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Wikileaks possible leak hidden?

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posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 04:21 PM
I'm a big follower of Wikileaks and Julian Assannge. I want to see the veil torn down that hides the truth. The biggest conspiracies out there. I want the truth its my right and its your right.
I'm about to share with you all something I've found here and in my eyes may be a hidden leak that's massive.
Who's heard of Anagrams? Right.
Julian Assange - Jesus a Anglian.

Yep you think I'm mad? I can't provide links but what I will do is put key words etc in brackets for you to put in your search ok?
Right. Jesus a Anglian?
Anglian may refer to:
Anglian dialects
Anglic languages
(Anglian Stage)
(Anglian Glaciation period)
(The anglian automobile
or used in reference to the cultural products and politics of the Angels of Anglo-Saxon England.
And last but not least (Anglian water)

Anglian dialects- old english a simplified system of English spelling invented by Swedish philologist Robert Eugen Zachrisson in 1930.
The Anglian Stage-
The anglian stage is the name given for a middle(Pleistocene) stage used in the british isles. It procedes the hoxnian stage and follows the Cromerian Stage in the british isles.
Pleistocene= a time of human evolution!!!
Also check out Hoxnian stage.
Cromerian stage
Cromer forest bed formation is exposed at intervals. Along the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk from weybourne to kessingland. The forest bed was formed in the (Quaternary) period and dates between 780,000 to 450,000 years ago within the Cromerian Stage of the Pleistocene. For many years the bed, named after the local town of (Cromer) has been famous for its assemblage(assange) of fossil mammal remains containing. For example, isolated bones and teeth, jawbones and the antlers of deer? The cromer forest continues to erode and is rich in fossils.
Anglian automobile
Anglian was an english tricar manufactured in (Beccles) suffolk from 1905 to 1907. The automobiles featured either a 3.5 HP single cylinder (De Dion) engine or 5hp twin coupled power units.

De Dion - Jules Albert de Dion- automobile pioneer of france. Mach 9 1856 carquefou, Loire-Atlantique. Aug 19, 1946.
- de Dion Bouton- automobile manufacturers
- de Dion Tube- automobile suspension (vehicle)
Georges Bouton and bro in law Charles Trepardoux had a shop in Leon where they made scientific toys. Trepardoux's long term dream was a steam car!!(Free from oil?)
1883 formed a partnership which became (de Dion-Bouton) automobile company. Worlds largest at its time.
They tried marine steam engines but progressed to a steam car. This was destroyed by fire in trials? 1884 built another with altered steering and was capable of carrying 4 people!!
Comte de Dion entered one in an 1887 trial europes first motoring competition. The brainchild of one M. Fossier of cycling magazine Le Velocipede. Evidently the promotion was insufficient for it was the sole entrant but it completed the course!

Beccles Suffolf.
18th Century Town Hall Octagonal. NR34, suffolk police, suffolk fire , Beccles Museum housed in (Leman House) a grade 1 listing.
Beccles church
The town is sominated by.........the detached 16th century Bell Tower known as beccles bell tower of St. Michael's Church! Like the main body of the church, the tower is perpendicular Gothic? In style and is 97ft tall. The interior was badly damaged in1586 by fire. (IT HAS A 13th 9eNTURY FONT!) A medieval !aptismal font.

Do not reply until after next post. In the meantime look the key words up.
Anglian Water.
Founded 1973, HQ Huntingdon England.
Jonson Cox CEO
Revenue £969.2 million (2008)
Operating income 421 million (2008)
,Et income £311.7 million (2008)
Norfolk, suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and greater London around upminster.

Regulated under the Water Industry Act 1991. Search it.

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posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 04:26 PM
The clause of the water act

Clause 67 of the act apparently allows the secretary of state (sos) to proscribe standards of wholesomeness for water, prescribing the purposes for which the water is to be suitable, substances that are to bre present and absent and the concentrations!!!

