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You must be crackers!

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 08:57 AM
(Please note I assume this is the place to post this thread but please redirect it if I am wrong).

Just when you think the nannying of children couldn't get any worse we have this little cracker of a story.
*Please note I will not use the word Xmas because I feel that is a ridiculous pandering in its own right.

Jail Threat Over Xmas Crackers Sold To Kids

Yes folks, children are not allowed to use their pocket money to treat themselves to Christmas crackers anymore because they are 'dangerous'.
We have managed to get by for decades where kids of all ages have enjoyed snapping open Christmas crackers with friends but suddenly we are being told that they are a potential safety hazard because of the minute amount of chemical that 'explodes' (and I use that in its lightest term).

Fair enough I don't know of any kids who bought crackers but obviously it has caused a huge problem in some imagination of an interfering busy body who wants to take the fun out of everything.
People even in their mid 20's may be refused the sale of Christmas Crackers, they can have the cigarettes, alcohol and fill their kids with aspartame but for heavens sake don't let them have a Christmas cracker.

To top it off I find this story.
Shop keeper refuses the sale because the daughter handed the crackers to the shop keeper (what parent doesn't let their kids pass things to the shop keeper?) and then to top it off....The shop keeper still refuses sale when the mother hands them over! absolutely crackers (OK I've used that pun 3 times now).

As usual this comes from my wonderful nanny big brother patronisingly backwards home of England.
I am pretty sure I could find plenty more stories like this but don't wish to hog the whole thread.

Provide your Christmas related crazy nanny nonsense in this thread.


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