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Emptiness and Nirvana

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 03:59 PM
What is emptiness?

Form is emptiness. This means that whatever shape, color, or contour a thing takes, it is inherently empty, an illusion, a composite of different angles, measurements, and shades to make up what we perceive to be relative to an ideal archetype of a thing.

Emptiness is the natural state of existence. A nothingness. An emptiness devoid of any real being, any real self. Without the sun or any other energy, life would be a nothingness, it would be empty.

Nirvana is the realization of this truth of reality. It is about letting go of the emotional attachments to physical and metaphysical realities. That's the truth. There is nothing more than this to know in life. Once you overcome the duality of life by realizing its inner emptiness, you can transcend all limitations and be reunited with your true Self, never to view life as perpetual, but eternal.

As a human knowing this truth, your normal senses still function regularly, but your mind is freed, able to contemplate new concepts, truths, and perspectives. Immediately you will start distancing yourself from others, as your new awakened state sees beyond the simple distinctions between left/right, good/evil duality. You'll have achieved "middle-way" vision, seeing beyond the extremities towards That Supreme Truth.

When a person dies, they become what they most wanted, what they most desired. Their soul reunites with the energy of their mind. When a being, enlightened and knowledgeable about the true state of existence, passes away, their mind is liberated of all things and they truly are free.

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 04:04 PM
So awakening your kundalini then, Its a brillaint thing i must say so

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by filosophia

When a person dies, they become what they most wanted, what they most desired. Their soul reunites with the energy of their mind. When a being, enlightened and knowledgeable about the true state of existence, passes away, their mind is liberated of all things and they truly are free.

OK...lets start small.

Where do those desires come 'what they most desired'?

If one detaches from emotions, the physical ect....then where do the desires still come in?

What if...when you see that something is missing that keeps 'you and your desires' from a true state of existence...and you see your not really separate from other 'minds/souls' at all but a part of them somehow.

Is it 'desires of self' you think you long for after death? Then what is the purpose here in this 'nothingness'.

Can there really be a 'nothing'? Isnt everything, something?

Be careful of that state that makes you feel like you want to detach from everything. I know what you speak of...I thought I could just wonder off without a care in the world. But I realized, there was more to 'me' then I thought...beyond my 'own mind and soul'...and it was all the other 'life' around me that made me and influenced me. After the feeling of 'detachment' will find that you are still needed here, can be a benefit to others and the Earth, make the best of it all that you can. Dont be so caught up in the grandness of the knowledge you found that it keeps you from being a benefit here, for that kind of knowledge is not given to only benefit you as a self....but is to be used to the 'whole' of what you are of.

Ask yourself...what are my desires.

Then ask...what would a desire be of a Spirit that was within all of us, as a whole.

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 07:01 PM
It's my understanding that the no-self isn't really NO self at all, but a type of no-self self, which simply knows, and knows that it's not the self, as in the flux and form of a personality or an ego-self.

My theory, is that any such no-self self, who is empty, and filled in emptiness, must, for some reason I can't quite put my finger on, be a phenomenal comedian.

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 07:05 PM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
Ask yourself...what are my desires.

Then ask...what would a desire be of a Spirit that was within all of us, as a whole.

No desire, since such a spirit-being of wholeness, is whole and therefore lacking in nothing.. but wouldn't it be childlike and giggly?, what's that mirth I'm detecting in these questions...? Help me find the humour of it, which I "grok" is present in this newfound way of being.

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 07:07 PM
Emptiness is perhaps one of the worst feelings ever. Of course it depends on what context one takes it in I suppose. Though perhaps the way in which I felt it, it was perhaps nothing more than a very dark world. Almost like seeing a world of black and white and eyes half caste. As much as a lot of people talk of this it's another thing when hitting it, I'm trying not to come off as a person who has hit that state of mind as a simply gazing upon a beautiful girl can snap me out of it [desire]. Though when listening to music such as this: [Don't worry there is no lyrics folks it's all instrumental

It's very easy to get into that state of mind especially since most of my close friends are drifting away to their own thing and I don't have many around me. Also emptiness seems like something that should be attained in the latter portion of life. At least that is my view on this. Enjoying the more wilder aspects in the beginning and toning it down at least a bit as one gets older. I guess the best way to describe something like this is perhaps a "Hollow" feeling?

