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Diet Company Scam

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posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 03:37 PM
Well, people in America and other 1st world countries are so good at farming that we have to much food. So we must keep the food from rotting by eating it. Now we get fat, so how to lose it?

People like to jump on bandwagon diets and fad diets. The Hollywood 48 hour drink diet is one of the most popular. Only problem is the fact it is a classed up fast. What you do is drink the mix whenevr you are hungry and drink that and only that for two days. Well, don't eat for two days of course you lose weight. Only problem is once you start to eat again, you gain weight back.

Here is the Scam!

Now, people see the before and after photos and think the diet did it. Nope. It is a diet company scam. What they do is look for someone athletic that was recently injured. Now this person can no longer excercise, run marathons, whatever it was that they did. They are paid to eat, thats right, paid to eat while they are injured. Then when they are not injured they get their picture taken, the before photo. They go on the diet and lose weight, and pose for the after photo. But it isn't the diet that made them lose weight, it was the fact that they were no longer injured and went back to their way of life. If you excercise, run marathons, swim the English Channel, so forth, then are injured, call up one of the diet companies, they'll pay you millions to eat. Then when not injured go back to your daily way of life of excercise, marathon running, English Channel swimming, whatever, and there you go. When a person did this and felt guilty he was going to come out and tell his story. But guess what? The diet company made him sign a contract that made it so if he were to tell the truth on tv, he would be sued.

Dieting is bad for your health. Doctors agree, starving yourself is not healthy. Now, with Atkins, slim-fast, so forth, that is another post.

posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 03:42 PM
Excersize is the best way to get and stay in shape. A good diet is all about common sense, it doesnt take a rocket scientist that eating 5 meals a day with no excersize will make you fat.

posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 03:49 PM
Be careful jrod on what kind of dieting. Also, read the warning on diet pills, all have DEATH as a side effect.

The Subway Diet is one of the scams. The Jared guy was athletic, but then he got injured, and there you go. It would be like say, The Rock getting injured. He is payed to eat by Subway. he then goes on the "Subway Diet" and loses all that weight. But Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) is athletic, excercizes, so forth. So it isn't the diet, it is the fact he excercises.

As for slim-fast, no. That is one step away from going to a hypnotist to get hypnotised into losing weight.

posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 04:09 PM
Stay away from bad food like fast food and other junk and excersize, thats all a person needs to do to keep away from obesity. A lot of diet pills are crap and have serious health risk, do you really think taking a magic pill is gonna help make you skinny?

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 01:59 PM
Jrod, fast food isn't bad, eating it religously and not doing excercise is bad. One can go and eat at McDonalds once a week, maybe twice a week without it being bad. But you get people that go on a fast food diet where they eat fast food 3 times a day every day for a month and sit around the couch all day. That is what is bad.

But yes, as I said, look at the warnings on diet pills, they almost all include death. Some also have stroke, heart attack, ulcers, so forth.

Then, with Atkins diet, that is bad. Carbohydrates are the fuel for the body. Now if you cut those out of your diet and eat only protein and fats, yes your body will use the fats instead of carbs to fuel itself. Bad part is this can and will eventually cause you a health problem called MALNUTRITION! Also you will find yourself falling asleep after only being awake for a few hours, passing out, breathing problems, so forth. People, you can't cut something that your body needs out of your diet. It is called self starvation. The reason you eat things with carbohydrates is because your body needs it. Just like how vegens and vegitarians have health problems cause they cut meat and dairy and eggs out of their diet. Those have nutrients and minerals and vitamins and of course protein that your body needs. Sure you could take a dozen vitamins a day, but that is also unhealthy. Eat a normal diet, don't sit on your ass all day, and don't do what the dumb# guy did to get supersize taken off of McDonalds menus and eat fast food all day every day for a month with no excercise.

BTW, you don't comment on the Diet Scam, why not? Aren't you surprised at what a company will do to get you to starve yourself? They scam you into wasting money on pills or DIEts that either kill you or kill you or even KILL you!

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