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Wikilikeaks is an Illuminati tool, through and through

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posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 02:59 PM
I already notified you guys about this months ago. What do you thing is the whole point of seeing high positioned people like Hilary Clinton uttering the words " Wikileaks" on national television? It's to seed in the mind of the masses the idea that this Wikileaks is a legit truth leaker, which it is 100 % NOT.

They are geared right now to social engineering the idea, that at the end of all their bogus controlled leaks, there will be much ado about nothing, that at the end of the day the truth movement will be under their control and engineering, but they will have gotten away with seeding the idea that the Truther Movement always ends up being much ado about nothing, that is the whole frickin point, don't you see it?

It's supposed to amount to how, after all the controlled leaks are given out, there is no real credible Illuminati, NWO, Global Control, Mind Control, etc.

I mean, come on now, the MK Ultra stuff, does not need to be leaked, and it's the worst, they are thwarting the masses from the idea that already hefty valid evidence is already out there.

Obviously, a memo from the NWO guys was sent to the media agencies, that Wikileaks their social engineering tool, for control of truther movement, should be given lots of air time, to build its credibility.

That's the whole point of this operation. So that the mass conciousness will be pulling all their energies into this Wikileaks, and their TEASE FEST of controlled leaks.

This greedy tool is a dead give away, how they operate, is a TEASE FEST.

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 03:08 PM
This is like, the 10kth thread about Wikileaks being unlegit.
Can't give it a rest huh?

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 03:21 PM
Yes this might be a illuminati tool but I also notice from thisVIDEO that the illuminati has a plan for the wikileaks check it out

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 03:33 PM
"This greedy tool is a dead give away, how they operate, is a TEASE FEST"

I speak for the mature members of ats when i kindly say STFU TROLL. You dont know # . Nor do you have any evidence. Nobody cares a bout your hunch about WiKi Leaks.

WiKi leaks has done much more then you fattys who bash on Wiki Leaks and cry shill without any evidence to back it up.

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 06:50 PM
Really? I assume the guy who opened that article comes from the US. If so, first thing I would say to you is, that it would be beneficial for all americans, to observe the whole topic from another viewing point. Try to zoom out. Nobody is attacking american people, but it is nessecary that all world realises, that a gouvernment should behave in a way, that it wouldn't have to keep things secret. If you have to keep secrets you behave in an unethical way and you're ashamed to tell. You fell out of integrity, and integrity is the whole thing a gouvernment is built on. Only by denieing the truth and find ways to convince yourself that it can't be isn't the way that leads to wisdom and truth. The truth wouldn't need you, to convince you of itself. Truth would create hope, hope creates time. As I see all world gouvernments fall, I start to get hope, that soon, many of our problems would be gone, because it isn't our problem, it's theirs. They are the ones telling us a world gouvernment would be a thing to fear, wher I can see a clearly peaceful picture, where everyone is free to do what he feels like and is treated as a living thing by his behavior and views and not by the stupid working and monetary status he achieved from wasting his time by doing the same things over and over again or by betraying others to get more. A world where power and force will simply vanish.
So now look at assange, what is he doing? He leaks the truth. You people feel pesonally attacked, but that is just the confusion that you were programmed to. We all were. You're american, and if someone attacks your gouvernment, he is attacking you. No! You should yourself question your gouvernment in every second, to remind politicians, that they aren't your god, just you represantative. And if these people can't stand up to this fact, because they got swallowed by their ego, then perhaps, everyone should represent himself, as a habitant of planet earth. I'm not a german, I am a living beeing on planet earth and just by beeing here, I have some rights, I have a right to know, I have a right to live, and to live right here, because I was born here and nowhere else. I have a right to have rights, because I have a soul. I have a right to think and feel the way I want, I don't have to follow blindly. I have a right to say what I feel is right and no one has the right to judge me on his ethics. If you would let people evolve without the confusion of countrys, gouvernments and laws, there wouldn't be so many fights and wars going on, as people know, a war wouldn't create hope nor benefit anyone but power. So we should take back our time from power. Reclaim your right for time. Does money create hope? No! So, out of the window with it. What are we all afraid of. What will the gouvernment do, if we peacefully disagree and start behaving and beeing in a way, that would represent us as a living and evolving culture instead of a bunch of mindless zombies with barbaric intentions. Stop obeying, start evolving. Seek the truth, stop denying it. American gouvernment is #, but not mor and not less, then all other gouvernments in this world. Gouvernment is fascism. Laws are fascism! Telling the people, you would know everything, and make them worship your gouvernment is fascism. Anti-Fascism is fascism. Wake up, people, you can't be that blind at all...

And about that whole Illuminati thing. Illuminati means enlightned, so this means, if you would be an illuminati, you wouldn't care for such meaningless things as greed or power or killing all people. Real Illuminati are the good ones, or better said, the ones whose intentions point towards all mankind. I'm not really sure, if they would know they are Illuminati, before they accept to carry this bag. Also Illuminati knowledge, is knowledge, you could only reach if you would think in certain way, so it's kept secret for those people, who are not ready to know. so wake up, and become enlightened..
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