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About My Journey, Consciousness, The Opening Door

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posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 07:13 AM

The wrong path, illusions, career

Since I was born some questions were always there in my mind:

“Why do I exist?”
“What's the purpose?”

Until 2008 I was just a "normal" guy who had his career in mind. I had great parents who really loved me and educated me very well in the beginning. Then I wanted to be good at everything as society expected that from me. I tried to be as good as possible in school, I studied and I got a respectable job. I climbed up the job career ladder as far as I could... and then... suddenly the questions got louder in my head again. They were really shouting so loud that I couldn't ignore them anymore. "WHAT IS THE PURPOSE? What am I doing here, hell, what am I just doing?” I got to leave this path!

And so after years of being misguided by the wrong paradigms which had been implanted into my head by our society I began my journey to find my way to the "right" path. I wanted to find out what my purpose really is. I quit my well-paid job and began to rethink everything. I began to question things that which once seemed so clear for me for so many years. I began to realize that indeed I was wrong in so many cases. I had been deceived, misguided, lied to. I had been following the wrong goals. I had been taught things that forced me to fulfill the wrong ideals. I realized that the way I had been going so far was leading to the wrong exit and that THIS was NOT my purpose. I began to question not only me and my decisions – I also began to question the status quo.

Waking up

My curiosity grew once more. I began to feel like a child again. Wanting to know more, more, MORE. "What's going on really?" "What's real, what just SEEMS to be real?" and the most important questions of them all:

“Why do I exist?”

At the very beginning of my journey I found out things about the attacks of 9/11/2001. I suddenly realized that everything that I thought to be true about this incident was indeed a crazy lie. The more I got into the topic the more I understood that I never had my eyes open in the years before. It took me #ing 7(!) years after the incident to realize that the world that I live in was nothing more than a staged deception.
I slowly began to wake up more and more. So I remembered the days when I was interested in UFOs and extraterrestrials for the first time when I was a teenager. I began to question myself why I had totally dropped this topic in favor for my career and a materialistic way of living?? It was indeed tough to understand that I had been blind, dumb and ignorant for so long. It punched me in the face over and over again. Left, right, left right

And so I began to see all the lies and deceptions around us. I watched lectures and conferences of all the UFO whistleblower guys out there... Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, Edgar Mitchell, Steven Bassett, Steven Greer and many, many more. Right from the beginning I redeveloped my sense for intuition that was lost for so long. To recognize who’s wrong and who’s right. To recognize who is deceiving me and who tells the truth. I pretty soon realized that Steven Greer was not the right guy to listen to. So although he was a pioneer in this area the more I found out about him I recognized that he was not doing a good job anymore.

I was so hungry for all this stuff. I pretty much spent a really crazy amount of my time to read internet reports, blogs, UFO news and I downloaded documentaries, conferences and interviews to consume as much information as possible about this and many other topics which I found to be important. Also 2012 caught my interest and what’s behind that. I soon found out that 2012 was more than just another crazy “year 2000” prophecy. I also had a STRONG feeling that there was MUCH more to that.

The more I read and found out about all this stuff the more I made a significant transition from being an almost purely logic person to being a logic AND intuitive person. I heard the voice of intuition louder and louder in me. And I knew that this voice won’t misguide me while my “logic” thinking sometimes tends to do this. So I was listening carefully to it.

Along the way I found out about other long forgotten topics as well. Near-death-experience, afterlife and then finally: consciousness. CONSCIOUSNESS! The more I read and heard about this topic the more I realized that THIS was the most important topic of them all. I was beginning to have a very strong feeling and emotion about it. I knew that this was the key in understanding and answering the most important questions:

“Who am I?”
“Why do I exist?”

The most important lecture that activated a dramatic understanding process within my mind was this one:

I STRONGLY recommend you to watch this one carefully. Take your time. It might just open your eyes as it did that for me. The work of Thomas Campbell is not only fantastic. It is mind boggling and eye opening. You might also review the work of Robert Monroe (Monroe institute) where Mr. Campbell was working for several years.

Enlightment, First Conclusions

So now after my knowledge was growing and growing I pretty much began to understand what this all means. Finally some clues began to materialize in my head to the fundamental questions:

“What is reality?”
“Who am I?”
“Why do I exist?”

So what is the outcome of my journey so far? I must admit that I have VERY strong feelings that my point of view is pretty much correct. I really cannot describe that feeling but it is intense. I hope that some of you came to the same conclusions and have the same feelings because I think many of us will make this journey TOGETHER now. I am pretty sure that some of you feel the same.

