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My Introduction

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 03:51 AM
Hello, my name is Robert and I am currently spending another sleepless night reading about this particular subject of the UFO phenomenon, I witnessed one myself a time ago when I was younger and it has instilled a certain fascination in me ever since. I guess here is where I should tell a little about myself: I am a white male and currently 26 years old, at the age of 16 I pursued a pilots license only to find out that I was, in fact, colorblind and could only pilot aircraft of the single/dual prop engine variety (non commercially), rendering any successful career with it far fetched to say the least. Disregarding that, I decided to join the USAF a few years later anyways in which I served 4 years, due to individuals in my chain of command I ultimately decided not to re-enlist for a second term, it was not the best decision I had ever made, but I was missing civilian life anyways. I moved to IL and worked in construction for a few years; even though now I am in IL, I was born and raised just outside of Roanoke, VA. I have been an atheist my entire life and I am mostly supportive of liberal political values with a few notable exceptions. I am not prone to believing in supernatural occurrences, or anything without proper supporting evidence for that matter, and I do not lie or tell false stories. I also consider myself somewhat more intelligent and perceptive than most people, that does not sound humble at all I know and I'm sure a lot of people say that. I hope this paints at least a small picture of me for you. My life is nothing extraordinary and it is no grand adventure, unfortunately, but you have to play the hand you are dealt. If anyone that knows me finds this I'm sure they will be probably be able to deduce who I am upon reading this, because of what is written above not because I go around talking about UFOs, which I don't make a habit of.

The one time I witnessed a UFO was in September 1998. I cannot remember the exact day as I didn't make a point to remember, not realizing the full importance of recording the event until several weeks later after I began researching it on the internet, at that time I wrote down the month/year and a short description, I have always kept this piece of notebook paper with me that I wrote it on to make sure I do not forget anymore details than I already have, it has become sort of a sentimental object to me. This account cannot be taken very seriously though by anyone interested in a persons credibility as a factor, because at the time of the sighting I was smoking marijuana, however I am well aware of the effects of marijuana and what we saw was most definitely real. So... knowing that, here it is, I am writing it from memory mostly only using the paper as a reference:

It was late, probably around midnight, and me and a friend were sitting outside on the hood of my car smoking a joint. The most awe inspiring thing that could ever happen to anyone smoking a joint happened to us, though I can't remember what we were talking about exactly, I do remember that I was saying something to him and all the sudden he said "Hey... look, what is that?". I looked to where he was looking and there was a light, sort of a bubble looking thing but bright enough and far away enough that it was difficult to tell if it was an optical effect or its actual shape, if its actual size was smaller than my presumption of course it would be much closer. It was in the distance between the valley of two small hills maybe just a mile or so outside of the urban area surrounding the city (which would be the town of Vinton; a suburb of the city of Roanoke, VA), there is a distinct boundary between civilization and the forested area of the country on that side of town. Up until this point the object had not done anything overly extraordinary, it would remain stationary for a while hovering over the wilderness, then appear to move slowly for a short distance. Though it was bright there was no illumination of the surrounding vegetation that I could tell, everything around and below it seemed pitch dark, kind of like looking at a LED light on electronics in a dark room, it did not flicker and when it was stopped it stayed dead still. It was kind of unsettling for me as it was moving slowly in our general direction in its stop-go movement. It stayed in the same place for what seemed like quite a while, probably around 5 minutes, our eyes were glued to it and we were whispering about what it could be very quietly. After a minute or two, while we were whispering it suddenly started swiveling in either a flat circular motion or maybe back and forth perpendicular to us, it did this for only a few seconds then shot up into the air at an incredible speed, with no discernible acceleration curve what so ever, the speed at which it was ascending is difficult to estimate but it was very fast, at the very least 500 mph I would say from a dead stop, it almost looked like it teleported there and it may have actually been faster than the speed of sound, but there was no sonic boom or any other noise. It stopped and hovered briefly at what I estimate to be about 2,500 ft, then moved very quickly again to the right and stopped, then faded away from one side to the other. When I say that I mean it didn't just suddenly disappear instantly, it progressively faded from the lower right edge of it into nothingness, this happened very quickly but it could be seen. My imagination would like to think that this was a sort of cloaking mechanism, it certainly looked like it, the first thing I said to my friend was "Where did it go?" and this may have helped to create it, but there was a sense that it was still lingering there out of sight, it may have just been the anxiety of the situation. We did not stay outside any longer though to try and relocate it, both of us were a tad frightened about not being able to see it if it was still around. We went inside and looked out the window for a while, but it never reappeared. For the record we kept smoking the joint and finished it as we were watching it.

Writing this has actually helped me to calm down a bit, I was reading about cattle and human mutilations when I came across this site and managed to frighten myself a little. Some of the aspects of this phenomenon are scary on levels that are a bit different than a healthy fear of something natural, it can give you a true feeling of helplessness. Not that I am saying I believe it, but if you discount even 95% of the things you read about ETs and UFOs as a margin of error for hoaxes etc, the remaining 5% is still a bit unsettling. In the end is seems there is really nothing short of a UFO landing on the White House lawn or Government disclosure that will offer any solid proof, some of it is rather interesting though, especially the events that occurred in the 40s-50s that most, including myself, were not around to see the headlines for. How is that things like that can just happen and nobody cares anymore? There is one thing I am sure of though, there is definitely something that is tremendously important going on that we are not being told of.
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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:04 AM
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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:12 AM
reply to post by OmegaLogos

Okay, I just re-read all that and can't help feeling crazy even though its a UFO website.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:16 AM
Good read. Can clearly see the effort you put into your introduction, and it is appreciated. Very interesting sighting. I'd be hitting the whiskey after an experience like that.

Welcome to ATS, where value has no face.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:25 AM
reply to post by ThinkingCap

Thanks, I read a lot and I used to write to pay the bills (a bit unsuccessfully) so I tend to be a decent writer. It was kind of enjoyable to write about anyways.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 06:59 AM
Welcome to ATS!

I use to say to some people: We live between the molecules and the planets/stars. That is our plane of existence and our dimension where our flesh eyes can see things.

How about the dimension between atoms and molecules? Is that dimension really empty? And the dimension between the atomic nuclei and the electrons, is that one empty too? And those worlds must be infinitely larger than our world since they are much more microscopic.

Where do Aliens, UFOs, demons, ghosts, angels and gods live?

In other micro/macroscopic dimensions that our flesh eyes(but our third eye can see it when it is open) can not see... When you die, your cells fall apart but how about your atoms, can they really disintegrate and die? Can you really disintegrate an atom? No you can not without massive energy. Hence your bodies of the other dimensions keep living forever and you have a future which is very long... The universe is like a crystal geometry with a repetitive pattern in all dimensions.

Wish you all the best and yes, there are UFOs and in my opinion they have their own agenda.


/Zhen-Shan-Ren(Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance) is good, Falun Dafa is good.
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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 07:26 AM
Fascinating and well described account.

Thanks for sharing the story.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 07:44 AM
Welcome aboard! I hope you don't feel crazy here. I think it's a wonderful place to share and learn things. If anyone gets on your case just ignore them. I know when I first came here I felt nervous but now I see that I belong. You will too I hope.

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