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The Biggest Conspiracy Ever....The Mental Health System.

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 05:01 PM

Conspiracy Scenario’s that happened to me but I am with-holding actual factual data about it for my own self. Not because I don’t care that others may know, but much of this all was very personal the way it really happened.
Story #1
Brother mysteriously dies. The other brother mysteriously begins getting transmissions strangely through electronic devices that wouldn't be common for communication. What is common with communication from the other side. Over time going through life half alive himself as the brother still sifting through his thoughts and memories begins to uncover a strange common thread. The thread leading to ET's for some reason.
The family had been involved with random ET encounters and visits over years from childhood. All the brother knows is that the strange communications indicate that the deceased brother is alive and well in another form.
At the end of the story after the mother has finally passed in an ever oppressively growing society the living brother finds himself alone. A year later the communications begin again with the mother and brother this time. Soon he finds himself compelled to drive to a remote section of the desert.
This is when he meets with his family again but they are among ET's. They have somehow incarnated again into new bodies but different looking. The brother soon realizes that his true home was never earth. That he came from a different part of this galaxy. Something like this but could stand to change so he doesn't mimic the family so much.
Story #2
A odd man that experiences visions so haunting that he can't forget them. These visions indicate a world that functions on different technology and thought. He has an implant in his head that will after a certain amount of amped energy short circuit and melt into a thin plasma. The implant seems to have a program that urges him to build a device not knowing anything about the technology.
Soon after strange incidents with agents and ET's, the man finds it impossible to build and work out a strange technology. The technology is activated and the ticking bomb in his head is deactivated indicating he was successful.
Years later puzzled by this he is contacted by an agent that just wants to find out exactly what was going on in peace they form a relationship. It seems he was sold by high security officials to the ET's for a project. This was without his knowledge or consent working in tandem with other random individuals at the same time to undo a Inter-Dimensional glitch within the global network. Never knowing of each other, the spiritualists’ of certain abilities were networked in tandem without knowledge of each other. It was a glitch that threatened the ET and Human collaboration.
The odd man soon finds that there is no compensation to the public for high officials dealing with ET's and the money to be made and paid in between the financially elite. The reasons’ why those on earth that are considered undesirables don't fit societal norms eludes him. In essence they contribute more taxes than they take in taxes so they are paid in full. Why are they treated like fecal matter? Does earth/extra-terrestrials cooperatives’ know that this is an assembly line of suffering without proper compensations? The forced MK Ultra Mind Control Rooted Product compensation doesn’t benefit them now does it? How much are they living on when Social Security, a privately secured fund only pays nearly 700.00 maximum a month? This means that in fact these people have been realized in a perfect concentration camp, un-networked and by all means a suicide machine. When all is said and done they don’t owe anything but need serious compensation for losses due to primitive networking. This is why they are called survivors, those of us with both physical and mental/emotional disabilities.
This is called the slaughter of the Innocence. These are people being taking advantage of and put back in a cage without pay and treated like lab animals with nearly the same rights. Social Security is paid into naturally by a tax within the socio-economic beaurocratic system. Just because it is legal does not mean it is right.
This enrages the odd man and thinks how much their taking is hypocritical and wildly disproportionate to what they deem undesirables. The odd man is consumed with anguish at his struggles to bear this kind of knowledge in life while the world goes on in obliviousness.” The wild and unbelievable politics' that go on this earth and off it as well are not uncommon”, he thinks.
The agent together with the odd man devise a ID code that floats through the global system doing nothing but prepping Electro-Magnetic interfaces, wirelessly with a matrix code of its’ own, exposing the deceit and manipulation of the public for profiteering and merely controlling all to no means end.
A mess so big for intelligence to cover up world-wide that it becomes exactly what they have always feared the end of the global charade.
This is a global hack on irreplaceable items like human life. If a biological is implanted with something other than organics like say digital/rfid/chemical/holographic data storage devices, they will be manipulated. The manipulations cannot be determined of these devices since there not organics in biological systems.
These non-organic/In-organic nodes created by ones own body are completely safe for Biological networking in all life forms on earth. This is true custodial service to earth from beings that really don’t need to help us for their own good. They do this because it historically represented their cultures’ past times with this solar system.
If what mankind profits from creating to implant in a organic body( human being), goes wrong and is the cause of self-extermination and/or hostile, almost possessed behavior, well, you will know now won’t you my dear primitives?
Thank You, I’m a civilian MILAB…probably project 13 (NSA) joint ET Collaboration.

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 09:47 AM
I often wonder at the term "mental health" - in one sense, it makes sense, much like a cough or a cold, the symptoms can be treated with various medication, the same goes for mental "disorders". The overall model for mental health is that the brain is the physical "cause" of our mind, and thus, problems in the mind that manifest themselves in the will, are linked to the brain, as well as the various chemicals that the body secrets. Interwoven with this, is a framework for human development, where certain parts of psychology are interpreted as being the various "causes" of various "problems" with the minds of specific individuals. Again, the physical science, or biology attempts to trump this, by associating genetic causes with mental disorders, such as things running in the family. I think that the problem is not really a "medical" or "scientific" one, the problem stemms from the human condition, the whole human race is "sick" in many regards, and again, to the evolutionist, we have simply went down the wrong path by tampering with nature with our artificial civilisations, despite being the "top predators" on Earth, we, much like other species, will eventually go extinct. Perhaps, in a way, the large occurence of so-called mental health issues arises from the fact that people are not "fitting in" with the artificial world that we have built, the people more "primitivley" wired, are being labelled as "depressed" when they are sad, and "psychotic" when they are angy, and "paranoid" when they are afraid. In a funny turn, the people labelled as "enlightened" are simply those people that have found a way to be happy.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor

Sorry about the lag on getting back to you resistor but I've been swamped.

I agree with you about the world condition. It's hard when you can not only see how many things are wrong but the finer details too. Makes me think sometimes I'm not from here if you know what I mean.

I love many things about society and people but one thing is seeing them all getting blindly and happily reamed. This is the real hard part. Why are the stupid not put in facilities and not the freaked out people. Honestly if your freaked out right now about the world I would say your normal. If your going to go postal, hold on!

That's the problem, then we sinking back to the same devices that created this chaos on earth. People being scared and lashing out is all it is anymore. People can't by most standards get it together to realize they have grain still while their stacking their cows.

It's like look people, it sucks for everyone right now but honestly these are times where little things should get precious. I will say that because honestly it's time to appreciate what we do got and what we truely have to work with which is a whole lot.

We have not been a poor nation for a long time and we have tons of inventory and really there is still alot of intelligence in the world. I happen to have been thrust into the mental health control system because of kind of what you think about ET's and what I wrote.

Seriously, if I said I had the answers I would be Pinnochio with my nose half way around the world. It's just that does this whole evolving process have to take so GODDAMN LONG! LOL

I mean come on. There's some really simple solutions to alot of # right now if people could get angry together and not just at their families for a recession time.

Anyways, I'm preaching to the choir most likely but really, people got to imagine that life can be alot of ways if they wanted it to be.

Peace, stay in touch, thanks for responding and getting it Resistor.
May the force be with you. lol seriously, have a great one.

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 07:27 PM
You should have had more of a response on this subject. Check this video out because there are a whole lot of scientists that really do agree with your position:

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