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The Grand Game

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posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 01:00 PM

Civilizations rise and fall. This is a basic premise of human affairs – nothing is forever. However, what if the rise and fall of civilizations is not really as random and chaotic as it appears? What if there was a group of people, a “super-elite” class, which controls the various events in a civilization affecting its prosperity? This essay will attempt to outline the concept of “The Grand Game”. I will approach in a “what If?” manner; however, it is my personal belief that something like this does actually exist and has existed for centuries, if not millennia.

Construction and purpose

No matter how rich or powerful, when it comes down the individuals, most humans are essentially the same. I think we tend to forget that as we go on with our daily lives of paying the bills and trying not to get arrested. We are all animals with the basic needs of food, water, sleep and mental stimulation.

Now imagine if you will, a group of people who have, through various means, managed to get to the point where money and material items are no longer a challenge. Power for this group would also be meaningless because they have all of the means at hand that they would need to make something happen. How long might it take before such a person becomes terminally bored? What would a person who has everything and has done everything possibly do to maintain enough mental stimulation to stay alive? This is where the grand game comes in.

Like any game, this game would have an ultimate goal and some basic rules to keep the game moving. The ultimate goal would be to make a civilization prosper and succeed. Maybe there would be some indicators or a sliding set of goals, such as space flight, then interstellar travel, or something arbitrary like that. Rules would, of course, have to be simple, since they will be broken anyway. Some possible rules might include:

  • One cannot expose the game to non-players
  • Game play is passed down from generation to generation

    The form of game play would be rather abstract. There would not be turns and players could act in apparent independence of each other or in coalitions. However, what sort of activities might a player do on their turn?
    Keeping in mind that the goal for each player is conquest and prosperity for all human civilization, the actions would likely be directed towards that goal; although, not necessarily. Some actions might be defensive, at the expense of forward progress. Others might appear to be complete concession and loss of a segment of the population, but would actually be nothing more than the amputation of a poisoned segment of population to derail and slow down another player.

    Role of leaders and the general population

    It would be a mistake to just arbitrarily point to a political opponent and say “there’s a player”. Things are not as simple as that. Players are not always going to be evident in the halls of power, in fact, they tend to avoid the direct sunlight of the press, because it distracts from the game.

    The general population is considered as game pieces. No single individual is all that important, nor are their actions. The exception to this would be if a single individual can be used to motivate the masses. In the end, mass action of the general population is the only way to move a civilization in one direction or another.

    Strategies and Hints

    As mentioned earlier, the grand game, if it exists would be secret, but not overtly so. Its very existence would be so insanely difficult to believe that even a breach of secrecy would be of little concern, unless such a breach was done in a spectacular, theatrical format. The side effect is the occasional player doing something overt that hints at the game play.

    The following examples are just ideas of what might be happening. Since this is such a highly speculative theory one has to take any “evidence” with a grain of salt. Consider them as possible scenarios. I won’t attempt to analyze too much on the meaning of the various “game plays” at this point.

  • War on Terror
    By far this is one of the more overt actions, I think. By creating a war on something intangible with no direct “finish” of the war, Human civilization has now entered a state of perpetual war. This is actually a very good development for the grand game as it allows more overt actions to be performed without revealing much about the nature of the game.

  • Bond money filtering through Italy
    While this was a minor incident of recent times, I think the various incidents of people getting caught with incredible amounts of money in bonds (real or faked) could be part of a player’s strategy. Incidentally, this may also have been one of the rare times that it was not intended to be an overt action.

  • WikiLeaks
    There is a lot of speculation about Wiki Leaks and who or what they are. Regardless of the actual people behind the organization, the impact is on a civilization level. The information that they are leaking may not be all that profound, but that is not the point. The reactions of the players are what are important to watch here.

  • EU monetary issues
    While money is itself is not all that important to the players themselves, it is still the lubricant that keeps the gears of modern civilization moving. If you want to crash the progress of an opponent, you interrupt the money supply. This same rule can apply to the banking oddities around the world.

