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Have These Chemtrail Formations Been Appearing In Your City Lately?

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posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by Animatrix

When you say "Bay", I'm guessing Galveston?? I may be wrong, but having spent so much time in Houston, Galveston Bay comes to my mind, firstly....

Over the Bay here in S. Texas, I regularly see these trails and sometimes, like just the other day, they can take the shape of a perfect X and on a few occasions, a Cross.
They arent crude looking formations either, the lines are straight and almost all of the time, the perfect lengths for the X or Cross.

Errrrmmmm....well, those are contrails because, well...airplanes fly in MANY different directions! I struggled earlier, to make a screen shot for you, from a website....still can't figure out how.

So, follow along...go to

Type in to the box, upper left, KIAH (for Houston). Click "Go". When it loads, look for the tab "Enroute H-7", then click that.

LOOK at the aeronautical chart there, and the way the Jet Airways are configured, and arranged. Airplanes don't always stay exactly on those lines, either...a lot depends. Anyway, when you consider that one flight can be east/west bound, and another north/south bound, well THAT is how you get "X"s and "crosses".

Also, depending on conditions at altitude, and the variable relative humidity, and how it changes based on time, location, and can see "pockets" of regions that are sufficiently saturated with water vapor (invisible, until disturbed somehow) so that as jets pass through, the contrails appear. HOWEVER, this area of saturation? Could be like an "island" there, with defined edges and boundaries (all invisible, of course). So, when you see a contrail start and stop, THAT is why...the area outside the "island" doesn't have sufficient moisture content for contrails to form.

It really is THAT simple.......

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

Well let see what we have and why I posted this shall we...

Having a college degree does not mean you know more than someone that does not have one it just means you are book smart not life smart. You can get more knowledge of certain things in life than you can from a book.

This is from you right...

I'm no dummy, I have a grad degree and an understanding of perception and this was no perceptual trick.

If you cannot see the reason this was posted then you did not get your moneys worth for your Understanding of Perception grad degree.

per·cep·tion noun \pər-ˈsep-shən\

Definition of PERCEPTION
1 a : a result of perceiving : observation (see perceive) b : a mental image : concept

2 obsolete : consciousness

3 a : awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation b : physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience

4 a : quick, acute, and intuitive cognition : appreciation b : a capacity for comprehension

Do you need help with the definition? You posted the info on your grad degree and I was just replying to it. I am pretty sure that is what we do here on ATS, or at least that is my understanding of this site.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

You know, if this weren't ATS, I would have quite a few choice words to comment on this sort snide condescension, and character assassination attempt, made by you:

You go right ahead and do that. Please report back here on what you find out. Perhaps it will be you who has some incorrect misconceptions cleared up. But then again, I'm pretty sure you won't try to contact her and report back.

Have you bothered to go visit the website? It's California Skywatch.

Just on first looky-loo, it's a joke! Go ahead, take a look. First photo (at the time I looked, today)?? A carefully selected image of normal contrails, nice and fluffy...with the camera pointed "up sun", to get a more "convincing" picture...probably used a filter on the lens, too, to accentuate the contrast .... to make the clear portions of the "sky" darker, for instance. Ask a photographer.....about the technique. OR, look at some Ansel Adams photos of clouds and sky.....

Scroll down, past the irrelevant topic of the Navy, and marine animals (not unimportant, just has NOTHING to do with their topic of so-called "geoengineering"!!!)

Same story with the mass of plastic garbage that is floating in the Pacific Ocean. YES, it is an environmental impact!! BUT, again, nothing to do with so-called "chemtrails"!!!

Now, we get to the first video, from KTVU Channel 2 (and several years ago). A story about CLOUD SEEDING!!! Again, face/palm!! There is NO DISPUTE that that sort of weather modification happens, it's been ongoing, in various forms, for at least a century!!!! "loud seeding" occurs....INSIDE CLOUDS! Where, you don't see it happening! Compare to normal jet contrails, ABOVE any precipitation-producing cloud heights!

I can't wait to watch (sarcasm) the "interview" with Paul Moyer, from November 2006, on the LA station KNBC 4 News. I'll make popcorn, and take notes, so I can report back on it very precisely....

