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War between Haiti and the UN

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 12:31 AM
Yesterday the election results in Haiti were announced. Protests soon began, and soon after rioting began. The airport is shut-down, and foreigners are told to stay indoors. Why is all this happening?

The election details can be found anywhere online. Basically, a UN-supported candidate barely received enough votes to enter the final runoff election. Of course it's very possible that the election votes were tampered with, to say the least, but let us examine the UN in Haiti for a moment.

The UN is claiming that they will leave Haiti if the initial election results are not honored. They are saying that their favorite candidates must be chosen. Many Haitians actually want this to happen; that the UN should leave the country.

Many times during rioting, the UN troops have been known to shoot randomly into crowds in Haiti, killing innocent civilians. In fact, much of the year's rioting began because of the UN troops. They have been known to steal, kill, and rape whoever they want. Their presence in Haiti could be called more damaging than helpful.

The cholera epidemic is blamed on the UN troops. Whether it was intentional or not, the UN troops did bring cholera to Haiti. In some parts of the country there has been rioting against the UN troops directly. Generally-speaking, they cause more problems than they solve.

For those who don't know, most of the aide that actually gets to the poor Haitians in need come from churches, missionaries, and independent humanitarians. The UN does very little in terms of helpful aide. As for security, as I've mentioned, more riots start because of the UN compared to rioting that is stopped by them.

So why is the UN in Haiti anyway? If the country would be more peaceful without them, there must be an underlying reason. Could it be that Haiti is a free country? Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness still exist there, and although most of the population is struggling to survive, they are still free.

There is no such thing as pre-crime in Haiti as in America and other supposedly free countries. If someone drives a car drunk in Haiti, they have the freedom to do so, but if they kill someone then they will be killed by a mob of the killed person's family. If someone walks down the street drunk or high and falls down a cliff, it's their fault, but they won't get in trouble for public intoxication. If an 80 year old man wants a 15 year old wife, or vice-versa, it's a free country and they are free to get married, or have more than one husband or wife if they choose. If a person wants to pee in the street, they are free to do so as long as they don't pee on someone's feet or food or something, because then the other person is free to punch them in the face. If someone wants to drink raw milk, unpasteurized juice, or eat raw almonds, it is their choice, and their risk if they get sick. If a bar-owner allows smoking in his bar, it's his bar and he is free to allow it or not allow it. When someone buys a house or farm, it is their house or farm, and it won't be taken away if their taxes are not paid or if it's not up to standards. I could give many more examples.

Maybe the UN is against freedom, and the reason they are in Haiti is to suppress one of the last free countries in the world. These latest election riots are in my opinion a war between the people of Haiti and the UN.

. . . and I'm sure you can find more such links.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:18 AM
Haiti's gonna hate.


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