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A matter of Perspective

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posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 08:10 AM
for a long time in my life i have always thought there was good and evil it is only recently that i figured out there is not such a thing and that the term good and evil was only an image of a persons perspective of what to them is wrong and right

i also see the same way about time i see time as numbers that we count and look at everyday of our lives we use time to give motion a place in our world when we run from 1 point to another we count numbers as use those numbers as time like on a stopwatch however if we get somthing much bigger like the earth and the sun i still

see only motion if we do bring the thing we call time we get Past Present and Future
we never live in the past because what we call time is always moving forward. so we cant be in the Future because it has not been made yet and if we are always in the present and a part of present is going to become

the past that would mean another part of present belongs to a unmade future we must live in a small part of time but i only see time as meaningless numbers because the future is not made and past has already been..

i would like to see other people's thoughs on what good and evil really is i wrote about time because thats how i see it as really regardless of what anyone has to say about it that is what i believe

i will not reply to anything about time the subject of good and evil is what i made this thread about


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