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Student Riots: Riot Vans and Rolls Royces

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posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by thisguyrighthere

Dead on.
Too many of these idiot kids use generic protesting as an excuse to destroy private property or loot from homes and businesses.
They're angry idiots that arent even sure why they're angry

Aww, but that is the whole point of this thread.

The kids came to peacefully protest their ludicrous government because the lawmakers just TRIPLED the amount it costs to go to get a higher education, virtually condemning many young people to a lifetime of minimum wage and poverty.

Once the police notice the protest has began to get the message across to everyone in the vicinity they activate moles they have placed in the crowd. These undercover agents physically start the violence, which turns the protest into a full out riot against police officers and nearby property with the hopes of getting everyone all wiled-up. The violence then becomes contagious as everyone sees everyone else smashing things so they join in because they see their own getting injured. What the young protestors don’t realize is that they are falling into the trap the undercover officers have set for them when they inciting the violence because now they have an excuse to use force against the protesters in order to fully disperse the crowd, and destroy whatever original message the protest tried to convey.

It is not the kids fault. It is the governments. They are the reason for the protest! The government then uses hidden agents and tactics to solely blame the protestors for destruction of property the agent provokers started in order to ruin the credibility of the protest.

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 07:07 PM

Originally posted by thisguyrighthere
Never should have started this free-ride crap in the first place. Anyone with a brain knew it was unsustainable from the beginning.

It's possible the fee free, maintenance grant system that extended higher education opportunities, previously only available to the rich, to anyone who could pass the entry requirements, was the brain child of the Bolshevik infiltrators.

The grant system was introduced by the Education Act 1962 and within a year, over 70% of British students were having their university educations funded by the government.

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 08:12 PM

Originally posted by squirelnutz
I don't know if anyone posted this or not, but their schooling is still like 400% cheaper than here in America...

No, that's a fallacy. The cost of the undergraduate tuition fee is to raise to £9,000 (about $14K). Only students from the poorest families are entitled to a maintenance grant. Books on required reading lists are not cheap and neither is information tech. The cost of living in the UK is exorbitant; rents on student accommodation (minimum £5K a year, about $8K) is higher than open market room rates (about £3.5K). Other than food, we pay 17.5% (rising to 20% in January 2011) purchase taxes on everything we buy and there are additional taxes on many day to day items that are deemed luxuries.

And minimum wage jobs with hours that are flexible and do not conflict with study requirements are hard to find. Undergraduates are already competing with low income families for shelf-stacking and leisure industry service jobs that are usually the only types of work that can fully accommodate the worker's other commitments.

If we take the governments figure of £65.00 ($100) per week, termed 'the applicable amount', and is the breadline amount the government says a single person of working age requires to provide all his basic needs (except housing), as the figure to calculate student cost of living, that's another £11K or $17K by the time he graduates.

By the time an English student who has graduated student life on the breadline, he will have accumulated an estimated debt of £35K or $55K.

This undeserved penury does not apply to Scottish or Welsh students.

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

The 'abandoned' police van seems to be normal police practice. It's interesting to learn from other posters how this occurs in other countries. Perhaps the police brass enjoy international conference jollies to share ideas on this type of thing.

What happened with the royal car is something else! The police have said the people who attacked that car were lucky they were not shot? I reckon they will get a promotion, (perhaps)!

I too cannot believe the royal car was randomly driven through a violent protest. The police chief who was in charge of royal security has been threatened with the sack but I'm just not sure it was a police decision for the driver to take that route. I actually think Charles made the decision himself because he completely overestimates public opinion of him and thought the students might wave and cheer.

Whatever the reasons for these two over reported aspects of the protests, the media attention they have drawn has distracted the general population from the fact that the protests are about far more than the rise in tuition fees for English students.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 08:00 AM

Originally posted by squirelnutz
I don't know if anyone posted this or not, but their schooling is still like 400% cheaper than here in America...

It will wind up costing me $40,000 to go to Sac State and if i can't get grants, i can't go...

They are trying to force me into debt, before i even begin, but i ain't stupid.. They are the stupid ones, because everything we learn in class, can be learned at home, in a library or online.. Just get that stupid piece of paper that is "Oh so important."

I was even trying to get a Student Visa to go study in New Zealand, but I'm not qualified

Yes, it is a hell of a lot cheaper in the UK. What you need to remember is that the UK and the US have very different taxation systems.

My family payed huge amounts in taxes for the benefits of an education and healthcare system to be reaped by their future progeny.

All of a sudden, the rug was pulled from under them. "Sorry chaps, that money you paid in to safeguard your childrens childrens future was leeched off to prop up the banking system" There's nothing left "# happens!"

Please try and understand why we are so hacked off?

And as a Post Script to those who say that they get nothing out of cheap education and degrees in this country, I cry bull-#.

Who looks after the NHS, who builds your bridges, who teaches your offspring?

Graduates - that's who.

I mean bloody hell - I was a Paramedic and I had a degree in Paramedical Sciences that damn near killed me and my familly trying to finanace it, yet I was back out their contributing in a practical manner to making this country a better one.

I saved effing lives - now put a value on THAT degree!

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