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A Stark Example of Police madness

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 03:57 PM
Heh. I chuckle at this now, remembering the situation that we are in now, i find it necessary to at least inform you all of the ability the police has, and the thinning veil of power the American Constitution. No longer is the primary threat Global warming, An Asteroid, A solar Flare, or even an alien attack. The real enemy is the "terrorists" that persist to "hijack" our Constitution. So, without further ado,

The Story
Being an average teenager myself, 17 years of age, I decide to skip school to get away from all the stress accumulated from my tests, and makeup work, for being suspended (for supposedly 'hacking' into the State School intranet Network, when actually, all I did was press 'Up One Folder' whilst on the Student folder). So, since, for some reason, my apartment complex is hidden in a jungle forest, and everyone there is Nicki Minaj loving, Parental Controlitized Dramatic kids, who only much care for the next ringtone to come out, i decided to go meet up with a friend. I left my house, telling my mother's boyfriend I'll be back, as he is a cool guy, and wouldn't rat me out. So I decided to go buy a snack first. I walk to Wendy's on the long strip of road that seperates my apartment complex from civilization, and while walking back -- keep in mind: no Backpack, MP3, or sagging clothes. Just me, Levi's, and a white long sleeve shirt. -- a cop car makes a U-turn to stop me on the side of the road. I was embarrased! Never before have I been arrested for anything in my life! (keep also i mind this was before the TSA scanners came along). So the cop stops me and says:"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to step over on the grass here" and I reply :"Well, I'm 17, so why am I being stopped". I was shocked when he said : "Well, do you have an ID on you?"
"A driver's license?" I said,.
At this point, I was dumbfounded. Why would you expect me to be carrying a driver's license? So he tells me he'll need to verify it with my mother. He decides to pat-me-down first. I didn't want to bring on ANY suspicion and i definitely did not want him to call my mother or take me to the station. So I pull out all the objects out my pocket, including the Wendy's reciept, two cellphones -- Mine and my uncle's old cell-- and a pencil and a school ID. He reads my ID, then calls for backup, then pats me down. All the cars slowed down as they passed this awkward situation. It's 12:40. The cop tells me to tell me all of my info including my SS # (
) then he proceeds to call my mother. Three times, and she never picked up, lucky me, and the other cop, which turns out to be TWO more, arrive. They all question me on the side of the road, and then decide that, the only reason they decided to do all that was because they thought i was another kid, same name, who really lived in Tampa, while I reside in Ft.lauderdale. The cops still, log in my information and decide to drive me ALL the way to school. I walk in with the cop and he tells the adminastrator what happened then clears it all up. I still had to drive in to the county sherrifs office to clear everything up further. Yeah, everyone at school was excited, all trying to make up rumors why I had got arrested. I should've told them it was because I was walking on the road.

Oh, BTW, the point I am trying to make is that the police can now arrest you for no reason whatsoever, stopping anyone they can on the road because they look suspicious (which I didn't) or just because they want to.

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