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Strange orb/bubble seen multiple times

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 03:19 PM
Hi guys,

About a year ago, i had a strange experience over a few occasions relating to a floating bubble/orb like object. I've always been interested in paranormal stories since i was younger and always try to see the logical explanations of things before jumping the gun and shouting "ORB!" or "GHOST!"

The first one i witnessed was outside my back garden as i just sat in a deckchair sunbathing. The object about 3 inches in diameter and perfectly round floated about 3ft infront of me. It's speed was constant and so was the direction, it didn't bobble on the breeze or divert in any specific direction, it was as if it was on a track. It was perfectly see through as if it was pure glass, not like a bubble from a childs toy where you see the oily swirls inside it and the smallest of breezes makes it very unstable, it was strange to say the least.....anyhooo, didn't think much of it other than, it was a bit strange and possibly a kids bubble from a toy or something.

A few days laters, i was attending a concert in the cardiff millenium stadium watching oasis perform, and what do i see floating right to left about 7ft infront, another bubble, exactly the same as the one i saw previous days later? This is where i started to think it could be something other than a kids bubble. It stayed on the same course, not bobbling up and down as you would expect from a big hot and sweaty crowd.

I researched some stuff when i had the time and found a few people on here with the same sort of experiences but nothing much came of it, but then a few months after the 2nd sighting, my wife and i was sat watching tv when she pointed at the wall and said "i just saw a bubble floating up the wall and vanish into the ceiling oh my god". I questioned about the size etc and sounded like the same sort of object.

I started wondering about the possible ghosts about 6 years previous i lost my father to cancer and 4 years later lost my mother also, so the way my mind is working (maybe to stop me freaking out
) is that possible my parents visiting keeping an eye on me

Has anyone any ideas what this could be or anyone had any other experiences like this?



posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 03:32 PM
sorry to hear about your parents, but people have known to make contact with relatives that have passed. This happened with my mom when she was young, she said she could smell her mother, and she felt a kiss on her cheek. I believe it was real.

Anything is possible, really, and this definitely sounds like a paranormal experience. When you keep seeing something of the same form/shape, frequently, or every now and then, well, to me, that says something is choosing to hang around you. Doesn't sound like you're afraid of it either, so it probably doesn't mean you any harm
try to send the orbs a smile or a wave of Love next time.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by leira7

Thank you for that, means a lot even from a stranger.

My wife and i have both noticed my mums perfume and dads cigar smoke, very strong scent aswell! Other people have felt stranbge things also, my father in law was helping us decorate and fitting lights in our ceiling which are very high ceilings when he felt a three taps on his left shoulder as if someone was patting him on the back, but he was 20ft up a ladder!! Brother in law has seen figures in the night when he has stayed over, wife have seen shadowy figures in the bedroom, my daughter 3 yrs old, tells me there are two ladies in the wardrobe and they come and play, she plays peek a boo on her own while fixed on a certain spot in the room.....i could go on!

I hope it is my parents or other type of visitors, which settles my mind a bit about the afterlife.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by cjdust

Hey a fellow welshman. Hi. If you want to find out more or even see if you can make contact you could do worse than pop along to the Spiritualist Church in Park Place. They're a nice group of people and you can be as private or as open as you want. People just pop in and out, it's not necessary to be a regular you can go just once or go as many times as you want.

I recommend this because I once had a message from someone I knew that convinced me 100 percent that there's existence after death. I used to go occasionally even though I was a bit sceptical until my belief changed. I only suggest it because if it is someone trying to make contact they sound really determined and they must be pretty "strong" if they can physically manifest. I just know that if I was having that type of experience I'd at least want to try and find out or rule out this possibility.

Good luck

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