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'Graveyard Globe'

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 05:04 PM

My son Jake and I were checking our deer hunting spot the day before opening morning here in MI. This tiny little private graveyard has been here (Bland Cemetery, Benzie County) for well over 100yrs. We decided to stop and take a few photos (like they do on many ghost TV shows) and several were simply just dark, near black photos. My son began to start mimicking the Ghost Hunters and asking "Is there anyone here with us"? I took 1 photo before he asked that question, and the next one immediately after he asked a few questions (while I was laughing a bit over it) I took another pic, and was stunned by the incredible bright spot on the image. This graveyard is in the middle of nowhere- look it up- I don't know what it is, a bug?? a freak spec of moisture?? It was cold, so maybe a bit of suspended frost? I had the camera (Nikon CoolPix 8700) resting on the closed door of the truck, it was immobile as you can see the stone is not blurred, but the spot seems to be moving up, based on the small amount of distortion under it. WE SAW NOTHING with our eyes. This was a 1st for us. We took several pics before this and after this one- but could not reproduce this again.


I was going to post on the Alien/UFO forum, but I've decided to post in here.
It looks like a Merkabah ship to me.

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