For some reason I feel like I've said something, but as I read over my post I feel as if I have said nothing, though I do someone can understand the post.

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by TedHodgson

It is taught that Tummo (Kundalini) is intimately related to Yeshe (Jnana), Sherab (Prajna), Rigpa (Vidya), and the Realization of the Illuminating Void (the Yoga of Bliss and Emptiness).


"It is necessary to attain the most absolute sanctity and the most terrific chastity to acquire the development, progress and evolution of the Kundalini."

- Samael Aun Weor, Kundalini Yoga: The Mysteries of the Fire

"The ascent of the Kundalini along the spinal cord is achieved very slowly in accordance with the merits of the heart. The fires of the heart control the miraculous development of the Sacred Serpent. Devi Kundalini is not something mechanical as many suppose; the Igneous Serpent is only awakened with genuine Love between husband and wife, and it will never rise up along the medullar canal of adulterers."

- Samael Aun Weor, The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

"Unfortunately, many believe that it is as easy as blowing glass in order to make bottles, or like smoking a cigarette, or like getting drunk."
"Those pseudo-esoterists who affirm that the Kundalini after having ascended to the Crown Chakra or Lotus of a Thousand Petals descends once again into the Church of Ephesus or coccygeal center, remaining stored there, are lying terribly. The Kundalini only descends when the Initiate lets himself fall. The Initiate falls when he spills the semen. The work to raise the Serpent after having fallen is very difficult and arduous.

"The Lord of Perfection said, "The disciple must never let himself fall because whosoever falls then has to struggle a great deal to regain that which was lost."" - Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

On Tummo Pranayama Practices:

With respiratory exercises, we can raise some igneous flames through the spinal medulla, but we will never achieve the ascension of each one of the noble serpents of fire with such practices.

Undoubtedly, it is very recommendable to utilize those flames of sacred fire that are enclosed within the Muladhara chakra for the awakening of the consciousness. However, this does not signify the awakening of the Kundalini.

By all means, it is clear that the nostrils are connected to the sexual gonads through Ida and Pingala; this is why it is relatively easy to utilize certain sacred flames for the awakening of the consciousness by means of respiratory exercises.

The best initiates of Laya Yoga, Zen, and Ch’an intelligently combine meditation with Pranayama when comprehending the urgent necessity of awakening the consciousness.

- Samael Aun Weor, The Doomed Aryan Race

They have spoken much about the Illuminating Void and clearly we can experience it ourselves. It is in that Void where we can find the Laws of Nature as they are in themselves and not as they seem to be. In this physical world we only see the mechanism of causes and effects but we do not know the Laws of Nature in themselves, whereas in the Illuminating Void we can recognise them in a simple, natural way, just as they are.

We have been told that a suction pump is needed in order to form a void; we have such a pump in the spinal column and the channels Ida and Pingala through which the creative energy rises to the brain. We have also been told that a dynamo is needed; we have that in our brains and strength of will. Finally in any technique, obviously there must be a generator; fortunately, our generator is the creative organs, sex, the sexual force.

Having the system and all the elements, we can form the Illuminating Void; the pump, the dynamo and the generator are the elements that we need in order to achieve the Illuminating Void in meditation. Only through the absolute Void can we get to know that which is real.

In fact, the Illuminating Void is produced because the creative energies flowing inwards from the outside, impregnating the consciousness and eventually making it leave the ego and the body. Extracted from the ego as if out from a bottle, in the absence of ego and outside the physical body, the consciousness undoubtedly goes into the Illuminating Void and receives the Tao.

Therefore, the creative energy combined with meditation serves to awaken the consciousness. Unquestionably, it draws the consciousness out from the ego and into absorption in the Illuminating Void.

Meditation combined with Tantra is tremendous. HAM-SAH is the key...

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by filosophia
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Indeed, the comprehension of how the following—Bodhichitta, Dharma, Dharmata, Dharmadhatu, Dharmodaya, Dharmasaya, Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, Nirmanakaya, Rupakaya, Vajrakaya, Svabhavikakaya (Svabhavakaya), Abhisambodhikaya, Paramarthasatya, Rainbow Body, Light Body, Jnana, Prajna, Vidya, Alaya, Alaya-Vijnana, Anatman, Atman, Buddha-Nature, Pratityasamutpada, Samskara, Vasana, Skandha, Karmasaya, Kamaduro, Parikalita (Parakalpita), Paratantra, Parinispanna (Paranishpanna), egos (klesha or klesa and klishta or klista) and Individuality—are related to Emptiness, would help us to understand the relationship between Form, Emptiness, and the various levels of Nirvana.

