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What's really going on in the World?

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 08:41 AM
What's really going on in the World?

Lately I've come to the realization that I'm just one member of the farmyard animal herd, all of which would rather sit and stare blindly out of the wire mesh enclosure at nothing, while chewing my cud.

For decades, We the People of these United States have watched our Constitutionally governed existances evolve into something almost considerable to a statist enslavement. Just a few more laws to enact, and the State of New Columbia can make its move - obviousy with the belief that the atrocities it's about to unleash upon innocent Americans will not only be understood by the rest of the World as being a 'legal' action - but now, with another belief that's even more diabolic, which the World has demonstrated as having some truth behind it...

The FACT that they have committed atrocity after atrocity, on top of former atrocities, all of which (even when exposed) they were given free reign to continue to practice additional inhumanities in the name of war, and security.

America's big corporations have branched out internationally, and we recieve disturbing reports of injustices and blatant criminality ( actions they'd never be allowed to do or get away with here in America ) committed by them against humanity, against our economies, and against our fragile environment ( creating new names of living species added upon the endangered watch list and joining those already on it, which they helped put on there as well! ),


What in the hell is really going on in the world?

America's politicians, and its international corporate CEO's are commiting crimes, here at home and abroad and they are getting away with it!

From human trafficking, child molestion, sexual assaults and human organ harveting, to committed acts of torment, torture, genocide, murder, exploitation, and strong arm robbery.

From illegal drug trafficking, support for 'terrorist' actions, assassinations ( at home, and abroad ), and acts of war enacted ( covertly, as well as publicly ) against soveriegn nations ( against the wishes of the American people and World community )... to the State of New Columbia's declaration that secrecy to do these things against Americans, as well as the rest of the World's people, is their right and priviledge in the name of "National Security".

Along comes WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange... evolving into a bastion of free will against these 'secrets', and one - who stood up against and exposed this multi-headed hydra without fear.

And now, the hydra has Julian in its grasp... technically there isn't a damn thing his lawyer can do for him. Sure, he talks alot about what this and that is and/or will do. When it comes time for the proof of the matter at hand, Juian Assange just provided the hydra the means to make a martyr out of him by playing thier game and surrendering himself to the poice... in the name of Truth....

*sigh* Thank you Julian, for at least showing the rest of the world not only how it's done, but more importantly, THAT IT COULD BE DONE.

Your name will live on - you know this - it's my shared hope with you that, if nothing else, your name alone will inspire future generations to follow in your footsteps against tyrrany and oppression.

Even TIME Magazine nominated Mr. Assange for it's lucrative Person Of the Year award. However, true to form, That honor was stripped away and given to ...?? who?

We the People of these United States know you, for the most part, as an Australian who showed us that there still exists in this Word the Spirit of America that created this Country and the Constitution that governed it ( Sadly, even in the hearts existing outside of American hearts apparently ). Its my personal hope that your example will harden the soft apathetic stomachs of America and move us to conclusive corrective action.

If not, I pray for it's utter demise, in honor of your efforts, and salvation of the inhabitants of this Good Earth.

So tell me ATS...

What's really going on in this World?

Being that you see it like all the rest of us, and exist as part of it, do you feel inspired by Julian Assange's efforts?

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 08:57 AM
I am fully supportive of Julian. He did an excellent job, releasing over 250,000 secret documents. We all deserve to know what is going on between the United States and foreign countries. We all deserve to know that the United States government has been contacted by extraterrestrials and has been secretly reverse engineering alien technology, away from the public in a certain desert and in underground bases. Julian gave us all a big head-start in "forbidden" knowledge and I thank him for doing that.

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:06 AM
One of the biggest things they hide from the public, is that the ptb only listen to a small percentage of people. If your not in that percentage, they will not listen to your voice, no matter what you say.

All your marching and crying will make no difference, they will do what ever they want and think they have the right to do it.

People are so ignorant.

For all you people, the ptb only listen to people that fit a small percentage of society. Outside of this group your opinion to them does not matter.

It does not depend on your education or lack there off, but on who you are or whether your one of them.

People talk about free masons, but i reckon that most free masons are seen just like us, not anything more than beasts of burden.
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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:23 AM

WikiLeaks: Texas Company Helped Pimp Little Boys To Stoned Afghan Cops

So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again?

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested in London

the fact that the ptb dosent care and will do as they please highlights the facts posted on what Julian's lawyer postures to do, fraudulently I might add, knowing he truly has no authority

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:23 AM
reply to post by Heyyo_yoyo

... do you feel inspired by Julian Assange's efforts?


no, not, null... i'm getting info that the man is just a frontman, playboy
and he is just a distraction from the real wikileak informants...a battery of hackers
with a concealed identity... who are presumably hellbent on getting the internet censored
by whatever means necessary...this covert group is doing the bidding of TPTB

i'm just going from the info i heard stated last night on C2C radio w/ Noory
there were several guests so i can not accurately state the name of the man who made this claim

a little help from members that get C2C streaming archives would help out here

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by St Udio

An interesting accusation, to say the least.

Being that its been known all along that Mr. Assange was running interferrance, as the WikiLeaks frontman, in support of an international TEAM that includes talented info security specilists and computer scientists, I rather doubt they're working in any unifying form with tptb.

If the net gets censored, it's because people let them do it!

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by Heyyo_yoyo

The world?

IMHO, the citizens are being lied to and the established power minions are trying desperately to keep the lid on all the lies, from worthless currency to space anomolies, earth weather changes, moon and sun orbits that are NOT in the history of recent man-the rush is on to keep the population embedded where they are, not to migrate, and to keep all of us paying our bills, mortgages, rent and most importantly, keep showing up for work even when all is lost...

Aliens, earth pole shifts, extra solar planets...that is what is going on...TPTB are keeping up the lies in the hope that YOU will NOT notice the OBVIOUS signs all around you...

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