There's a link and a short video to "chaff"...yet another of the prolific "chemtrailer" bags of tricks, to fool the naive and gullible and undereducated.

This site is little different from a host of others, and displays the same sort of woo-woo lack of science education, and utter dearth of understanding of the realities of aviation, technology, meteorology, etc.

Here is Rosalind Peterson's published contact info:

I suggest the more educated, and reasonable and experienced of us out there make an effort to educated, her, and the others in this organization. They seem to be in dire need of some instruction.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

Funny you say this..

C'mon now. I never said that it was all about me and my perceptions/perspective.

And yet you say this in an earlier post to me...

Are you willing to study esoteric topics to see my point of view or are you convinced that those things don't exist too?

Notice anything here? Maybe a little contradiction with your comments, or am I missing something here? As for being on topic if the mods feel this has nothing to do with the topic at hand they will let me know and do their job. You seem to want evidence to back up claims from other members yet you will not show your evidence except for a couple of crude drawings.

Forgot this. Sure seems this is about you as your quote seems to show.
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posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by tsurfer2000h

By perspective I was referencing the angles not the information. I am more than open to hearing and studying the information from the aviator as his skill sets at least address the topic at hand. What skill sets do you bring to the table besides a healthy skepticism? And aren't you the one that has tried to argue against me in a number of different posts that have nothing to do with chemtrails? Is it something personal or are you "on the job?"

However I cannot ignore what I saw and know enough to know that was not a perceptual trick. I'm also not saying that I am the only one with access to that particular esoteric information (that would be making it about me), just that I recognized patterns because of my field of study and wondered if anybody else noticed it too. So maybe you can share something from your perspective like what it is about the debunkers that makes them feel like it is their duty to jump in and and tell me I didn't see what I saw, demand proof from me, and continue to waste space on this thread that has nothing to do with it's original intent? This thread has very effectively been derailed into an issue of "proof" rather than addressing the original and in my opinion, more interesting questions in my OP. So, anyone who wants to continue to argue their existence or the question of proof would be best served doing this in another thread. I have expressed my concerns about the direction of this thread to the moderators, and yes, they will do what they see fit. Any further attempts to derail the information by personal attacks on me such as this will be seen by others for what it really is, whether or not the moderators address it or not. As this goes deeper and deeper into personal attack I question your motives. And were I able to take a picture of the phenomenon I noticed I would have and still will if I notice again in the next week. It is not about proving anything (or at least wasn't until the thread was hijacked and turned into that.) I was merely defending myself from the hijack and trying to get the thread back on track.
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posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

After reading that resonse to someone I to now infer that your intent, about patterns you see in the sky??

You realize, of course, that once you open the floodgates to the "possibility" of "intentional spraying"...well, the term "chemtrails" is a trigger item that springs up, immediately. Heck, you used the word in your title!!

Notice the sorts of people it attracted, by just using that trigger word?

Intelligent, experienced and educated in the specific fields of expertise needed to understand contrails, and know that "chemtrails" are imaginary...AND, the fringe "believers" in so-called "chemtrails", who eventually flock to, and pepper these sorts of threads with their post droppings, then scurry back into the woodwork.

As always, there are a few rational-minded people who are seriously asking, for they may be considered "fence sitters" is for THOSE people that facts, science and logical explanations are presented, in these sorts of threads. Not to mention, the untold numbers who are reading, but not posting...or not (yet) ATS members....AND, because many of these topics eventually end up being accessed when people 'net search....

Now, your case....and the "angles" of the contrails, as they formed in the sky, from your POV, against the typical rising Sun, and its location in your car's windshield, as you drive to work in the morning?

First I believe on THAT aspect, you're "tilting at windmills"...a reference from Cervantes' story of "Don Quixote", of course....attacking/questioning something that isn't really there...or, IS there, but is misinterpreted as a "threat", or something other than it is...a normal, benign thing. Like a windmill is not some giant attacking monster, in "Quixote's" imagination, the contrails aren't "placed" there, just to line up for your morning drive to work.