What is reality?

To understand the answer to that question you really must understand one very important principle. And you also need to know who you are. EVERYTHING that is POSSIBLE does in fact EXIST. And it exists NOW, right in this very moment. Everything that has already been done, created or experienced is already there. EVERYTHING that is POSSIBLE. There is no exception to that rule.

In fact what is “out there” is some sort of a data set of really everything. Imagine an incredible huge hard disk that stores information. Although this is just a metaphor and is not necessarily an adequate description for what it really is it helps to understand the data set anyways. The data set has the capacity to store EVERYTHING that ever HAS existed, DOES exist and WILL exist - at the same time. Time really does not matter here. Time is just something that is required to MAKE experiences within this vast data set (see below). This data set is everything that could ever exist. Every possible decision that you could have made from the beginning of existence is already contained within this data set. Every single moment in time you chose the direction of your path within this data set in order to explore it.

The data set contains really everything that is imaginable and even things that are pretty much unimaginable. It’s like a playground of everything that has the potential to ever EXIST.

Who am I?

I am consciousness. I am you and you are me. You are EXACTLY the SAME consciousness than me and vice versa. There exists only ONE consciousness. But you and me we are in different “states” of experience at this very moment. You are NOT separated from me as I am NOT separated from you. We share the same feelings, hopes, emotions. But because you are in a different state of evolution (experiences) you might not understand this yet. Or you might even understand it better than me. Or you might exactly share my point of view.

I am the creator. You are the creator. We all together are the creator. Our unified consciousness is the creator. In fact we are not really creating anything at all. Like in the movie “Matrix” we are discovering what’s already there. We make experiences within the data set. By our decisions we learn to understand what’s there. We experience this as “reality” with every moment we exist. Our decisions define the path we travel through this data set. Our consciousness is indeed some sort of CURSOR within the data set. This cursor “moves” through the data set and reads and interprets it. This is a process that we call “experience”. The cursor moves due to decisions that are made. “Time” within this model is the measurable progress of the cursor within the data set. The only purpose of time is to understand the data that has already been read from the data set. You have access to the same data set than I have. We can only read data that fall within the potential of our current cursor.

Our consciousness renders (interprets) the data that it reads from the omniversal data set. This is what we experience as “reality”. Within the data set there are “copies” of every possible state of this universe (including everything that belongs to it or affects it) that does exist, has existed or will exist. Our conscious decisions “choose” which direction the path of the cursor will take in order to read new data. Which are indeed new experiences.

Why do I exist?

Because I shall understand the creation = the data set. (And don’t forget that you are me and therefore also you shall understand the data set!) And I shall make experiences within the data set guided by the decisions that I make – step by step. This increases my knowledge and hence helps me to understand the data set better and better with every step that I make.

In the end when my consciousness has evolved to the maximum level that is possible I will have understood the complete data set. Then I know everything that is there to be known.


The purpose of my existence is to understand the creation in every detail there is. To understand everything that exists, to understand the complete data set. Then I will know everything than can be known. Maybe then I will fully understand who I am.

Along the path I must help others (my other experience “states”) to further evolve. I must give them some guidance to achieve their goal. I will become part of the creation more and more during my evolution. My influence and abilities will improve with every evolutionary step I take. Also my responsibility is becoming greater and greater. To some lower experienced consciousness states I will appear to be “god” although my own journey has not yet ended.

Indeed I must help myself to evolve in this “system”. My purpose is to understand creation, to understand the data set. To understand and experience all that exists and to finally understand who I am.

2012 - The Door Opens Again

I understand that for many of you this is tough stuff and hard to swallow. But I am also pretty sure that some of you can feel and understand that what I state here is indeed the truth. When you listen to your inner voice you know that this is really happening and that this explains simply everything.

When you connect the dots with the basic understanding that I tried to provide to you then at the very moment you might wonder: “What’s next now?” I firmly believe that we are facing our next step in the evolution of our consciousness right now. The door to our evolved self will open soon. Not anyone can and will go through this door however. This door will only open for the ones who are already in a state to understand what I am talking about. I really cannot describe the feelings that are inside me right at this very moment. It’s a feeling of inner peace that I have never experienced so far. All my fears have gone. I now understand that it is this door that I will go through when it opens.

