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Sabateanism, Frankism and Frederick II of Hohenstauffen

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 05:26 PM
Is there a relationship between the Frederick II of Hohenstauffen, 13th century holy roman emperor, and the two anti messianic figures in Judaism, shabbatai Tzvi and Jacob Frank?

Basically. Fredericks court in Siciliy was filled with Saracens. He purportedly took a great liking to Sufism (islamic mysticism) in addition to his connections with his own, western christian background in the Greek Classics, neo platonism, gnosticism etc.

Frederick became the 8th and final king of Jerusalem. 8, in occult thought, implies a completion, and transcendence of the lower order. His being the 8th king, and considered by many a revolutionary, and the first modern liberal, could imply that Frederick was a microcosm of the future 'world emperor'. And indeed, Frederick believed he was that world emperor.

Why do i make a connection between him and two Jewish antimessianic figures, you might ask? Because Frederick intended to unite Christianity with Islam as a way to inaugurate the New Aeon.

Shabbatai Tzvi in 1666 proclaimed himself as the long awaited Jewish messiah. What he had actually done is pervert the true nature of the Torah, and installed a new theology that was based entirely on christian gnosticism. The jewish Rabbis, obviously aware of this theology, immiedeately excommunicated him and all those who followed him. Later on that year, Shabbatai Tzvi converted to Islam - specifically the Bektashi Sufi order which had apparently helped influence his philosophy.

100 years Later, a Jewish man named Jacob Frank came around claiming to be the reincarnation of Shabbati Tzvi. He like Tzvi before him was persecuted and excommunicated by Europes Rabbis. Frank eventually converted to Catholicism, taking most of his followers with him.

Both Tzvi and Frank considered Islam and Christianity as two flanks of one 'perennial philosophy'. That both emerged from Judaism as a symbolic indication of the duality of the godhead; destined to be united at the end of days.

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 06:38 PM
wow, pretty interesting history there.

I wonder exactly where Islam and Judaism or Christianity would unite. I believe that there were really suppose to be 2 messiahs, I mean, think about it, how can The Messiah be Alpha AND Omega at the same time? Unless, there are actually 2.

What brings them together?
There is a third force, I believe, "God" and God has many faces, because God is the embodiment of the Spirit World, so that would be everyone that has passed on, all of our ancestors.

Something to think about for sure.

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 09:49 PM
reply to post by leira7


There is a great deal tying Islam and Christianity together. Its very mysterious.

For instance, perhaps the Fatima thing in the early 20th century was a further idnication of the ties between Islam and Christianity. Fatima is arabic, and she was Mohomads Daughter; referred to in the Koran as 'the most lovely of woman". Obviously its an allusion to the same concept that Mary is in Christianiy. Anyways, Mary appeared in FATIMA Portugal... Coincidence?

this 20th century also has been all about the Divine Feminine. In fact, in 1950, the beginning of the 2nd half othis century, Pope Pius XII declared that mary had 'ascended' into Heaven. This seems to allude to what Jung said it alluded to; that is, the moral ascension of the raw, physical urge, to become morally accetpable. The feminine in a wider sense is the quaternity. The masculine conversely, is a Triad, or trinity (the meaning of the trinity). The ascension of the 4th, into the above 3, indicates it being integrated within the 3 spiritual functions. In other words. This century, the 'puritanism' of the earlier 2000 some off years, has been cast off, and mankind has returned to paganism, and worship of the divine mother.

This also why Woodstock, which symbolically stood as a symbol for this liberation of the animal spirit, coincided with Nasas mission to the moon.

The moon, of course, is a symbol of the divine feminine. Now, this isnt a 'did they land on the moon thread', but, the fact that this event had such symbolic meaning, and such importance in time, gives credence to the idea that they probably faked it.

So maybe this war being waged between Islam, and Christianity, is an engineered confrontation. And if thats true, than its also true that both christian and islamic leaders are colluding in this. So, the vatican, major caliphs, noble houses, etc.


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