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Israeli episode of Cops: two Arab Arson suspects

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 12:27 PM
Apparently there are a growing number of cases of Arson being cause by quote Arabs endquote.

The initial report that two Druze teenagers were arrested in connection with the Israel wildfire is a confusion of two separate situations. There was a group of Druze having a picnic that _may_ have not extinguished some small fires properly, but that has nothing to do with the two Arabs being held for questioning.

Here is a video where a Pilot flying overhead, and talking on radio, directed Israeli police to a vehicle seen fleeing the scene of the first fire. It's all in Hebrew, but interesting none the less.

Link to video.

Reports are coming in, however that there have been several arson fire set off by Arab citizens in Israel but San Francisco residents are also learning that the media is largely ignoring them.

Link to San Francisco article quoted above.

David Grouchy

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