“Where does this door lead us?” you might ask. Well it leads us to the next evolutionary step of our consciousness. In other words the cursor with which we read the data set (=creation) will evolve. What does that practically mean? It means that while currently we are not able to move freely within the data set and the constraints (degree of freedom) are pretty strong we will get a much improved ability for movements within the data set when we are through this door. That may mean that what we currently experience as “time” will dramatically change and the current definition of time will no longer be valid. We can then more freely move within the data set in terms of our current experience of time. So you might go back to the past or you can jump into the future. Again each step you make leads you to another variant (copy) of our universe. That means jumping through time will NEVER bring you back to the same position within the data set.

What really happens in terms of what it will look and feel like for us after we went through this opening door is not really clear so far. This is something that has to be experienced
However I believe that not each and every one of us will and can go through that door. Only the ones who are “ready” - i.e. who have evolved to the point where the transition to a higher consciousness can be made - will go there. The others will stay “here” and will not experience any evolution – yet. Their cursor will not change yet and they will not see much of a difference after the door closes again. It may happen that for them we might even disappear somehow by going through that opening door.

Btw: Whether it’s 10/28/2011 or 12/21/2012 or any other date does not matter. It will happen soon. I do not know the exact date and time – sorry
I believe it also depends on us when the door will really open.

A possible 2012 scenario

(Note that this is of course just speculation, because I have not experienced it yet
Something significant happens to the earth. E.g. an asteroid might hit us, or an energy wave from outer space or something similar approaches earth. It could be anything that has a massive effect on our planet. But I am rather sure it will seem to come “from outside”. This thing will be the opening door. Like Thomas Campbell describes it in his work this is nothing else than a metaphor. It is a way of defining the door. For those of us who are “ready” this appears to be something good. This appears to be the method that is required for our transition to a higher evolved consciousness. For those of us who are not yet ready for the transition this will rather look like the apocalypse.

For those of us who are NOT ready to go through this door it might look like the others are dying in that very moment when they go through it. They might also just “disappear” for the others.
Maybe the same thing happened in the past when the dinosaurs disappeared (died out) from earth or when the Mayas seemed to disappear in some villages where no remaining bodies were found. It might very well be that they also went through an opening door that time.

Will E.T.s help us through this transition? It may very well be. I think that by mid 2011 we will KNOW that E.T.s do not only exist but that they have visited us since the beginning of time. So we may be confused when we have gone through the opened door because we have never ever experienced what we will experience then. Therefore I could imagine that higher evolved consciousnesses (you may call them E.T.s or “spirits” or whatever) will guide us in the beginning to understand what’s going on. We will see.


There is no reason at all to be afraid of the future. If you REALLY listen to the voice inside yourself you will feel and understand that what I am saying here is in fact the truth. Those of you who are ready for the transition will already resonate by higher frequencies which are here right in this very moment. I see and feel many of you are awakening.

It is an amazing time we live in. I never felt better more positive than at this moment in my life. I believe that many of you share these feelings. I know that this is the time when a big transition will happen. It will happen very soon. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s just natural. We just evolve.
I also never felt so strong emotions for all of you. I indeed feel connected. I hope than many of you follow through that door and that we can together celebrate a new step in our evolution soon.

Thank you so much for listening. I would really enjoy reading about your journeys and your conclusions

Take care.
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Edit to add:
Who is interested in the work of Thomas Campbell may have a look at his official website. There you will find even more videos, texts and books coming from him. Many of this stuff is FREE.

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posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 07:22 AM
Hope you enjoy this thread as much as I enjoyed writing it

I am eager to read your stories and experiences regarding your "journey".
I think we all should find together in these times and finally see that we are
all in fact the same!


posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 07:35 AM
Interesting read. I really liked what you said about consciousness; how we all have the same consciousness, but we experience reality individually. I resonate with this belief as well.

And, uh, perhaps this "evolution" you mentioned is actually death. "Mass evolution" - we all die, be it from an asteroid, gamma ray burst, etc. I always thought that nirvana was just "non existence", a state of nothingness.

Death = enlightenment.

posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by mrMasterJoe

Thanks for sharing.

I had not heard of Thomas Campbell before, I will definitely watch the videos when I have a chance.

I do tend to agree with your point of view on consciousness / awareness and their evolution; leading us back to the oneness of creation.

