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9/11 was not a conspiracy - facts are facts

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 07:00 PM
# a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act
# a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)
# a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose

1. Since a conspiracy involves an illegal or unlawful act, 9/11 was not a conspiracy. It was just another government sanctioned event. If they started the war on terror before 9/11 and didn't bother to tell us then anything they did was legal to them.
In court documents filed hours later, Justice argues that the decision to release classified information "is committed to the discretion of the Executive Branch, and is not subject to judicial review. Moreover, the Court does not have independent power . . . to order the Government to grant counsel access to classified information when the Executive Branch has denied them such access." The brief continues that federal judges are "ill-equipped to second-guess the Executive Branch."
Cheney noted that the president has 24-hour access to a briefcase containing all the codes necessary to launch a nuclear counterattack. "He could launch a kind of a devastating attack the world has never seen," the vice president said. "He doesn't have to check with anybody. He doesn't have to call Congress. He doesn't have to check with the courts. He has that authority because of the nature of the world we live in."

2, Even though insider trading is considered illegal, if it is government sanctioned then it becomes legal. None of the countries where this happened brought charges against the people involved. They sanctioned the insider trading.
The extent of the 9/11-related informed trading was unprecedented. An ABC News Consultant, Jonathan Winer, said, “it’s absolutely unprecedented to see cases of insider trading covering the entire world from Japan to the US to North America to Europe.”

Some reports claimed that the 9/11 informed trades were such that millions of dollars were made, and some of that went unclaimed. [19] Others suggested that the trades resulted in the winning of billions of dollars in profits. One such suggestion was made by the former German Minister of Technology, Andreas von Buelow, who said that the value of the informed trades was on the order of $15 billion.

The affected 56,000 shares of Stratesec stock were purchased by a director of the company, Wirt D. Walker III, and his wife Sally Walker. This is clear from the memorandum generated to record the FBI summary of the trades investigated.[22] The Stratesec stock that the Walkers purchased doubled in value in the one trading day between September 11th and when the stock market reopened on September 17th. The Commission memorandum suggests that the trade generated a profit of $50,000 for the Walkers. Unfortunately, the FBI did not interview either of the Walkers and they were both cleared of any wrongdoing because they were said to have “no ties to terrorism or other negative information.”

The people ultimately found included an unnamed customer of Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown (DBAB). This involved a trade on United Airlines (UAL) stock consisting of a 2,500-contract order that was, for some reason, split into chunks of 500 contracts each and then directed to multiple exchanges around the country simultaneously.[12] When the 9/11 Commission report pointed to a “single U.S.-based institutional investor with no conceivable ties to al Qaeda,” it was referring to either DBAB or its customer in that questionable trade.

Michael Ruppert has since written about DBAB, noting that the company had previously been a financier of The Carlyle Group and also of Brown Brothers Harriman, both of which are companies closely related to the Bush family. Ruppert also noted that Alex. Brown, the company purchased by Deutsche Bank to become DBAB, was managed by A.B. (Buzzy) Krongard, who left the firm in 1998 to join the CIA as counsel to director George Tenet.[13] Krongard had been a consultant to CIA director James Woolsey in the mid 1990s and, on September 11th, he was the Executive Director of the CIA, the third highest position in the agency.

3. The US government has assassins who have killed many, They tried for Castro a number of times. African & South American leaders have died & their deaths linked to the US. Kennedy has been rumored to have been killed by the US government. The killing of US citizens has been a mainstay of the government and therefore legal.

4. Any foreign deaths were approved by their home countries. The Japanese Parliament tried to tie the signing of the US Terrorism treaty with a review of 9/11. Their government signed the treaty and blocked the review. This shows that the Japanese government sanctioned the deaths of their people.

If all the governments agree that nothing illegal happened then it was just a government sanctioned event. It was totally legal & therefore NOT a conspiracy. If you stand by your government then you agree that what they have done and do is legal & right.

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 07:11 PM
Since when were any goverments ever "Legal" or mostly ever "right" I completely understand the point your trying to make and you could be right, but theres also compelling evidence that just doesnt add up as easy as the truth does in this case

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