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WikiLeaks – Insurance Policy Expired?

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 02:11 PM

Levelling the Field:

Now, hypothetically you understand, if errrrr ‘someone’ had been independently looking into WikiLeaks operations, (obviously this is not why you have heard so little from me lately) and had damning information regarding hmmm let’s say…

*so-called ‘source handling/protection’ – (leak submission failings, log files, TOR?? Secure?? – really? Are WL themselves not accused of sniffing TOR traffic?)

*the embedding of what can only be described as spyware within PDF files downloadable from WikiLeaks site –(now, even if WikiLeaks didn’t put it there, how did it pass the WikLeaks stringent ‘cleansing’ process and end up on multiple documents available to an ‘interested public’? (Who’s spying on who?)

*who’s financing and donating – (few surprises here, wonder why ‘those guys’ are donating large amounts of $$$ to WikiLeaks, and if I know about it – who else does?)

* advisory board – (J, B, W, N, D, T, Y, X, P, C, C – you know who you are ;-)

* more information pertaining to recent ‘allegations’ against WikiLeaks staffers.

* Plus 3 additional subjects (hypothetically speaking you understand)

... then made a nice portable 384Mb encrypted ISO 9660 image (for example) of a volume containing said findings, he sure as heck wouldn’t just put it, say…

I thought this was an interesting post, a bit old but I haven't seen it on here yet and if it's got any truth to it that insurance file could be quite damming.
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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 05:29 PM

Now, as I stated above, I have been ‘dark’ but have had eyes-on the situation as it changes hour by hour, and there’s a couple of issues that I’d like to address.

I will cover the following topics, and in true Wikileaks style, drip-feed you, milking it for for all it’s worth ;-) ahem lol.

* The Imposter Saga

* The difference between a DDOS and a DOS – as it has become clear people seem to think XerXes (wrongly) is a botnet??

* Script Kiddie? – Okay download XerXes and send it to me? Okay ya can’t – Why? Cuz it exists in one place. Here. With me.

* Message to 4Chan – TBA (‘moot‘ point)

* Message to Assange - TBA

* Cutting the Head off the Snake

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 08:35 PM

Methodology and Tactics

As you may know I normally target Jihadist sites, but recently turned my attentions to Wikileaks.

So what was I thinking?

Initially, hitting Wikileaks servers hosted by OWNI (France), PRQ (Sweden), and BAHNHOF with ease, had the desired outcome of ‘coralling’ the Wikileaks operation onto a US hosted platform that could resist XerXeS – Amazon EC2.

The WL perceived victory was short-lived as enough pressure was now building both politically and technically (by that I mean service providers were aware that WL was now a prime target and couldn’t risk their own operations by providing services to WL).

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