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Really good black and white ufo pics...

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posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 10:45 AM
I'm sure a great many especially post 1947 were fakes, most likely people throwing hub caps about judging by the angle and shape BUT some would have been very hard to fake considering the time period they are from.

As I went thru the images on that site the brain was just ticking boxes like cloud, balloon, hub cap, something on a string etc etc but there were a few that looked very nice indeed. One thing to take into account is the shape, what we would call aero dynamic could mean nothing to a higher technological species, shape my have no issue to them.

Wish we knew the truth about some of the shots..

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 03:13 PM

Originally posted by rabbigoldstein
Its a sad fact as i stated on another thread, that a century on, these old black and white pics are more credible than `hd cameras ufo footage/pics` in 2010.

Here are some really good ones

What do you think?

The thread title is based on insufficient research which would have indicated that the thread was not worth the time or bandwidth.

Before I clicked on reply I noticed that someone else also replied to this photo.
1966 - Washtenaw County, Michigan, US
Paul Villa took many UFO photos from 1963-1967. The photos were reported to be shot in Albuquerque or Peralta, New Mexico. Lore has it that Villa communicated with the beings that flew these craft, and that Villa was given many messages concerning mankind's future. Experts claim that the photos are fakes and that the craft were held in the air by fishing wire.

July 3, 1967 - Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA
A similar photo of a man hanging on to a cigar-shaped balloon similar to the one in this OP's photo but there are 6 pages to the thread and I didn't feel like looking through them to find the photo. Just shows various responses to certain photos that some consider real because not enough research was done.

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