To grasp this, would help if you tried to visualize looking DOWN on yourself, in the car, on the looking down at a map. You can plot the position ("angle") of the Sun, relative to your position.

Taking away contrails, for the moment...think back to that same highway, and same time each morning (ignore Daylight Savings, if you observe it where you live...if you're in Arizona, then you don't).

We must also assume that each morning, you are in the EXACT same place long the highway, at the EXACT same time. Every day., find some charts that plot sunrise times, throughout the year, and the relative location where the Sun appears, as it rises above the horizon. In any spot on planet Earth, (except along the Equator) the "apparent" spot where the Sun rises, each day, changes. ALSO, the time it rises changes. ALL depends on your latitude. For instance, in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun appears to move "south" with each day's sunrise as we move from summer, through fall, to winter...until the Solstice (Dec 21), when the apparent "motion" reverses. This continues, until the next Solstice, June 21, then it cycles through another iteration.

THEREFORE....a month from now? Those SAME airplanes, that operate every day at (roughly) the same time, and same routes, IF they make contrails on those days...the "angle" of those trails, with the rising Sun, WILL be different.

Does THAT address your concerns??

Oh, and here.....look at this site, type in your U.S. city, and see the sunrise (and sunset) tables:
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posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 02:23 PM

Originally posted by coyotepoet

As far as the frequency, on some days I have seen planes spraying every 1.5 hours all day long (interspersed by some other air traffic that do not have trails coming out of them to differentiate.) That's quite frequent in my opinion, especially when it happens like that for several days in a row. Interestingly, the skies were completely clear on Thanksgiving and the day after and then it started back up again. The weather conditions on those days compared to others was not much different.

Have you checked your findings with commercial flight plans? Also, the meteorological conditions change at different altitudes. hence, why having access to such information in this search is important (doppler would be a good start)

Those are questions that only those involved would know. I would guess the most effective drop patterns would be the one's that we are observing. Suppliers? TPTB and their intelligence agency arms (CIA, etc) I'm sure have connections with all sorts of bad people. Dow maybe? Perhaps the people that made Agent Orange for Vietnam? Some off the book chemical company with indications of being a CIA front. Kind of a silly question, like I would know that.

I gave clear warning about the questions
It is not a proper step to say "the most effective drop patters would be the ones we are observing." The patterns we are seeing could be (easily) attributed to other things. There is a certain pattern that would need to be *compared* to the patterns we are observing. Patterns only gain meaning across multiple systems. It needs to be repeatedly tested and checked. However, if you are interested in this topic (and you obviously are), you should be willing to search these things out a little. Learning about cloud seeding and similar topics could lead one to which chemicals might be used, at what frequency for stability and proper effect, and in what quantities (generally). The answers to my questions are all very relevant to your cause.

I've answered this before, but I will humor you. Poisoning the land is not profitable unless you happen to hold the patent for the crops that can grow in highly aluminized or Ph distorted soil. There are such patents recently filed. Purpose of such control? I have heard that one of the things in the trails are sedatives. Population docility would be a purpose. How about sickening the population for both Big Pharma profit and depopulation purposes? That's both profit and control. There are probably more that I haven't mentioned but those are the ones that float immediately to the top of my head.

If it is happening, there is a *specific* reason why. Its not shooting fish in a barrel, friend. Thats simply not how these things work. When there is a specific reason why, there will be evidence of that existence. Even if it is only within the people involved, and no where else. So, a few more questions. This is a genuine questioning from me, but it is just going to take a lot more than what you are offering to convince me.

Why wouldnt they use the water supply instead? Seems much more covert than flying large airliners leaving trails in the air for all to see.

I guess the real question is, if you uncovered proof positive that chemtrails are not real, would you believe it? Do you recognize this as a possibility? Reality and perception are funny things...

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

There is an excellent response by sinohptik, above. one is "attacking" you. (Guess my "Don Quixote" reference is becoming more and more apt??)

It truly is up to those making any, and all, "intentional spraying" claims to provide some sort of corroboration, and evidence. There just isn't any. Instead, we have people doing it backwards...seeing contrails, then thinking to themselves (These don't look right! Why, they MUST be "spraying? me!!"

