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us troops raid 'bomb factury

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posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 06:23 PM
us troops in iraq have exposed a bomb making factury in south baghdad. that had a large group of care bombs and other wepands and other terrorist miterials
US troops in Iraq say they have uncovered a bomb making factury in the wouth of the capital, baghdad.

A large cach was also found at the unidentified site, a US military statment said.

bomb-makinf equipment, weapons and ammunition were found in raids at other locations - and 51 people have been taken in for questioning.

the discovery coincided with one of the worst days of violence since the new iragi goverment took power on Monday

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The terrrorst are losing more and more there bomb factures everyday this could mean that the terrorist are ether staring to brack up or just clomes. maby if the use keep this up they may be less of a problems. or could this get worse.

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posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 08:59 PM

I think this is great that they found this...

But...hughes28105...don't expect a lot of replies to this news, as a lot of folks here are anti American, or anti Coalition, and they will see this as propaganda, or a CIA operation...

posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 08:52 AM
oops I thout this was just a story that people needed to know about becouse i think someone trying to cover ther rer ends and for the lake of find osoma binladen and bush mayed behind this i like america just not the goverment. becouse i have family that had been in koria and wwII and and there wore alout of top secret stuff going on at that time i wounder if this is the samething happening today.

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