet new amazing concepts about humanity we are all beginning to
understand thanks to websites such as who provide us with
Or websites like,, and even

Perhaps. they are testing humanity. Perhaps they are trying to see
how much we are willing to fight for our very own survival. Maybe this
phrase, 'the world is a stage' has some sort of reality behind it. Since
Love over rules all, what if we are just being allowed all the information
on the internet to get the word out and fend for our own future.

Lets face it... A lot of the folks that end up being Conspiracy Theorist are
overly high on IQ and love to think outside of the box. Why would anyone
want to live in a world where there are very few intellects? Perhaps, its
folks who are fighting the good fight that are going to lead the world into
the next page of social evolution with an open source world mind.

Anyone else feel the same way? Note: I do understand that there are folks
being hurt in the process of all this. Families starving, homes foreclosed,
children not given the privilege to an education they truly deserve. Maybe its
an inhumane sacrifice, however... I have studied some Project Camelot and
from a global, perhaps even galactical perspective, we are a little blue planet
and there must be another force watching over us, seeing all the unfairness
taking place down here. Pretty soon, it will no longer be local suffering, it will be
global suffering... Perhaps its a test, perhaps I am to optimistic! What does ATS think?

Keep in mind the folks who are alive and publicly speaking these days; David Wilcock,
Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Dr Eugene Podkletnov, Alex Jones, Ron/Ran Paul,
Spiritual Healers, Shamans! Even 15 year old kids with a strong conviction
towards the unfairness of today's current reality.

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 12:14 AM
You may have a point.

Youtube absolutely refuses to come up here. It's just...down..or or is it?

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 12:37 PM
the maskots of 2012 olimpycs are the hummers of PINK FLOYD video ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL the eyes are the spy cameras. and are made from steel, see for your self the official video of the olympycs no body in internet captured this fact pls send me a mesage if im right and spread you this news.

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 01:22 PM
What would be the purpose though? Why oppress us and kill so many people just to see if we would fight for our own survival? Sounds a bit sadistic to be honest. Like it’s a game and they’re playing with us like puppets. Why not just teach us from birth that we are such powerful and free beings and create a peaceful world that way?

There really is no reason to believe that there is someone watching over us and seeing all the suffering going on. In fact, even if there was, how evil would it be to just watch us suffer and not intervene after thousands of years? No gods or aliens have ever intervened before, so it really is just wishful thinking to believe such a being would do so in the future.

Yes, I do believe that there are people such as spiritual leaders and conspiracy theorists that are trying to wake us up to our reality so we can change it and bring in a new age of peace. However, I don’t believe the cabal of elite rulers that are running the show have any desire to wake us up through oppression. They’re goal is total control and power.

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 01:33 PM
Good post, despite all the problems I am strangely optimistic about the future. There are dark forces wanting enslave us and take us back to the dark ages where they can more easily control us but Humanity has a reached a point in evolution where we are preparing to take another leap forward IMO.

These times indeed will facilitate us moving forward however there is always a danger of being set back like a major nuclear war or total break down of society where much progress can be lost. etc. Still we have to go through some rough times to make the leap forward. The pendulum is swinging back toward slavery and control at the moment but it will soon swing the other way toward freedom and more and more people get fed up. lets hope there are no wild card set backs and look to a brighter future. Stay focused on the positive and work through the negative problems around us.

We have to be careful how we react and seek to not harm others in struggling for our freedom.

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