AND, going from there...instead of reading and learning and understanding the real science. YES, it's complex, and involves several rather technical fields of discipline....but, that is why we rely on others who HAVE the knowledge, and experience already. I mean...I don't look at a rash on my arm, and try to self-diagnose....that's why people go to med school, and then continue to "practice" medicine...THEY have the expertise, through years of study and experience, that I lack, so I turn to them.

Now, once again, pilot ground school is in session. A short course, this time. And, fun too, promise. (Well, "fun" if you like to learn new things, and interact in real a slow video game).

Have you seen this site, yet? Aviation enthusiasts, and even general aviation pilots, can use it. Also, with some practice, will help laypeople make some sense of the workings of air traffic, how it operates etc. Another goody with it, is for those times when you know someone on a can track their progress, and keep an "eye" on them....know when to meet them at the airport, etc...

Now, I said "real time", which is a bit of a stretch. I spent a rainy afternoon recently, watching AND listening...wait!? What did he say?? There is this site:

BTW...the "Live ATC" site has feeds from all over the world, so those outside the USA won't feel left out. For those of you in Europe and the UK, you can see real-time flight info at

They have various feeds, you can search around. What I did was, listen to the Washington National Airport, here (KDCA) while watching the FlightAware site. What I found was, though they say "real-time", there is actually about a 5-8 minute lag...I learned this by watching the flights taking off, and landing, as they spoke with DCA Tower.

I assume that for flights enroute, at cruise altitude (the point of FlightAware, in determining the source of contrails) that the time lag is about the same. SO...when out "plane spotting", keep that in mind.

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posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 02:51 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

Where to begin. How about here sounds good. So what do I bring to the table? Well how about a mind that can see both sides of a topic and not one sided that you seem to do. In fact you seem to be a bit egotistical when it comes to getting any evidence that doesn't agree with you. Also I see you really do not understand the whole concept of ATS with this statement....

I didn't really create this thread for a bunch of doubters/potential psy-ops to try to debunk what I saw. I'm interested in whether other people are seeing it in other places.

Funny, but debunking a thread is what people do on here.I myself do not go out to just debunk things, And read some of my earlier posts in other threads and you will see for yourself. What I will do is provide evidence that is relevant to a thread whether I am right or wrong I try to add to it.If I can't add to a thread I will not post on it.

If you thought that you were going to start a thread and not have people try to debunk it, you are at the wrong site for that pipe dream. You also need to understand the difference between someone talking about what you post and what is a personal attack. And when you understand the difference between the two you are probably going to think everything is a personal attack on you.

I have expressed my concerns about the direction of this thread to the moderators, and yes, they will do what they see fit. Any further attempts to derail the information by personal attacks on me such as this will be seen by others for what it really is, whether or not the moderators address it or not

If asking for evidence to back up your claims is what you consider a personal attack then you can feel that way.Understand anything I post is going to be related to the thread I am posting on. Nobody is trying to derail your thread they are supplying evidence that you should research and then make your decision on what it has to do with your OP.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

Here is the link to a thread that you really need to read, because it has some info you should read.....

This may have some useful info for you, and then see if it has any relevant info that can be used in your quest for the chemtrail.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by weedwhacker

This, my friend, is the most honest and sensible thing I've read from you. It is about patterns but also about what is making those patterns, thus the discussion of chemtrails. I realize now (as you point it out) that I opened myself to this kind of discourse based on the words I used. I am well aware of sun angles and have an understanding of what that means. Should I recognize those same patterns in the future as the sun changes position or I take a different way to work and document it would that be enough or would it still be argued against as flawed perspective? Like I said before, I really, truly do hope I'm wrong about the nature of this. It's a lot nicer to believe that they are innocent contrails as opposed to their less innocent cousins in regards to the implications of said trails. Yet I cannot ignore the other things that I know to be true and how it fits in with this and other pieces of the puzzle. I noticed an increase in trails and made deductive reasoning connections with other things based on their correspondences. It is my intuitive sense that the time of truth/action is near which is supported by Clif High's web-bot predictions and Terrence McKenna's timewave zero graph, which dovetail nicely together.