And of course, actual practice (Birth, Death, and Sacrifice) is how we would have Gnosis of all of this within our(non)self, this is to say, if we take the Direct Path of the Middle Way.

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by Tamahu

It's always funny and with joy though i suspect.. whatever it is. Something incredibly amuzing and wonderful, liberating, but not without enveloping us in arms of love and acceptance, and a sense of hurrah, a welcoming home.

It's by no means vacuuous, but to the contrary a continual wellspring of mutual love and acceptance, and everlasting exploration, through Bhakti or devotional experience. I know that feeling, when I'm really putting myself out to be there for someone if only in mere presence and listening, carrying their sorrows with them. That is where we must go, I think, and it's by no means a purely selfless service, then, since then we can begin to experience the sweet nectar of the love of the eternal Beloved and Lover, in love, loving neighbor as self, so it's therefore accessible to one and all, all the time.

And for the lonely, like many who read ATS a lot, myself included, blessed are we who also mourn we too shall be comforted.

How simple.

It's not a practice at all, but a DEVOTION.

AND, we needn't even take ourselves or anyone for that matter TOO seriously, and so there's the charm, the authenticity.

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 09:46 PM
The following nine schools of Buddhist Yoga can be seen within Gnosis as well:

Shravakayana, Pratyekayana, Bodhisattva, Kriyayoga, Charyayoga or Upayoga or Upayayoga, Yoga-Tantra, Mahayoga, Anuyoga, Atiyoga (Mahasandhi, Dzogchen, or Thigle-Chenpo).

"All of the seven schools of Yoga are within Gnosis, yet they are in a synthesized and absolutely practical way. There is Tantric Hatha Yoga in the practices of the Maithuna (Sexual Magic). There is practical Raja Yoga in the work with the chakras. There is Gnana / Jnana Yoga in our practices and mental disciplines which we have cultivated in secrecy for millions of years. We have Bhakti Yoga in our prayers and Rituals. We have Laya Yoga in our meditation and respiratory exercises. Samadhi exists in our practices with the Maithuna and during our deep meditations.We live the path of Karma Yoga in our upright actions, in our upright thoughts, in our upright feelings, etc."

"Gnosis saves us work and study, for if we did not have the synthesis of Christ, we would need to bring into our heads millions of volumes and to travel around the entire world with the goal of finding the path.

"Fortunately, already one Being did it and this Being was Jesus the Christ. He studied in the Buddhist Cathedral of Jo Kang, investigating very ancient Tibetan books.

"Therefore, why do we need to do the same investigative work that he did? He already did that work. He delivered the whole of Yoga in a synthesized way, the whole of the Secret Science. So what else could we want?

"Our duty is to study Gnosis and to live it, this is what is important. If they laugh at us, if they attack us, if they calumniate us, what does it matter to science or to us?

"You can be sure, beloved reader, that the best of Yoga is within Gnosis.

"The best of Buddhism is within Gnosis, the best of the Egyptian, Chaldean, Zoroastrian, etc., etc., etc., science is within Gnosis. Therefore, what more? What more do we want? What more are we searching for?

"The Gnostic Movement is the revolutionary movement for the new Aquarian Era. Yet, presently, many reactionary, extemporaneous and retarded individuals, who call themselves Gnostics exist. They excommunicate us because we divulge the Great Arcanum, the Maithuna, they say that we are doing a pansexualistic, sinful labor. They do not want humanity to receive the clue of the Intimate Self-Realization."

- Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebub

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by Tamahu

I'll take Bodhisattva, for a million lifetimes.

Bodhisattva it IS!


posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 10:03 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
AND, we needn't even take ourselves or anyone for that matter TOO seriously, and so there's the charm, the authenticity.

Seriousness in the Esoteric Work

“The Gnostic who does not know how to smile has less control of himself, like the one who only knows the guffaw of Aristophanes.”

