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The Meaning of Life - My slightly educated version.

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 02:15 PM
I feel that it is about time I vent my feelings on the meaning of life here at ATS. To start off I will give you a little background history of my life, not my life story, just some crucial turning points on my path to enlightenment.

Please note that I am in no way shape or form complaining about my life below, I am grateful for every moment of it even if that sounds strange for some of it. If you wish to skip to the juicy part, please feel free.

- Very unstable childhood with a LOT of moving around and school changing.

- Used to get bullied at an early age until I started standing up for myself.

- Saw my mum get tied up and beaten by my dad at an early age, plenty of crap boyfriends since then. She is now happily married.

- Started experimenting with certain substances at an early age.

- Had a near death experience, my heart actually stopped a couple of times.

- Quite a few car crashes..

- Started meditation due to physical problems and severe sleeping problems. This worked VERY well with no meds.

- Discovered a very good friend by the name of Cid a couple of years ago. Me and my friends nicknamed him acid.

Please remember that I am in no way complaining about these experiences, there are plenty of people who have had a MUCH worse standard of living than me. Its just that these few of my many experiences seem to have played a crucial part in the direction of my life and mindset.

Now we have got the boring stuff out of the way, we can now move onto the juicy part.

The following views are expressed solely by me, based on my experiences and research over my short time of living. (Nearly 19 years)

The cycle of life: When we die, our brains and bodies die, whilst our soul lives on. The energy that leaves our body must find another shell to reside in. This is where I believe in the Idea of reincarnation. I take this idea very seriously.

If you want a more scientific approach to this then imagine the energy in our body, the energy that allows us to send signals and move various different body parts. The magnetic field/Aura constantly around and inside of us. This MUST go somewhere after the body and brain are dead. Whether or not you believe this is our soul, this energy must go somewhere else, it does not just disappear. Saying that this energy is your soul is a big jump from science to fiction for a lot of you I understand.

The lessons we learn: Every time we are born into a new life we must learn lessons from mistakes and choices made in previous lifetimes.

Some examples (Poor examples I might add);

- In a previous life you used to bully people a lot and cause a lot of insecurity and hurt in other people. In your next lifetime you may have to face the same kind of treatment from other people so your soul can learn its lesson and clean up its karmic record.

- In a previous life you persecuted a group of people. In the next life you get persecuted.

- In a previous life you killed someone. In the next you may get killed early.

Basically I believe that you literally learn lessons in different lifetimes based on things that gave you bad karma in a previous lifetime. You get put in a situation that you put someone else in so that you can learn from both perspectives and gain empathy.

Our purposes in life: First let me get it clear that I believe the main purpose in life is too live and learn lessons as I stated above. Everyone has secondary purpose(s) in life. A purpose where you make an effect on someone else's life. Could be big or small. Could be for only a brief moment. Could be for a whole lifetime. Let me give you a couple of examples;

- You say one word to one person in your lifetime that changed something drastically in their mindset or life.

- You smile at a random person in the street and it stops them from killing themselves.

- You start a revolution and save a country and all its people.

Basically I believe that everyone has other purposes in life apart from living and learning. Purposes that effect other people. I think that as an example, Terrence Mckenna had a huge part. Jesus Christ played a huge part, regardless of who he actually was or what he actually did. John F Kennedy played a huge part. I could sit here all day talking about people who played huge parts in other peoples lives but I'm sure you can come up with some better examples yourselves.

In a nutshell: Every life we live we learn lessons from actions in previous lives. We build a strong decent karmic record by promoting love, happiness and peace (Positive energy). We create a bad karmic record by promoting hate, violence and hurt (Negative energy). We then have opportunities to learn from our mistakes and better the collective human consciousness and our individual consciousness.

I will touch on the collective human consciousness another time, if this thread gets a good response.

Anyone else care to share their thoughts or discuss some of mine?


posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 02:46 PM
its beyond us, any meaning.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 02:48 PM
nice thread, similar to my beliefs, take a gander at mine here...

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 01:44 PM
Well, no one's going to call you crazy for having this view of life. I wouldn't bother starting a new religion with it, but at least you won't get in any bar fights over it. A good philosophy for a middle manager regardless of the specific industry.

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