This is just one of the signs of quickening-the clocking angles (again similar to ancient cultures tracking of the sun.) The intuitive assumption that I made regarding the idea that the phenomenon I referenced is that it is a sort of count down to the next stage of things (re: the attempted implementation of the NWO) I did not discuss that on this thread because at this point it is still an intuitive assumption, not anything supported by other observations. If you look around however you will notice that from an increase in the occurence of chemtrails to the stuff going on with the TSA there is a quickening of this type of activity and an even faster removal of our rights. Since when before now has the DHS and government taken over websites or any of the other things that are occurring now? In the end it is sort of a red herring to be going on and on arguing about the existence or non-existence of chemtrails because it is what they represent not what they are or aren't. Everywhere it is clear that TPTB are making their moves in bolder and bolder ways, this being among them. And even if the conspiracy aspects are wrong, there have still been very good points made on this topic by others regarding geo-engineering (which still puts chemicals up in the air).

I cannot ignore the signs that are right in front of me. In the end I can't expect to convince people that have their own beliefs of the signs I am seeing but I also know that I am not the only one seeing these signs and interpreting them in the way that I am. I believe that at least part of the agenda of the debunkers jumping onto and hijacking this thread from the very beginning when Defcon tried it is to squelch any discussion of these trails that might get to what's really going on because people get tired of arguing or presenting their point of view when it is immediately blasted down (even though it was my intent time and again to point out that this wasn't the thread for proof or disproof discussions.) Very effective content squelching really.

Based on the quickening of said things I fully expect this to be borne out with moves made by this time next year. If I and the others who see the signs are wrong then I will gladly eat crow as that means that the NWO agenda was just cooked up in the minds of "conspiracy nuts." If we are right then we will be the ones who will be prepared and not be caught off guard when TPTB come to round us all up. Either way, I'm not going to be one that is caught off guard if this does come to pass. As I said before (and kind of am fond of the phrase) let your children be eaten by wolves, I'm walking with my eyes open.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

In some ways, ATS is the most retarded place to come voice an observation. I mean, really, look at the responses!
If people can't see that spraying is going on, how can you possibly convince them of anything. Their perceptions of the world around them is severely limited. Lost cause.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 06:01 PM

Originally posted by Stewie
reply to post by coyotepoet

In some ways, ATS is the most retarded place to come voice an observation. I mean, really, look at the responses!
If people can't see that spraying is going on, how can you possibly convince them of anything. Their perceptions of the world around them is severely limited. Lost cause.

I sincerely, and genuinely, attempted to provide a platform to take steps in investigation. investigation that might lead to legitimization of this (or not). Met with nothing but the above. Do you *really* want to help people? Do you *really* feel this is a threat? Then # do something about it.

You are not interested in the "truth" only your beliefs. Stop that

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 06:22 PM
reply to post by sinohptik

Look, i don't know who you are, or what motivates you to post, but I don't need you to tell me how to analyze my observations. I am here to tell people to look up and observe. If they think like I do, take some water samples and have them tested. Do a little research on the weather modification patents and the other clues that are out there. I don't pretend to know the answers, but I know these contrails aren't natural. How do I know? Gut, based upon my personal history of looking at the skies. Do I care that your respect that? No.
Why do you care either way what I think? Call me deluded, I don't care. Do you think people that believe that something is being sprayed are somehow a danger to society? Are you trying to save someone?
It is incredible to me that some would come here and make claims that chemtrails don't exist, when there is absolutely no way that you can prove that. You ask me to prove they DO exist, and I am not saying I HAVE proof. I am only saying that I KNOW something is being sprayed, but I can't yet prove it.
These flight patterns are just a distraction. I don't care about flight patterns because anyone can say that a plane is scheduled to fly over my area east to west or whatever at any given time, blah, blah blah.
I look up, and I see the crap being sprayed, and I see it expand, and I see planes making right angle turns spraying and making grids, and no one can tell me this is normal air traffic.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 06:28 PM
reply to post by sinohptik

I sincerely, and genuinely, attempted to provide a platform to take steps in investigation. investigation that might lead to legitimization of this (or not).