  • The Middle East
    The Mediterranean region has long been an area of contention, all the way back through and before Rome. I am not sure if it is so hard to control because of the centralized location or if it is just the nature of the civilians in the area to be unpredictable; however, any progress made in advancing a population in that region is rarely kept for long.

    My only bit of confusion here is the Israeli and Palestine events. I am not certain if this is an intentional part of game play or if this was a normal set of human reactions that has simply been nurtured along.

  • Coastal Asia
    This includes Korea, Vietnam, Japan, etc. Basically, these were non-players that were conquered. For the most part, the status quo has been maintained with the exception of N. Korea. The fact that N. Korea is blockaded and yet is still allowed to grow technologically might indicate that they are being left as a wild card. In any case, it would seem that they are considered hands-off for the time being.

  • Dumbing down of Western Populations – Stagnation of technology
    In the earlier parts of the technology tree, the general population was not too much of a concern. The media was slow and populations as a whole were rather disconnected and more worried about general survival than anything else. With the blast of technological and population growth since the industrial revolution and again after WWII, the game was suddenly in danger.

    As a result of this danger, the technology growth has been stunted. The population in general has been dumbed down and distracted. These are temporary measures, since the players do have to continue growing in order to succeed in the game. Perhaps, there is some work being done on improving the obfuscation of the game either by better suppression techniques or by the intentional blinding of the population by other means.

  • Other events of note…
    There are other incidents of note that might have been part of the game. Since this is a work in progress theory, I have not really nailed down everything, even the examples I gave above. Some other items of note:

    • Industrial Revolution
    • The rise and fall (and rise again?) of both Christianity and Islam as obvious world powers
    • The role of spontaneous crippling plagues and famines
    • The suppression and revision of History

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have been pondering the existence of the grand game for a few years now. I understand and even agree that it is a bit hard to conceive and even harder to accept. The game is not intended to be acknowledged by non-players and part of its obscurity is for that reason. In addition, players may not always want other players to know what it is that they are doing.

    If nothing else, the game can be used as an analogy to help oneself remember that nothing is ever what it seems. Sometimes one event is just a tiny inconsequential part of a much larger strategy.


  • posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 01:35 PM
    reply to post by rogerstigers

    i believe the same...super wealthy people are not mentally fit to be in positions of power..they are detached from the reality in which the people of society live in.therefore they have no reseaon to lead it..lets face it..the elite must live in constant fear we the people are going to realize this..we need but to turn the tables and the world will belong to the people.

    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 01:40 PM
    reply to post by rogerstigers

    I have thought this myself over the years and often wondered if such a thing is really happening.

    As much as it seems to be, and by doing some research, it is certainly not out of the question at all. The problem is of course , that if it is indeed just a grand game by a few, doesn't that make you feel more like a pawn in a chess game than an actual person that has control of their lives?

    I really hope that you are wrong for that very reason, and if in fact it is true, I am not sure that I want to know about it. I want to live my life thinking that I am in control as much as possible in these times..

    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 01:42 PM

    reply to post by Nebulous73

    All of my replies in this thread will be done with an assumption (however incorrect) that the Grand Game does exist...

    So with that in mind, the players are not necessarily the ones in leadership positions, it is not really needed. In fact it is much more effective to have puppets and employees in charge.

    I have pondered what sort of role the general populace could play to change this and stop the game. I am not entirely sure it could be totally stopped without sacrificing everything we considered "modern". It would likely require the western world sacrificing its current way of life and removing the concept of money and power from the equation. If those are no longer "a given" to the players, then the game becomes less interesting than re-aquiring wealth and control.
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    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 01:43 PM

    reply to post by tribewilder

    Heh.. I have said the same thing. I really hope that I am wrong on this one. I would rather accept that the world is a chaotic mess of bumbling egotistical humans.

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    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 01:57 PM
    Oh, too be the miniature silver race car, instead of one of the people who put up the dry wall inside all those monotonous red hotels....

    Great post Roger,

    I appreciate the big picture perspective you have presented here.



