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The Jigsaw Puzzled Elements of Our Future

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posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 08:22 PM
I don't claim to have all the answers. But we ALL do have most of the pieces to the puzzle.

All the pieces are out there. There’s no missing information. If one can arrange them properly, the picture should become clear.

The various pieces are listed below...

+ Global warming –from whatever the cause – melts ice in the north Atlantic and disrupts the flow of the Gulf Stream currents.

+ Radical Islam grows strong following 9.11 and the (staged) attacks on America.

+ The forced move to a global economy leads to chaos in otherwise stable western nations.

+ China, inept at its own economic affairs prior to globalization, grows into a superpower.

+ Moral standards that have been the concrete of culture in western civilization for centuries are slowly but steadily eroded.

+ Scientific theories that are incomplete at best, begin being forwarded as indisputable fact.

+ Religion at the personal level, comes under attack and is threatened by a new group-think paradigm that seeks to eliminate the right of the individual to believe as they choose.

+ Rogue nations are allowed to develop and arm with nuclear weaponry.

+ The so-called ‘free press’ is gradually sublimated and replaced by the Mainstream Media, which is under the direct control of the mega-corporate and big government.

+ While denying the existence of UFOs, the governments of the world and the media under their direct control begin quietly guiding the global population into the acceptance of power separate and greater than mankind.

+ Deep efforts are made to demonize Israel and legitimize radical Islam within Palestinian nationalist organization.

+ World, national populations are being diluted by weakened immigration policies, in some cases opening borders for wholesale, illegal mass migrations. This rupture is then politicized and legitimized in the name of the same institutions that are being destroyed.

+ The economic infrastructure begins to crumble so various governments try to bail out the failing private sector. The bill for this rescue is then placed on the backs of the elderly and disabled, robbing them of safety-net programs they themselves paid into.

+ As nations begin to try and reign in their debt, youth movements are mobilized not just to protest loss of public programs, but to openly riot and destroy both public and private property.

+ The American electorate is being set up for a clear case of vote rigging on a national scale - probably in the year 2012 - for the purpose of instituting draconian law and perpetuating the rule of certain groups and individuals.

There are many more pieces than just these few... but they serve as a primer to begin the process of assembly. There is a common root... a reason that all of this is occurring.

I don't claim to be able to fit them all together.


I can't be here to reply to every comment but... I hope a few of you will offer your thoughts. I will check in as I can.

This is not meant to be political... there are NO good guys here. I don't think we've seen honesty in government from any party for quite some time now.

Thanks for your time and thoughts.


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