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 04:35 PM
The hills of which she sits???
Dams and lakes. I honestly believe that this is a hidden clue.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 04:38 PM
So, Jesus is actually running the Aglian water board?

Not sure what you're stabbing at here mate. Need some clarity

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 04:45 PM
You forgot his middle name, Paul.

Plus "a anglian" is not the proper syntax.

It should be "an anglian".

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by JakiusFogg

Julian Assange - Jesus a Anglian. Anagram. Could it be a clue to a bigger story like a water conspiracy? That's what I'm saying and also the fact of the steam cars?
I believe that there is going to be a massive wikileak dump regarding our water supply and a massive deception of unprecidented levels here.
Massive exposure that will blow the lid off the lies. Dumbing the masses with drugs in water systems and manipulation big time. The possible motive behind the gulf oil desaster. Poison the water gaining control of the globe by poisoning the 2arths water and supplying it at massive cost with 100% profits. Maybe go as far as saying water sold that's actually not from earth. Moon perhaps. Apparently water is blue gold more valuable than black gold.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 04:51 PM
reply to post by Chadwickus

Please don't even bother with that.
This is massive there's threads regarding the water conspiracy and its very true.
Search all of the key words and within those links the further links its all there my friend so don't even try that one.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 05:00 PM
put Anglian in your search and click on the wikipedia link then look through the links within links.
Time of Human Evolution my fried. Happy Days.
The anglian stage?
What about the Cromerian stage? Cromer forest bed? Dates between 780,000 to 450,000 years ago ? Every 330,000 years perhaps? Ice-age?

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 05:07 PM
Did or do you not see the coincidences or similarities with Revelations?
Please do some digging Revelations. The hills are those of the water suppliers.

