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Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque

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posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 11:13 AM

Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque

Compounding the damage, Monteilh has gone public, revealing secret FBI methods and charging that his "handlers" trained him to entrap Muslims as he infiltrated their mosques, homes and businesses. He is now suing the FBI.

(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 11:13 AM
Another bizzare case involving the FBI and what appears to be them stoking the fire to CREATE more terrorism, this time through an informant-A criminal one at

Listen, I understand the need to try and make sure folks are not up to shenanigans, but this stuff has been going overboard as of late. If I didn't know any better, I'd say these alphabet soup orgs have been instructed to KEEP the "terrorism" fear alive....

We need to keep as close, or even a CLOSER eye on these orgs as we do these potential 'terrorists', because I'm not so sure they are not more of a threat to the populace than the supposed 'boogeymen' they are 'trying to keep us safe from'.

(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 11:25 AM
I have no problem with FBI and CIA being present in these places to long as that is all they are doing. Once you start entrapping people, then you crossed the line of security in potentially troubling areas, to simply persecution.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 11:27 AM
This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of understanding just how phony the War on Terror is.

It’s pretty much the same way from top to bottom. Domestically you have the FBI constantly using a series of informants to recruit, then aide, and groom disaffected people they have isolated towards committing a violent act.

The informant and the FBI basically provide everything, including the encouragement, financial aide, technical abilities, target and time frame, and then swoop in for big headlines as the plot they created nears culmination.

Internationally Guantanamo Bay Cuba has basically been run as a terrorist training facility. Battlefield snatched ‘insurgents’ are shipped to Guantanamo in a virtual ‘catch and release’ program, where they are housed with senior extremists who are being detained indefinitely, that then pass on doctrine, tactics, recruitment strategies and contact information to those who are only being held for a year or two.

Even in the last couple years of the Sopranos we saw Tony trading information about possible Muslim extremist criminal activities for favors from the FBI.

The Agent in Charge of Tony’s case once transferred to a Terrorism Task Force, made it abundantly clear the Bureau had changed it’s priorities and that ‘catching terrorists’ was where all the glory now was and the fast track to promotion.

The FBI literally seems to be tasked with making the War on Terror appear legitimate in the public’s eye, by creating terrorists for it to arrest.

In short the FBI has become the Terrorist organization along with the CIA that the Government is fighting, except the Government isn’t fighting it, it’s encouraging it and supporting it to terrorize us into giving up liberties and accepting a police state.

Great article, my friend, starred and flagged.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by DimensionalDetective

I used to go to a Catholic church, and if the FBI sent paid informants there to route out a church attendee planning a terrorist act I think the church members and leaders would welcome that since they don't want to see innocent people killed in a terrorist act.

So I'm having difficulty understanding why any Muslim would object to the FBI sending paid informants into a mosque. It's just another place of worship, right?

Now if the concern is that ANY FBI agent in ANY investigation is using methods of entrapment, that alone is a reason to object and entrapment activities of any sort, inside or outside a place of worship, must not be allowed to happen.

But it doesn't follow to me that just sending a paid informant into a place of worship is necessarily entrapment in every case, though it's possible that might be the case in this instance. If there was entrapment involved here, THAT is the problem, not the fact that a paid informant attended a place of worship.

BTW, he got paid $177,000 tax free in 15 months, not a bad income, right?

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 11:59 AM
Every mosque should be infiltrated. They are known recruiters for terrorism. The pattern is there. Look at the Oregon kid.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by Carseller4

Indeed, look at the Oregon kid. The one that the FBI themselves GROOMED and ENCOURAGED for months on end, to commit an act of terrorism. They even handed him bomb material! They were CAUGHT doing it! LOL

That is exactly what tptb WANT people to think---That all these people are 'dangerous' and a 'threat'.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by Arbitrageur

It is not that the FBI is just looking for terrorist or trying to coax them out of the woodwork here. They pushed their informant to the point that the mosque was calling the FBI to report the FBI's own informant. Then they had to take out a restraining order against him.

At what point is it okay for the FBI to infiltrate a group only to steer them in a direction that they wouldn't have gone had the FBI had not ever been there? Their argument being by steering people to commit crimes under their control they have somehow prevented potential future crimes is questionable at best as there is no proof that these people would have ever been compelled to commit a criminal act wthout the FBI's help, nor that they would have ever been in contact with people that would have had the resources to steer them in such a manner.

I'm not an expert on human behavior, but I believe all of us are controllable or programmable to some extent. So, is that how modern police are going to operate. Pushing and continually tempting people towards criminal acts to see if they can get them to make a bad decision in a moment of weakness and then putting them away for making a wrong one after being compelled to do so?

I find what the FBI is doing as dangerous & self serving by attempting to perpetuate fears in order to justify the existence of such a programs.

How many wallets can you drop in front of a hungry man before he decides to use the contents of one to eat? Shall we have the police dropping wallets & purses in the poor parts of town and then gathering up those who don't turn them in timely enough?

I have never ever supported these type of entrapment schemes and I never will. That includes the fake prostitutes & fake drug dealers etc. If the police don't have enough customers or they're too lazy to do it the hard way we don't need them.
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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 07:57 AM
I was just going to post this but a search let me know it was already posted
it's too easy to have good topics missed because of all the wikileaks brouhaha

Anyhow, this is a great story!
The craziest guy out of all of them was FBI

Thanks for the thread DD

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