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any1 dreaming of a giant house

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 08:41 PM
I dont normally ask for dream interpretations but i have had this dream 3 days straight, started on dec 5 when i went to bed dreamt on the 6th. my star brother has also dreamt this dream on dec 6. It has been affecting me when i wake and i feel tired and depressed. Today was the worst, i meditated and now feel like things are resolved but i still am in confusion as to the dream.

this dream was on dec 6

Started with me exploring some land that was very beautiful but there was a path that lead by it, so i went off the path to a dip in the meadow where they couldn't see me and then started to smoke, i don't know what but i think it is just cannabis. the meadow was yellow wit these plants swaying in the wind i think it was wheat. the sky was bluish purple but very beautiful. i then meet up with my star brother and we go to what i think is a camp. there is alot of people and they are nice to us. but then near the end i sense a feeling of pompous, some one is trying to make me trade in my bed for a coat or chair i think, i refuse.

this dream was on dec 7

Im in a huge movie theater with this girl i knew from high school. then all of the sudden the movie becomes real and we are in it. in this movie we are in a possessed house that has all of these people inside. in the dream i and others ii think were fighting the house. I was surprised that i was not afraid in this dream, it was as if you could feel the evil insed the house and it was very strong. the battle was like ww3, bombs were exploding and there was dead people in the mud, but i wasn't afraid. for some reason i had no shoes on also.

This dream was on dec 8

I forgot how it all started but i was back in the house and it seemed like a huge party started. after this i dont really remember what had happened but i back in the house and there was a great hall and people where teaching us. somehow i rebelled or did something wrong and was kicked out. I felt mixed emotions that i was missing out but still did not like them. So now im in a car with my childhood friend driving around and we decide to turn around and go back . it takes a while cuz i remember a giant hill that the house was on. i wanted to go the short harder way but my friend insisted the long way was easier, so we did. once we get there all of the students are graduating and i had missed it. there is a after party in a restaurant and they seat me in a back courner, which made me mad. then 9 woke up .

anyone else been having this dream? what does it mean?

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by fallinstar

It means you are going to jail. The "big House" lol for not learning your lessons in life & being a rebel!

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:45 PM
I read somewhere that dreaming of being in houses correlates to your physical health. (Depending on where you are in the house) EX:

Attic= head
Could be mental health, eye problems, etc.

Main levels= upper torso
Respriatory problems, heart health, etc.

Basement= lower torso
Intestinal/bowel problems, kidneys, etc.

I don't know if it's true, but i'm throwing it out there for you.

I've had recurring dreams about being in huge old houses where I'm trying to find secret rooms, and hidden trapdoors, etc. I don't feel bad or weird afterwards, but it makes me want to go explore!

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:46 PM
Ive had several really horrible dreams about a mansion that had once belonged to my grand mother, except she never owned a

the dream started out that i had inherited this old french style wrapped architectural mansion from my grandmother, and it was in poor condition and i was given a very short amount of time to either restore it or collect the contents before it was condemned. so, i went to see this place and when i went up into my grandmothers Boudoir, it looked like some 16th century whorehouse with large purple drapes that swung across this large french doorway that led out to a balcony. the chairs and love seats and bed and all the fixtures were in this very stylish french design, and had glass knickknack cabinets full of priceless trinkets and jewelry and just all sorts of really cool things. i couldn't believe my grandmother had this place and i couldn't understand why all this stuff was still there. why it hadn't been stolen. i started looking around the house and i noticed that it had another floor, so i tried going up the stairs but the staircase was damaged, so i went down to the kitchen and found a thin servant staircase going up from the back of the large kitchen fireplace. when i got up to the 3rd floor it was a long hallway that looked like surgical rooms or laboratory offices/departments, with smoked glass on the doors windows, with writing on them. i couldn't see through the glass of these doors, but i wanted to see everything that was in these rooms, so i opened the first door and out of nowhere from the center of the room came the most terrifying evil thing ive ever seen in my life...and it killed me.

i instantly woke up from what felt like an electrical shock going straight through my brain. i had a horrible head ache and thought i had had a mini stroke.

i kept going back to this dream for the next several nights and i wanted to see what was in these rooms, so i had devised a plan to go around the other way to avoid the killer evil that lurked in that room, but as i was sneaking around and came to that hall again, the thing came and killed me again....same result when i awoke.. like a mini stroke in my brain.
the third time i had the dream i had my brothers and sisters with me in the dream and i was telling them the danger that lurked inside this house and to be careful. so as we were entering the house, i had that feeling of this things presence, so i told everyone to run outside but this time we had escaped.

we never got anything from the house and i never went back in the dream dream.

the dream was good enough to write a really good steven king book or make a movie out of. it was terrifying

i just never understood why i had these severe headaches and the electric shock impulses shooting through my brain when this thing killed me in the dream as i awoke?

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by aliengenes

ya when u die in a dream thats just no good! interesting though that you escaped it. i guess my dream and the house opens up to alot of explanation and reasoning. i wish i could attain lucid dreams but i get them rarely

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by casijones

thats very interesting! i never thought of it this way. but in this dream it was kinda tangled like other people were dreaming it. there was lots of people ion this house like a camp. oh well..

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