    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 03:11 PM
    No matter if there is a secret society or not, people WILL try to control other people and they do, everyday. One a Grand Level, where it can effect nations, or even the whole world, or at the bottom of the pyramid, where it can touch just one person.

    Players come in all shapes and sizes. Players can be initiated young, or old, Players can be Rich or Poor. It's not a game of money, and numbers of pawns to control, it's simply CONTROL, on any level. Control for your SOUL.

    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 04:07 PM
    Roger S+F

    An excellent analogy of the real world we live in.
    At the end of the day it is very similar to your typical corporate organisation.

    The people (the employees) are all confined to their specific ranks and roles.
    Each individual only has access to, and the understanding of, the rules and reasoning behind the scenes of the "game" (or business objectives) of the company, which are set within the well known "need to know" context.

    The CEO and the senior management overlook the lower levels in the hierarchy.
    However, only a chosen few are aware within the corporate complexities of an organization as to exactly what the real decision makers, the senior board members and investors or business partners are doing, and in many cases the "excluded" includes the "all seeing eyes of the CEO, CFO, and other directors or senior management members.
    People completely outside any organisation are absolutely oblivious to the true machinations, motives and goals of the real elite managements' game.
    They do not understand who the real "game-masters" are and who is pulling the strings and controlling the game in progress.

    Parts of the company are sold, new entities acquired, all at the expense of the people (the employees) who have no option but to bow and tow the line whilst being subjugated to the rules set out by the major players or puppeteers.
    If you ask the wrong questions at the wrong time to the wrong player, or even a "substitute" who might only be on the bench or in the reserve team, you get a red card and are subsequently ejected from the playing field.

    If this game is played in corporate entities, and it is, then obviously it is being played on a much wider scale, the real bigger picture, from Village to town, to city, at state and county level, to country, nation, continental and beyond, with the players being more obscured the higher the realm of power and finally out of sight and control of the people at ground level.

    If you are a player, at any level or maybe a major "Global Player" and do not adhere to the "rules of the game", you are destined to be sent back into the "changing room"
    (to be re-programmed) or into "quarantine", sometimes for life!
    Or maybe even eliminated/terminated. (JFK. MLK,)
    Assange?...(watch this space)

    The questions I ask myself are:

    What are the real stakes and objectives or final goals of this great game?
    Is the game plan to progress our civilization and to benefit humanity, or just a pass-time for the elite to satisfy their greedy egoistic hollow souls?
    (possibly in collaboration with ET or an unclassified/unknown ancient but highly advanced earthly species?)

    Is the price of the suffering and the sacrifice of millions of people and the natural resources of the planet really justified to achieve (what "they" may consider) a better society and build a real free and fair civilization?

    (I would say not in the least, I see few positive results from the current game, just a tiny little group of winners at the peak of the "pyramid game" and the rest below are just losers)
    There is a reason why the so called "Snowball or Pyramid System "money games" are banned by law in most countries and we all know how they work!

    I hear the "history repeats itself" quote echoing in my mind.. the Roman empire was that last great empirical game to fall, how long until this one does?

    Every game comes to an end at some point, so when will the final whistle be blown and who will be the winners?

    Reminds me of that great song from Pink Floyd "Us and Them"... ring any bells?
    And perhaps, when the game is over, maybe there will be a
    "Great Gig In The Sky and I'll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon

    Great post, with outstanding intellectual quality and content, food for thought.

    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 04:44 PM
    reply to post by manalien

    Thank you for the well thought out reply. I appreciate it and I agree with much of what you are saying. The corporate analogy is a good one, especially since the guys in the mail room (so to speak) rarely understand the action of the leadership or, for that matter, are even acknowledged to exist. But then again, the guy working next to you in the mail room could very well be the son of one of the decision makers.. moles and informants don't always have to be bought. Sometimes they volunteer.

    I think one should be very careful with the people that are considered mavericks, though. Yes, it is true that JFK may have been a threat to the game, and thus removed from play, although it is interesting that his family was never effectively destroyed. Assange? Well, I withold judgement.. I am not yet clear what the rle of WL is on all of this.

