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Vlad the Impaler at the Armageddon Film Festival with a Match.

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 07:15 AM

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

The amount estimated to be received by letting the tax cuts expire for the very rich, one percent, comes to around 700 billion dollars. No Americans profit from this theft orchestrated by the usual suspects. As the cigar store Indian, Howdy Doody Obama capitulates to his masters, which are descendents of the same people that brought his ancestors to America on the slave ships, one of the tradeoffs was an extension of unemployment benefits for that two million or so out of work people who are out of work due to actions taken and policies put into place by the same people getting the 700 billion.

The cost for the unemployment extension is around 30 billion. Are my figures correct here? I know the 700 billion is but I’m not sure about the 30 billion. Yeah, it’s probably less. So here is one more example of the ignorant sheep being taken to the shearing compound by the people they didn’t elect into office, except for that bulk load of Lemming Schmoos, who damn well would have voted for anyone at any time, as long as they get to be made into Soylent Green and fed to their relatives.

I don’t live in America anymore. I didn’t live there when I was there because it didn’t exist and hasn’t existed for a long time, if ever. I guess Wall Street knew there were people like me who had opted to move to civilized climes and they also knew there was a place called Europe and other places too, where they could package up a load of toxic # and sell it like Tungsten Taffy bars, with the chewy, impacted colon centers that drive consumers wild. Apparently some people in Europe noticed that what they were getting was not what the ingredients on the package said they were getting and all Hell broke loose behind the scenes. The result of this was a literal, forced anal intrusion performed upon the populations in order to accommodate the comfort zone of the ass bandits raping them.

Now it so happens, I believe I am correctly assuming this, that Russia, China, Europe, South America and anywhere that isn’t the United States, Canada, Israel, the UK and Australia (which are all privately owned by a multi-national corporation of sewer aliens) are presently meeting behind closed doors in unknown locations and plotting how to bring down the psychopaths, who also wanted to pleasure them, as they already had pleasured the formerly human livestock they own, by shooting them full of pain enhancing amphetamine compounds, prior to sodomizing them like a female praying mantis with a 50,000 volt strapon, before finishing the act, according to the normal ritual of that insect species. If you don‘t know what I’m talking about, you should be over in Section B. Remember to stay behind the yellow line until they wave you in.

Today, due to the exhortation of a well known soccer (football) star and certain other people in some kind of a loosely organized alignment, there was going to be a mass withdrawal of funds from ATM’s all over Europe, in protest of the praying mantis, backdoor, jack hammering guillotined, assembly line, cluster #athon. It looks like Ireland was the first country to run out of KY jelly. I know that your first thought here is, “I didn’t know they were using KY. I thought they used a compound of beach sand and diesel fuel with a Wasabi back?” That’s true but I was being colorful.

I find it to be a massive curiosity that across the gamut of the bone deep stupid to those with the Martin Luther King virus, in the Kumbaya contingent, that no one sees the stark efficiency of Vlad the Impaler leisure wear for the banking crowd and their neoprene shrink wrapped, political clone replicas, from the box in the pawn shop basement of Pulp Fiction.

As I look back over the startling and incomprehensible horrors of what has been unleashed on the populace over the last two thousand years by the same players, or at least the same professions with assorted players, it strikes me as more than passing odd that no nation I can remember has ever grabbed hold of all the bankers and skinned them to the point that they could still be alive, rubbed them down with rock salt and kerosene and set them aflame as a testimony to what any community can achieve when they work together for a common good.

They do things like this every day to the rest of the world and they look for anyone else who wants to do things like this, so that they can finance them. They do it for profit and they do it for pleasure and they do it because they can and because you let them.

I don’t remember the Khmer Rouge doing anything about the international bankers. I don’t recall anyone ever doing anything about the international banker, parasite plague at any time in any kind of an effective manner. Now, I’m not recommending the process that I just mentioned, because I think that’s like letting some major felon, cop to a misdemeanor, when he was caught red handed at something much worse. When you see something like this and try to get your head around it, I have to wonder how much it is going to take before there is some kind of en mass rush for the rock salt and kerosene that will make all those Black Friday stampeding shoppers hang their head in shame.

It’s not like we don’t know who is responsible and who the enablers are, or that we don’t get that if you’re part of an armed robbery, but you didn’t fire the gun that killed the store clerk, you still face the same felony murder charge as your rap partner. It’s not like Lloyd Blankfein and the Rothschild clans are being mistaken for someone else and it’s a no brainer that at this very moment they are looking to outdo themselves, competing with each other for even greater outrages against the rest of the world. You can take that the bank.

Right now, David Rockefeller and all the rest of the psychopaths are scheming up ways to reduce the world population to nothing left but a servant class and a certain portion for genetic experimentation. I don’t suppose I need to quote Solzhenitsyn’s comment about what might have happened if people had lain in wait for the authorities, with any weapon at hand, instead of meekly accompanying them to whatever creative doom they came up with to offset the boredom of having to carry out so many generic kills in the same way every time.

There isn’t any kind of an excuse that can be made for these people. There isn’t any kind of negotiation that can take place. There is no possibility of agreement upon rules or restraint that might restore a balance of operations that never existed in the first place. There is no reasoning with these people. There are no circumstances that have ever existed or ever will exist that will ever elicit anything but a desperate lying agreement that will be rescinded one minute after they convinced you to let them walk out the door. You are not dealing with human beings! You are dealing with something that is unique among life forms and which has been a relentless and remorseless predator upon humanity since they crawled out of whatever egg hatched them.

There cannot be or ever will be a solution to this problem other than permanent quarantine or total elimination. These are the only choices. In times past, various nations denied these creatures the right to operate in certain professions. There was a reason for this. You can see the reason for this by looking at your world in present time. You can see the direct and inescapable evidence of why certain safeguards were put into place but it didn’t do any good in the long run… did it? That’s why you are here now.

I’m not making any recommendations and I doubt I’ll be taking or fire-branding to the effect that others take any particular actions. What I’m doing is stating the obvious. I’ve never seen a time when the obvious was such a problem to comprehend. Maybe you want to think about this and maybe you don’t. At some point you won’t have any choice but to think about it because it will be imminent and personal. I hope this has been instructive. Alright, coffee breaks over, back on your heads.

End Transmission…….

Couldn't have put it in such an insightful, entertaining and truer fashion...we better all start making the right choices, while we still have the opportunity.
Knowledge is power but real power is knowledge in action.

See you on the other side.

PS: Mods, please move appropriatelyif in the wrong thread.
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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 07:40 AM
Great rant there Mythkiller!
I never laughed so hard about genocide before.
"Praying mantis with a 50,000 volt strap on"
You have quite the imagination my friend!
S&F for you.

Side note: The Bushes are blood relations of Vlad the Impaler.
Watch this to the end:


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