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Quran (I'm opening my thoughts)

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:46 PM
I'm gonna debate for the sake of debate and see where this goes, my theory might be true, so stay with me.

Originally posted by Sahabi
I understand the theory/idea you are presenting, but there is no mention of reincarnation anywhere in Islam.

Jesus will be reincarnated, what makes you think others won't be?

Allah is very clear that Heaven and Hell are different places than earth. Allah tells us about the food and drink of Heaven, the homes and mansions, the beautiful houri, and that nothing on earth can compare to Paradise. Allah tells us about the angels that will torture people in Hell, how the condemned will endure unthinkable punishment, and about the fire.

Yes heaven and hell is different places, in fact heave and hell sounds like a much bigger planet, where one hour equals to thousand earth years:
Quran - 32:5

He governs all that exists, from the celestial space to the earth; and in the end all shall ascend unto Him [for judgment] on a Day the length whereof will be [like] a thousand years of your reckoning.

My actions will either guide me to hell or heaven.

Definition of ascend:

travel up

To give you an example:

approximately 243 Earth days equal one day on Venus

The point is, I will travel through the Universe one day (if the point that we are reincarnated as different people over and over again, therefore there is only me, as you, and you, as me (is correct)), where you travel I suspect depends souly on you, and if you are everyone else, then you have to worry about their actions also.

I can not imagine any solid argument for reincarnation based on the Qur'an. If you want to stick to the Qur'an, get your head out of earthly reincarnation. If reincarnation is a belief of yours, stick to religions that actually teach earthly reincarnation.

Jesus will be reincarnated.

The evidence for past lives is huge, infact there is a collection of testimonies of young kids who talk about their past lives giving credible information about their names, their livelihoods and how they died.
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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:59 PM
I agree with you and will always have to stick with the quran. Its the most logical religion ( i think) and the best.
Alot of whats happening today has been told in the quran.

If ur interested u should look up the surat : at tariq ( the morning star). it speaks about a bright star passing by the earth causing earthquakes and 2/3 of the earths population to perish. 2012 i guess? but no one but allah knoes

My favorite surat is Al Jinn ( spirits demons ghost). It explains alot about their technology and their influence on mankind.
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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 04:52 AM
reply to post by Sahabi

hi sahabi
many thanks for the reply and the has been many years since i read the book so i will consider this
an excercise in dusting off cobwebs.
regards f

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