Clean energy was suppressed. When the steam cars were produced. The technology itself has been kept from us while we are forced to rely and pay the price on all fronts.
Carbanation ? 666?
Something massive is on the cards.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 05:33 PM
Annualises Jag
Annualise Jags
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A Annalises Jug
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A Sauna Jingles
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Assuage La Jinn
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Annalise As Jug
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Nausea Jag Nils
Nausea Jags Nil
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Jean Sail As Gun
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Jean Ani As Slug
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Jean La As Using
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Jeans Lag Ani Us
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Jeans Ail As Gun
Jeans Ani As Lug
Lea Jag Ani Suns
Lea Jag An Sinus
Lea Jag Anus Sin
Lea Jag Anus Ins
Lea Jags Ani Nus
Lea Jags Ani Sun
Lea Jags Anus In
Lea Gas Ninja Us
Lea Sag Ninja Us
Lea Ani Sans Jug
Lea An Anus Jigs
Ale Jag Ani Suns
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Ale Jag Anus Ins
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Ale Jags Ani Sun
Ale Jags Anus In
Ale Gas Ninja Us
Ale Sag Ninja Us
Ale Ani Sans Jug
Ale An Anus Jigs
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Seal Jag Anus In
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Ales Jag Ani Sun
Ales Jag Anus In
Ales Jags Ani Nu
Ales Ani An Jugs
Ales An Anus Jig
Leas Jag Ani Nus
Leas Jag Ani Sun
Leas Jag Anus In
Leas Jags Ani Nu
Leas Ani An Jugs
Leas An Anus Jig
Seals Jag Ani Nu
Seals Ani An Jug
Sales Jag Ani Nu
Sales Ani An Jug
Nae Jag Ail Suns
Nae Jag Snail Us
Nae Jag Nails Us
Nae Jag Slain Us
Nae Jag Ails Nus
Nae Jag Ails Sun
Nae Jag Sail Nus
Nae Jag Sail Sun
Nae Jag Sails Nu
Nae Jag Sisal Nu
Nae Jag La Sinus
Nae Jag Ulnas Is
Nae Jag Ulna Sis
Nae Jags Ail Nus
Nae Jags Ail Sun
Nae Jags Lain Us
Nae Jags Nail Us
Nae Jags Ails Nu
Nae Jags Sail Nu
Nae Jags Ulnas I
Nae Jags Ulna Is
Nae Nag Jails Us
Nae Snag Jail Us
Nae Sang Jail Us
Nae Nags Jail Us
Nae Gas Jail Nus
Nae Gas Jail Sun
Nae Gas Jails Nu
Nae Sag Jail Nus
Nae Sag Jail Sun
Nae Sag Jails Nu
Nae Sags Jail Nu
Nae Jail As Snug
Nae Jail As Sung
Nae Jail As Gnus
Nae Jail As Guns
Nae Jail Ass Gnu
Nae Jail Ass Gun
Nae Jails As Gnu
Nae Jails As Gun
Nae Ail Sans Jug
Nae Lain As Jugs
Nae Lain Ass Jug
Nae Nail As Jugs
Nae Nail Ass Jug
Nae Snail As Jug
Nae Nails As Jug
Nae Slain As Jug
Nae Ails An Jugs
Nae Sail An Jugs
Nae Sails An Jug
Nae Sisal An Jug
Nae Ani Las Jugs
Nae Ani Lass Jug
Nae La Anus Jigs
Nae Ulnas As Jig
Nae Ulna As Jigs
Nae Ulna Ass Jig
Nae Las Anus Jig
Senna Jag Ail Us
Senna Ail As Jug
Sane Jag Ail Nus
Sane Jag Ail Sun
Sane Jag Lain Us
Sane Jag Nail Us
Sane Jag Ails Nu
Sane Jag Sail Nu
Sane Jag Ulnas I
Sane Jag Ulna Is
Sane Jags Ail Nu
Sane Jags Ulna I
Sane Nag Jail Us
Sane Gas Jail Nu
Sane Sag Jail Nu
Sane Jail As Gnu
Sane Jail As Gun
Sane Ail An Jugs
Sane Lain As Jug
Sane Nail As Jug
Sane Ails An Jug
Sane Sail An Jug
Sane Ani La Jugs
Sane Ani Las Jug
Sane La Anus Jig
Sane Ulna As Jig
Anuses Jag La In
Anuses La An Jig
Sea Jag Ail Nuns
Sea Jag Lain Nus
Sea Jag Lain Sun
Sea Jag Nail Nus
Sea Jag Nail Sun
Sea Jag Snail Nu
Sea Jag Nails Nu
Sea Jag Slain Nu
Sea Jag Ails Nun
Sea Jag Sail Nun
Sea Jag Annuls I
Sea Jag Annul Is
Sea Jag Ulnas In
