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Doing Good Things for Others, Comes with Rewards

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 03:54 PM
If people only took the time to see, or realize how lucky they truly are this holiday season or anytime for that matter, they would not be so self-absorbed.

Why not look at the things you do have? Health, maybe youth, intelligence, family, but one of the most precious is Time.

Donating a gift is a nice gesture, but why not give something that is priceless, your Time.

I started to volunteer years ago doing things for the community, coaching, and many other things, but the most humbled I have ever been in my life was donating time to a local children's hospital, cancer treatment wing. Talk about positive, happy children going through a crap storm.

If you actually think you have problems in your life, spend 3 hours in a children's hospital and I guarantee your life will change, from being a self-centered, self pity person, to someone that has a new lease on life. These children may have a weak body, but I can tell you their spirits are stronger, happier and more loving than 99% of the people in this world.

We think children need us to teach them the ways of our world, but the fact is there are many things we should learn from them. Do not discount children and their outlook on life, just because you have forgotten and learned new ways.

Whenever I think of a child or someone being neglected I think of this song, especially by a loved one.

My point is our time is precious here on earth, why waste it in self pity, or being self centered, if you have lost ties with people you love, reconnect now and/or donate time to people that need your love/help. And if you don't have anyone, maybe think about donating your time to help some people that are worse off than you, maybe you'll find yourself again. Create good Karma!

It doesn't cost anything but your Time.

Peace out RT

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