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Another experiment

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posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 12:12 AM
I just read the experiment down the list and i was very impressed...Just wondering if you guys wouldnt mind taking a shot on me?...i know that some of you may be a little against testing the gifted on things like this..but i'm not forcing you!...OK well for the test:
Tell me where my computer is located, (which room of the house)
Try to tell me whats arond me (maybe like whats on my floor, specific things on my desk, etc)
Anything else you see...
I'm a believer just from reading the other posts, but i was just asking for kicks and this way u can practice your talents

posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 02:46 AM
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posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 12:21 PM
lol parker...if someone is able to go into my house and do whatever....then i dont have to ask them. and nothing happened to Amuk so oh well. I'm taking my chances and my curiousity is killing me so i really want someone to tell me ;P.

posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 06:17 PM
Pretty soon this board will be flooded with requests like "spy on me, me!". (No offense, sheaisdumb.)

posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 06:37 PM
lol none taken i guess...and i guess everybody feels like this cuz nobody is responding..*pouts*...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease guess

posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 11:00 PM
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posted on Jul, 5 2004 @ 12:33 PM
i know i hope i didnt sound rude..

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 10:40 AM
I anwsered Sheaisdumb in U2U about her request for us to guess:

This is what I guessed (original U2U plus my going into detail in the IM session)

I see some orange/brown tiles or linolieum (spelling?) .. That was the first thing I saw
Your house has a kind of close and cozy feel(IM:Well.. by that, I meant that its not a "big house").. Lots of earthy tones.
Some browns .. not so much greens though, im seeing more brown/tan/flesh colored.. Light walls in your house, and you have yellowish lights. (As opposed to that real white flourescent bulb) It feels kind of inviting, like a real house should be. One room feels totally different from the rest of the house(IM: Like stuffs on the walls (posters and etc),One room feels more "cluttered" I guess is another way of saying it).. Like most of the house is made to look presentable to visitors, but this one room is all for the person living there. The roof/room feels slanted, with one window?

Me: Youre carpet isnt an orangy color, by any chance, is it?
Me: I see it next to the tile.. so I guess in there..
Me: kinda of baby-food-carrot orange

So theres my guess, yall feel free to guess some more too!

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 12:03 PM
i've never tried this on a person, and sheaisdumb, i do not approach you with any negatives vibes or thoughts...just curious too, i didn't know how to go about it, so i just focused on your userid and your initial post and allowed images to come to me.

bobblehead on the desk
white or offwhite walls, posters, artwork
a corkboard mostly full, clippings... notes
the computer is in a office or study close to or part of the living room
bookshelves nearby
floral couch

ummm that's all i am getting

[edit on 7-6-2004 by worldwatcher]

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 03:01 PM
Thanks to all who responded
btw shidge, i'm a guy (lol)

But shidge got it RIGHT on the money..
everything he said was correct to an extent...
but most of it is pretty much the same

Worldwatcher -i dont have any bobble heads on the desk...but u may be thinking of my cam, which sorta does look like one

The walls in my room are very light blue and the ceiling is slant in my room and its white...
I"m not sure what a corkboard is, but if its similar to a notebook, then yes, i have a journal which has alot of entries on my desk..
The computer is in my bedroom, and it is about 1 foot away from the door to the living room
I have a bookshelve pretty close to my is near the door.
You did get he couch wrong tho. It's black leather lol

You did pretty well worldwatcher..but i think shidge wins this round :-P..
Thanks to everyone who played and kinda not thanks to everyone wh o didnt ;P

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 03:07 PM
Haha! Sorry that I thought you were a girl..

I keep forgetting that "Shea" is your school and not your name.. and the only "Shea" (but she is "sheea" ) I know is a girl lol..

Sorry again

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