I do have my doubts about any significant events pegged to 2012 though. No doubt, I would love to see an increase in awareness and consciousness across the board. And there is no doubt our world is changing, at what seems to be an ever increasing rate. I am just skeptical of these types of prophecies, especially when they bring in ET. I have no doubt that we will likely witness major changes in the near future. I believe we are currently on a collision course with destiny, I just hope enough people wake up before impact.

posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by 5MaveN5

I do not necessarily connect E.T.s to 2012. They MIGHT have something to do with it in order to help us on our journey or after the transition. I am yet unsure whether this is true or not. But besides from that I am rather sure that we will be informed about E.T.s next year. This may however be totally unrelated to 2012. We will see.

And I do not think that we should focus so much on a specific date regarding this evolutionary step. "2012" is something like a metaphor for me. But it might very well be exactly this year when it happens. Anyway, I am sure the transition is already happening and in full swing. When you have a look around you you might notice that many people are now realizing that the status quo is not what they want. This awareness IS already happening. It happened to me also rather unexpectedly. Looking back I really can't understand why I haven't seen this earlier.

But I think that's the way experience goes

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posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 08:17 AM
Good post OP.
I understand what you are saying.
I hope something does happen on 21/12/2012, or sooner.

We will see.

posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 10:30 AM
reply to post by cybernetic_dude

There are some who say that the date might in fact be Oct, 28th 2011. I don't know whether this is true or not.
Hints pointing to that date can also be found in the "2012 Online Movie" below which is worth watching:

I would like to stress once more that for me the exact date is not the important message here

posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 12:13 PM
Anybody cares to share his or her story?
Would be glad to hear it

posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 04:58 AM
It is wonderful that now threads emerge which indeed fit very well to the model of a virtual reality.
Look at the following threads:

2012 will be a major upgrade for our current consciousness computers. We will be able to process more data. Gain m ore power and flexibility to read, write and manipulate data.

The sooner we realize that reality is indeed nothing alse than an evolving information processing system the better we will understand everything around us. We are part of this evolving system.


posted on Aug, 8 2016 @ 03:56 PM
a reply to: mrMasterJoe

I don't know how but I somehow was pushed to this page and I just read a little and it hit my heart deep man. Like super deep. It's like I was totally supposed to read this today. Everything IMO happens for a reason even if the reason at first is unknown. I was awoken in 2005.. I immediately joined this site once my cousin and hubby started talking to me about all the illuminati and 9/11 and just about everything. I already have a love for anything out of this world and the unexplained. So this site was it.

So I'm gonna go back and read some more which I'm sure I'm gonna agree with most of what you type. It was interesting to read the year 2008. That's the year I had my traumatic brain injury. I fell off a balcony and opened my head wide open. But hey, I'm here
this year and this month on the 16th mark the 8th year.. I'm still going strong 🙃 I may have lost a few marbles and may be a bit bonkers but I'll tell you a secret .. All the best kind of people are mad

I found my purpose literally this month .. I found my peace within as well. It's truly amazingly beautiful. My purpose is to help others. I know that's what I'm here for. I've been through some crazy shiz which I'm sure a lot of folks have and we all deal with what we've been through in different ways. My gift of life is to live for others. Much peace to you. Speak soon x -natcat

posted on Aug, 10 2016 @ 06:26 PM
a reply to: natalia

Thank you so much for your kind words

And I really hope that you're getting better and better every day. You have by very best wishes

It's feeling so good to see that more and more lovely people are getting on board...

I firmly believe that the whole world is waking up currently. And sooner or later this will lead to profound changes in our society. It's required, it's about time and it's totally inevitable.


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posted on Aug, 11 2016 @ 08:59 PM
a reply to: mrMasterJoe

I agreed with everything you say my mate .. It was pretty wild reading your thread the other night then watching the movie Lucy. I sent you a message giving you my email. Use it bro! I gotta talk to you! Im super stoked and we could totes become pen pals. And no worries .. I'm married and have an 11 yr old I just want to talk about all this interesting shiz that my eyes recently opened up to .. It was so wild how I already had said in my message to you that I am going to live my life to help others and then in your thread you said that .. Love syncrhronocity (spelling) .. Your thread blew me away really .. And my eyes have been completely open as well with my spirituality. It's absolutely amazing .. This peace that has fallen upon me is lovely ..

But what's a lil scary and I need someone to talk to about is a demon dog that came to me on Tuesday night then my grandma stayed over last night an it visited her. We haven't seen it it just revealed itself to us through scratching the door and shaking like an actual wet dog .. Creepy ..

Anyway peace to you and me !!

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