Sea Jag Ulna Sin
Sea Jag Ulna Ins
Sea Jag Anus Nil
Sea Jags Ail Nun
Sea Jags Lain Nu
Sea Jags Nail Nu
Sea Jags Annul I
Sea Jags Ulna In
Sea Gal Ninja Us
Sea Lag Ninja Us
Sea Nag Jail Nus
Sea Nag Jail Sun
Sea Nag Jails Nu
Sea Snag Jail Nu
Sea Sang Jail Nu
Sea Nags Jail Nu
Sea Gas Jail Nun
Sea Sag Jail Nun
Sea Jail An Snug
Sea Jail An Sung
Sea Jail An Gnus
Sea Jail An Guns
Sea Jails An Gnu
Sea Jails An Gun
Sea Ninja As Lug
Sea Lain An Jugs
Sea Nail An Jugs
Sea Snail An Jug
Sea Nails An Jug
Sea Slain An Jug
Sea Annul As Jig
Sea Ulnas An Jig
Sea Ulna An Jigs
Seas Jag Ail Nun
Seas Jag Lain Nu
Seas Jag Nail Nu
Seas Jag Annul I
Seas Jag Ulna In
Seas Nag Jail Nu
Seas Jail An Gnu
Seas Jail An Gun
Seas Lain An Jug
Seas Nail An Jug
Seas Ulna An Jig
Jag Ail Anus Ens
Jag Lain An Uses
Jag Lain An Sues
Jag Nail An Uses
Jag Nail An Sues
Jag Snail An Use
Jag Snail An Sue
Jag Nails An Use
Jag Nails An Sue
Jag Slain An Use
Jag Slain An Sue
Jag Ails Anus En
Jag Sail Anus En
Jag Ani An Slues
Jag La Anus Sine
Jag La As Ennuis
Jag La Ass Ennui
Jag Ulna As Sine
Jag Las As Ennui
Jag An Sans Lieu
Jag An Anus Leis
Jag An Anus Isle
Jag An Anus Lies
Jag Anus As Lien
Jag Anus As Line
Jags Ail Anus En
Jags Lain An Use
Jags Lain An Sue
Jags Nail An Use
Jags Nail An Sue
Jags Ani An Slue
Jags La As Ennui
Jags An Anus Lei
Jags An Anus Lie
Gal Ninja As Use
Gal Ninja As Sue
Lag Ninja As Use
Lag Ninja As Sue
Nag Jail An Uses
Nag Jail An Sues
Nag Jails An Use
Nag Jails An Sue
Snag Jail An Use
Snag Jail An Sue
Sang Jail An Use
Sang Jail An Sue
Nags Jail An Use
Nags Jail An Sue
Gas Jail Anus En
Gas Ninja La Use
Gas Ninja La Sue
Sag Jail Anus En
Sag Ninja La Use
Sag Ninja La Sue
Jail An As Genus
A Anal En Jigs Us
A Anal En Jugs Is
A Anal En Jug Sis
A Anal Ens Jig Us
A Anal Ens Jugs I
A Anal Ens Jug Is
A Nasal En Jig Us
A Nasal En Jugs I
A Nasal En Jug Is
A Nasal Ens Jug I
A Nasals En Jug I
A Alas En Jig Nus
A Alas En Jig Sun
A Alas En Jigs Nu
A Alas En Jugs In
A Alas En Jug Sin
A Alas En Jug Ins
A Alas Ens Jig Nu
A Alas Ens Jug In
A Salsa En Jig Nu
A Salsa En Jug In
A Age La Jinns Us
A Age Las Jinn Us
A Jangle An Is Us
A Jangle As I Nus
A Jangle As I Sun
A Jangle As In Us
A Jangle As Is Nu
A Jangle Ass I Nu
A Jangles An I Us
A Jangles As I Nu
A Gale As Jinn Us
A Ages La Jinn Us
A Sage La Jinn Us
A Jean Gal I Suns
A Jean Gal Sin Us
A Jean Gal Ins Us
A Jean Gal Is Nus
A Jean Gal Is Sun
A Jean Gal Sis Nu
A Jean Lag I Suns
A Jean Lag Sin Us
A Jean Lag Ins Us
A Jean Lag Is Nus
A Jean Lag Is Sun
A Jean Lag Sis Nu
A Jean Glans I Us
A Jean Slang I Us
A Jean Gals I Nus
A Jean Gals I Sun
A Jean Gals In Us
A Jean Gals Is Nu
A Jean Slag I Nus
A Jean Slag I Sun
A Jean Slag In Us
A Jean Slag Is Nu
A Jean Lags I Nus
A Jean Lags I Sun
A Jean Lags In Us
A Jean Lags Is Nu
A Jean Glass I Nu
A Jean Slags I Nu
A Jean Gas Nil Us
A Jean Sag Nil Us
A Jean La Gins Us
A Jean La Sign Us
A Jean La Sing Us
A Jean La Snugs I
A Jean La Snug Is
A Jean La Sung Is
A Jean La Gnus Is
A Jean La Guns Is
A Jean La Gnu Sis
A Jean La Gun Sis
A Jean Las Gin Us
A Jean Las Snug I
A Jean Las Sung I
A Jean Las Gnus I
A Jean Las Guns I
A Jean Las Gnu Is
A Jean Las Gun Is
A Jean Lass Gnu I
A Jean Lass Gun I
A Jean An Slugs I
A Jean An Lugs Is
A Jean An Slug Is
A Jean An Lug Sis
A Jean Sans Lug I
A Jean As Ling Us
A Jean As Slung I
A Jean As Lungs I
A Jean As Lung Is
A Jean As Lugs In
A Jean As Slug In
A Jean As Lug Sin
A Jean As Lug Ins
A Jean Ass Lung I
A Jean Ass Lug In
A Jeans Gal I Nus
A Jeans Gal I Sun
A Jeans Gal In Us
A Jeans Gal Is Nu
A Jeans Lag I Nus