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    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 06:15 PM
    Thread Barometer: 75%

    In my opinion you are giving tptb too much credit. Try thinking less centralization and more disorganization. While I believe sometimes tptb work together on issues other times they work against each other.

    Just a thought.

    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 06:34 PM
    reply to post by Nebulous73

    This is just my opinion and I have yet to find any data to support it but I think that when individuals achieve power over others, something happens in their brains.

    The following is an extract from a paper published by the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London:

    Social interaction relies on the ability to react to communication signals. Although cortical sensory–motor "mirror" networks are thought to play a key role in visual aspects of primate communication, evidence for a similar generic role for auditory–motor interaction in primate nonverbal communication is lacking. We demonstrate that a network of human premotor cortical regions activated during facial movement is also involved in auditory processing of affective nonverbal vocalizations. Within this auditory–motor mirror network, distinct functional subsystems respond preferentially to emotional valence and arousal properties of heard vocalizations. Positive emotional valence enhanced activation in a left posterior inferior frontal region involved in representation of prototypic actions, whereas increasing arousal enhanced activation in presupplementary motor area cortex involved in higher-order motor control. Our findings demonstrate that listening to nonverbal vocalizations can automatically engage preparation of responsive orofacial gestures, an effect that is greatest for positive-valence and high-arousal emotions. The automatic engagement of responsive orofacial gestures by emotional vocalizations suggests that auditory–motor interactions provide a fundamental mechanism for mirroring the emotional states of others during primate social behavior. Motor facilitation by positive vocal emotions suggests a basic neural mechanism for establishing cohesive bonds within primate social groups.

    It is my belief that emotions associated with social power, release a synaptic surge that rewires the brain, making it impossible for the affected individual to connect with those they deem inferior. I think anyone is capable of this, that it is the normal physiological response and that it is permanent. I think some people, when they experience the euphoria of winning, getting one over on the next person, gaining a promotion, receiving an award, will then actively seek that experience with the end result that they become complete detached from other humans. I short, I think that psychopaths are both born and made.

    My view of emotion is somewhat cold. I do not believe that emotion makes us human but rather that it is our psyche taking control of the biochemical response (emotion) to physical, auditory or visual stimuli, that humanises us and sets us apart from other animals.

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    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 07:39 PM
    There is undoubtedly much solid and direct evidence/conformation of just such conspiracies directly from the mouths of the perpetrators themselves available for anyone who cares to seek it out, Carrol Quiggley's 'Hope and Tradgedy' is an excellent example (although you will never hear it on MSM).

    As for the Grand Game and the ultimate motives - you have to think bigger than mere mortals!

    Personally I believe that we are something's 'smart monkey' project - and this is the story of the Tower of babylon - all over again, we are approaching a technological singularity, and lest we re-write our own genome and escape the planet as god knows what, our masters have decided that we need to be completely under thier control - permanently! - hence the NWO.

    This has been the game since the Church of Rome failed to keep its monopoly on knowledge with the advent of the printing press - leading to the reformation and the loss of northern Europe to Protestantism.

    The jesuits were created in 1540 to destroy the Protestant heresy by all and every means possible, however by 1773 the European courts, sick of thier enldess intriuges and mischief making (just like the 'protocols'), forced the then Pope to disband the Jesuits.

    They simply created the Illuminati and the Rothschilds in 1776, instigated the age of revolution, the french revolution, Napoleon etc and deposed the rule of the Popes.

    The Jesuits remained in charge up until 1950 or so.

    The point is that TPB are 5th dimensional entities able to pop in and out of hosts at will - they create agendas for groups to follow and play them all off against each other - then move on to next set of power structures, they have all the angles covered and essentially are using our own spiritual retardedness against us.

    The annoying thing is that maybe they are justified in doing so - given nano tech, AI etc we would be like a plague upon the universe.

