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Wikileaks and the socialist dictatorship

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 12:21 PM
So Wikileaks and Assange according to the US government is a threat to national security uh? Think again!

What have we learned about our government with the release of these memos or, cables as they are known officially? The following provides an interesting look as to whom is the real threat here.

* Saudi's continue to fund terror groups including their own famous brother in arms, Usama bin Laden.
* Saudi's have manipulated the path of US presidents going back to Clinton and continuing through Obama.
* Saudi's have and continue to play both side sof the fence in regards to telling the US whom to target while hosting as well as developing friendships with what & whom the US calls terrorists and terrorists nations.

source: associated press

* Mexico has a serious security problem (as if we didn't know that) however the US media's attention to this has been along the lines of crinimal neglect and piss poor journalism.
* Hugo Chavez attempted to manipulate Mexico's 2006 election for president. He continues to be a concern for many in the latin world.
* The crash of a USG recon aircraft that washed up on shore in the Arabian Sea helped President Saleh endear himself to the US by blaming Iran for this, as the cable notes. NOTE- Blaming Iran for the US drone washing up....Makes sense uh?

scan egale aircraft. source: Navy

Wikileaks has done one thing for sure and without any doubt, and that is to open the eyes of the people of not only the US but around the worl in order to see that what we all have been and are being told is a lie. I firmly believe that with the help of Wikileaks by releasing the information it has, we now can see that the business world, politicians and other state players with the help of the main stream media have lied to everyone and it is evident by reading these memos and documents. We should be demanding in the streets that the main stream media be disassembled and the business world along with their bribe taking politicians be strung up in the streets for their criminal & moral mis-direction they have been taking against the people of the US and the rest of the world. While the average citizen of the US has no clue as to what danger they are in because they are more concerned about watching Dancing with the Stars than getting at th eheart of the truth as to why our nation is in such a dangerous police state as it is now. The TSA (the socialist agenda) are continuing to violate, harrass and intimidate our own citizens without any concern by those in the White House nor anywher eelse in DC. The only people speaking out about this are htose who do not have the power to change this. It ought to tell the sheeple something!

If we survive until the next election when we the people can vote these criminal driven socialist pigs from office we might stand a chance at saving our own hides. But with the bailouts Obama has dished out to those corporations who donated to vote him in, those bailouts are nothing more than paybacks & bribes to those who helped the inexperienced socialist agenda land in the White House, so that when the next election comes the soclialst leader can have enough money to try and convince those blind idiots who supported him to vote him in again. Hopefully those who did have woken up by then and will have the wool removed and see the light before they vote.


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