There's some anagrams I found for Julian Assange, should keep you busy a couple of days....

edit on 5-12-2010 by SkurkNilsen because: there might be some swearwords in the mix, but his last name is Assange for FSM's sake.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 05:38 PM
Annals Use Jig

I will never grow up....

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by SkurkNilsen

I don't know if your itentions were trying to ruin this thread and if so may I have the last laugh because if you had done what I had said and have put key words in your search. As in Anglian which would have led to languages etc and where they led globally. You may want to try looking back through your list and check out meanings in english, german latin frech and all the other languages that relate to Anglian.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 06:19 PM
Here's something else I stumbled on. AF.

Funny really if you fully read and take in what's before you.
AF? Mobile frequency isn't it? So basically if the rythm of the heart can be altered using AF frequencies or by manipulating it?

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 06:26 PM

Playing along with the war gaming here. Consider:

Julian Paul Assange = "A Sun/Algae Spun Jail" (or some configuration thereof)

Do a Google search on algae and biofuel. Have you seen the sudden peaked popularity of not only algae biofuel with the Government(s) of the world, elites (Al Gore, Buffet), and the Military Industrial Complex, and fun outfits like Monsanto, and big oil...but also the coincidental/simultaneous rise of catastrophic algae blooms popping up globally? This potentially dabbles in the OP's water crises theory as well.

The DoE has been quoted as stating that a harvest-able algae bloom roughly the size of Maryland would satisfy the energy needs of the US for a year. Couple that with global needs and what we'd see is a large portion of our oceans, seas, and lakes unusable, unfishable, undrinkable, unnavigable for the sake of energy production.

Though I'm not convinced of Assange's allegiance yet (Robin Hood vs. TPTB/NWO?), this "leak" could be either that, or a NWO/occultist confession; which we all know they love to hide in plain site.

But of course, it could be nothing at all, but a name. Props to the OP, however, for stoking the kindle of the war gaming fire. God knows TPTB never stop practicing these same techniques.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 06:31 PM
Jazz i told you i tried your jesus a anglican or whatever and it didn't work, now bearing in mind this password can be very very long with any kind of sequence of numbers/letters and god knows what else, what makes you think it's a small anagram?

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 06:35 PM
We are at a time in human evolution.
There is going to be massive changes very soon. Out with the old in withe the new. I'm talking everything from the system to our technology.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 06:52 PM

Originally posted by jazz10
reply to post by JakiusFogg

Julian Assange - Jesus a Anglian. Anagram. Could it be a clue to a bigger story like a water conspiracy?

Yes! In fact, an anagram for Wikileaks is Lake Kiwis! Everyone knows that Kiwis are New Zealanders. Therefore, what we know at this point is that there is a water conspiracy involving lakes and people from New Zealand. I never trusted any of them from the start!

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 05:37 AM
I don't know why you choose to mock when this thread will soon be discussed thoroughly. Everything stated above allleads from and to wikileaks and water conspiracy. You will all soon see.

Most of you try too hard to prove others wrong and not try and prove that its if fact truth.
Why come to this site?

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 05:41 AM
reply to post by SkurkNilsen

You effort to derail my thead looks like it has worked. Thanks

I'll have to return the favour TROLL

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 05:45 AM
reply to post by jazz10

If you stare long enough at something it becomes what you want it to be. It's your brain making patterns, and your brain loves patterns.

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