    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 09:09 PM
    reply to post by Nebulous73

    no, they were born into or change their reality thru money and keep people out thru politics and law enforcement.

    how will worthless human beings, such as the super elite buy their self esteem and confidence without money.
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    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 10:50 PM
    reply to post by teapot

    An interesting point. So the "consumption" of power leads to a detachment from their humanity. Another aspect of this, which has been debated for a while in the psychology fields is that humans are somehow wired to follow leaders -- anyone with a sense of power about them. Someone armed with that knowledge and skilled in the execution (con artists, etc.) with enough ambition and contacts, could probably accomplish just about anything completely through the manipulation of others. Perhaps with enough detachment from the "underlings" even starting wars that they know they cannot win simply for a chance at political, social, of diplomatic gain.

    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 10:58 PM
    Great post OP

    You've done a very anylitical treatise in the form of a "game' that unfortunately explains alot of what we see going on, on the (game) board, and been my same conclusions...this is a game and we, as the Human race are the played and are the prize at the same time.

    Inline with what johhnyBGood said, there are many other aspects to the game as far as the players are concerned and would be interested in heaing more of yours.

    There is plenty of evidence we are on the verge of eliminating the disease of death IMO, and that this is just re-search that has been already accomplished in previouse eras.
    EX: We are hearing of the amazing effects of monoatomic gold (And we know Gold has been a precious and sort after metal in nearly all ancient cultures) and how the egyptians were manufacturing it in their temples of worship (workshop) and they were very advanced in many ways, seemingly whithout the usual recorded prehistory. And with new findings, we seem to be pushing the dates of civilisation in general back further and further, I guess my point being is that this game may have had the same player(s) for longer than we can imagine.

    Also, there is the fact that the earth goes through cyclical cataclysmic changes and this could/must add certain time factors, aspects, considerations and/or constraints to the game and the different stages of it, I feel we are on the verge of such changes again and that is why things seem to be accelerating, ther players know their time is short.

    There is also the UFO-Alien factor which must have a bearing on the game as "they" will have been around long enough to observe the game if not have a direct influence upon it in one form or another.

    I will be interested in following this thread and look forward to others input into the different aspects of the game manefesting in/on the board we call reality.

    S&F for you.

    posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 11:49 PM
    After some discussion about this in chat, I wanted to add something that I was not clear on in the OP. I am not entirely certain of the goal of the grand game. There may very well not be an ultimate goal, rather a series of unending levels like a bad game of tetris.

    posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 02:16 PM
    reply to post by rogerstigers

    Exactly! Con artists are a good example. Forever chasing the dragon, just another hit, one more sting, one more punter to screw. I don't know the exact make up of the biochemical compound but adreneline has something to do with it, remember Gordon Gecko? Or even the asset stripping sub-plot in Pretty Woman? The people making these decisions are utterly detached from the people they make the decisions for and it matters not a damn to them if lives are ruined.

    The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram, which measured the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscience. Milgram first described his research in 1963 in an article published in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, and later discussed his findings in greater depth in his 1974 book, Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View.
    from Wiki

    posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 10:29 PM
    Was watching an episode of "Torchwood: Miracle Day" last night... found it interesting that the hidden antagonists in that story line are very similar to the "families" I elude to in my opening post.

    posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 10:31 PM
    reply to post by rogerstigers

    Your analysis is strong and succinct.

    However, I believe one major datum - that we are all animals - is incomplete.

    Though it is quite true that we are all running around with animal bodies, there is strong evidence that we ourselves are something else.

    This one detail introduces significant complications in attempts at straightforward analysis.

    However, I see no way to avoid it.

    posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 10:34 PM

    Originally posted by l_e_cox
    reply to post by rogerstigers

    Your analysis is strong and succinct.

    However, I believe one major datum - that we are all animals - is incomplete.

    Though it is quite true that we are all running around with animal bodies, there is strong evidence that we ourselves are something else.

    This one detail introduces significant complications in attempts at straightforward analysis.

    However, I see no way to avoid it.

    Well, it can be accomodated by assuming that character aberrations in some people are not due to mental illness or "personality", but are instead qualities of some other aspect of those people that is para-animal.

    However, I cannot as yet quanitfy any of these unknowns.. so I note them and refine the theory as I go.

    Thanks for the input!

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