Samael Aun Weor

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 10:27 PM
And lastly, in regards to the sinner (see my signature line by Oscar Wilde), while none of us are without stain, or blame (or karma), it can be said that "he who's been forgiven more, loves more",
and so the joke then is at the expense of the worst part of ourselves, recognized for what it is, and forgiven, and therein re-integrated or included in that cosmis hug i was alluding to. We cannot get RID of anything, or strive to be anything more, because it's already here, laughing, at my (our?) own folly. At the absurdity of the predicament we WERE in, and so any tears shed, as needed, are indeed wiped away! (and so yet another smile arises).

I think the human being then (including YOU) is absolutely extraordinary, in the most absurd manner imaginable, but it's ok if the joke is on me, I don't really care it makes no difference.

Self acceptance then, from the Gnosis of awareness, is key, because I am of the view that the whole person is invited to the table, after being greeted with a hug and a kiss. I think Christianity completes Buddhism, and that both would be less without the other, imho, which no longer matters in the final analysis, only that we get to eat and enjoy together, that's all that matters, and if not me, and you, then everyone else around us.

There's a lot of joy on the other side of all that sorrow, a LOT! (said like a small child)

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 11:22 PM
Who is it that has desire? Is it not the ego self?

Therefore we are attached to this desire only through 'wrongful identification' [with the ego self].

It is with close attention to this problem of ‘wrongful identification,’ that we come to the realization that we are in fact 'Pure Awareness', [are and always have been this 'Pure Awareness'].

This ‘Pure Awareness’ was our very 'Identity' before we were born, goes on throughout what we call life, and continues beyond what we have come to see as death. But these 3 distinctions [before birth/during life/ and death] take place only within time and space, which is merely a description, or a distinction, within finitude. Finitude is temporary.

The mind acts as a veil between us and this most subtle but eternal knowing of 'Suchness', 'Isness', or “pure Awareness.’

To know this with clarity is enlightenment.
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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by MystiqueAgent

Your avatar reminds me of the blue hotty of Captain Kurk's wildest fantasies, who lived on that far flung planet of blue chicks, in the delta quadrant of the Milky Way Gallaxy, and please, don't take offence when I say that.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 12:07 AM

Originally posted by filosophia
What is emptiness?

Emptiness is the natural state of existence. A nothingness. An emptiness devoid of any real being, any real self. Without the sun or any other energy, life would be a nothingness, it would be empty.


I have been studying the Zotar and the Gnostic, Kabbalah, The Tree of Life, they also say helps if you read Hebrew.
But in the Zotar, it says that before the Creator, that the Nothingness did not, not exist, once you reach the point of Kether, the human mind is not capable of comprhending.

It is also interesting that our scientist of today say once they really get down, to looking at what makes up the universe, that there is nothing there.

They do say the physical universe is made up of almost 80% hydrogen, almost 20% helium, with only 2% to exist as the other know physical elements.

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by googolplex

And in nothing, is everything.. or anything, and so the question then becomes..

What now?

What shall we do, if anything at all..?

That's freedom, the freedom to choose in the space of nothing, whatever we really want most, from that point of inspiration within our innermost heart of hearts, or at the point of our deepest and most authentic desire, which will always be met in eternity.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 12:33 AM
reply to post by NewAgeMan
In The Zotar, which was suppose to have been written for this time period, it says that Creator wants us find our way back, from the physical, Malkath, on The Tree of Life.

The Light is very bright at The Kether, but as you travel down The Tree of Life the Light becomes dimmer and dimmer, if a person is not trying to get back to the Light, their Atman or Higher Self will shine some of the Light down The Tree of Life to help them find their way.

A lot of this kind of cracks me up, like The Buddha when he said something like " we do not call this the Emptyness we call this the Emptyness".

In The Zotar, it's alright to desire things, as long as you don't desire things.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 12:56 AM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

LOL I don't take offense to it at all
it's better than people saying that my avatar should be taken down so It's all good

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by googolplex

That's interesting. A boostrap of light from above. Cool.

One thing.

There is only one thing, for our one desire, not things plural. One thing alone out of which everything else arises like a fount of inspiration and everlasting happiness, and joy.

It's very personal, however, and no one can surely say what it could possibly be, for another. It can only be shared.

The boundary dissolition now finds it's limit in love and compassion for another, any other.

It's amazing how accessible this stuff is becoming now these days, as if much of the hard work and heavy lifting has already been done, and we are now reaping a harvest we did not work for! Doubly cool.

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