I believe this of you, some others not so much, but then that's nothing more than an impression. However, I also sincerely and genuinely attempted to put across a point of view on these things, or more accurately, the patterns I was seeing in them but all I got was a string of people telling me I didn't see what I saw, that I was somehow mistaken in my perceptions, even though my knowledge base factored for that. But in a lot of ways, Stewie is right, this is kind of a stupid place to attempt to have this kind of discussion. There are people on both sides that aren't interested in the Truth, only their "truth."

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by Stewie

So, there is -zero- possibility you are wrong?

either way, you didnt seem to read any of my posts. you might want to do that before you start pulling out your guns. Let me make this perfectly clear, though who knows if it will actually be "heard."

I want to know your viewpoint, and i want to know how that viewpoint was arrived at. I may disagree, but ill do it in a respectful way that *hopefully* allows -you- to see where -I- am coming from.

I am open to discussion about it, but it doesnt seem you are. Thats too bad.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

I think the only important question i have, my friend, is;

Is there the possibility you are wrong? It must *always* be considered an option, dont you think?

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by sinohptik

Laughing out friggin' loud.
What is there to discuss? Did I not make myself absolutely clear?
Do I need ALL CAPS?
What are we going to discuss, unless you can tell me what that stuff is that is being sprayed, or what YOU think it is. You see, if you are still at the point where you don't yet know that something IS being sprayed, we have nothing to discuss.
When you get to that point, let me know.
For the record, this isn't my first foray into the chemtrail threads, so I may have less patience than some here.
But, hey, this is a brilliant internet thread that keeps me on my toes...

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by Stewie

If only you KNEW what you were observing....

I look up, and I see the crap being sprayed...

You are seeing contrails forming. Any number of other so-called "chemtrail" threads have included untold numbers of videos, articles, and other documentation as examples. YET, not ONE genuine photograph of an actual airplane that is equipped, rigged, "spray" has ever been shown by the "believers". You see, IF these airplanes don't exist, then....WHAT ELSE IS IT, but contrails???

... and I see it expand....

Yup! Contrails will do that...sometimes. Do you see EVERY contrail "expand"? Also, when you see them "expand", would it be more correct to actually describe it as "spreading"? And, to they not tend to "thin" a bit, as they spread?? On occasion, and THIS IS IMPORTANT ... the contrails will be there, and AT THE SAME TIME, other perfectly natural meteorology is occurring, and MORE clouds (cirrus) will form, too....all perfectly naturally. Usually a sign of an approaching weather system, or "front". Later, you will see even MORE clouds, at different, mostly lower, altitudes, developing.

But, this next bit? Not buying it:

...and I see planes making right angle turns spraying and making grids...

VIDEO! Or, you didn't see what you just described. I want to see a steady shot, uninterrupted, of a "right angle turn", followed by the SAME airplane making more "right angle turns", to form this "grid". BTW, a "right angle turn" means a 90-degree turn, you realize?

Or...could it be that you glance up, look back down, and ten-fifteen minutes later, look up again, and see MORE contrails...then assume it was all from ONE airplane flying around making "right angle turns"??

... and no one can tell me this is normal air traffic...

NO! Not, as you "describe it". But, it is your perception, and "description" that is in serious doubt, here.

Video, and proof....or else, it is just a flawed memory, based on a complete misunderstanding of how aviation, and airplanes, work.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by Stewie

I said i wished to discuss your viewpoint in a respectful way. You say there is nothing to discuss though, eh?

i also proposed forms of investigation that could be done to legitimize this (or prove it wrong). If people are really in danger, and you arent interested in discussing how to bring it to light, then what are you trying to actually accomplish? I consider this a possibility, but not a probability. People, as a whole, will simply need more information. If all you do is sit back with a "just you wait and see" attitude you are no worse than those supposedly making the chemtrails.

People just wont consider it if you have not done legitimate research. If you really care about this, you should realize that.

If your gut is telling you something, go with it, but dont be surprised if you are wrong. It happens. Just be willing to actually explore those experiences and not just accept them at face value. The world is a more spectacular place than to be "clear." Even in your gut.

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