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Dream of crow.

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 02:37 PM
What would a dream mean where you are feeding your totem/power animal?

I have been doing some reading and pondering about totem animals and while I am new to this thinking, I'm quite certain that the crow is one of mine. I talk to them, and they seem to listen sometimes. It seems that they watch me (not kidding). They hang out in front of my house and caw and stuff. I feel very drawn to them. Last night I had an amazing dream about one.

I am walking quickly through snowy hallways in an apartment building trying to get to my apartment (not this life apartment) and I am barefoot, but not bothered by the snow. It's dark. I start to go up the stairs and I hear a disembodied voice say “this is the path that your ancestors took” I look down at the stairs and I was excited to think about walking on the very same stairs that my ancestors walked on and I pictured faces of a bunch of different people. I don't know if there were men in there but I remember female faces mostly and one had blond hair (there are no blondes in my immediate or extended family now). I get to the top of the stairs and go down the hall and I see crows lined up on shelves above the doors of the other apartments. I get to mine and go in to find a crow looking weak and almost dead. I grabbed a bag to see if there was something in there to feed him and one had a rotten cob of corn and one had a rotten cucumber. It stunk so bad and I realized that's why he was so sick, he was hungry and tried to eat the rotten stuff. With the door open he started to leave. I said “no, no, stay” as I held my hand out to him. He started to walk toward me, slowly and so sad looking. I looked across the room where there was a squash and I gently pulled him towards it as I brought it too his face. He started eating it and started to perk up a bit. He then stopped eating it and walked past me, I looked and saw that there were bags of fruits and vegetables that he was headed towards. I didn't know the food was there. He got some grapes for himself. He was apparently too weak from the spoiled food I left for him, for him to walk to the fresh stuff. I was so happy that I would be able to take care of him and keep him with me. I said to myself and him, “ I just need to make sure I don't let the stuff spoil and we'll be fine.”

I am curious for any interpretation, but particularly as it pertains to the totem/spirit animal thing. I cannot help but think that this dream has a specific spiritual meaning for me.

Thank you.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 02:42 PM
Perhaps your "sorrow" is what is dying. Have you come past this recently? Have you begun to "see the light" if you will?
Has there been a positive change in your outlook?

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by Ellie Sagan

In "The Teachings of Don Juan" by Carlos Castaneda, the Crow is a very important bird for shamanic purposes. Birds see in different colors than humans, and to birds, a Crow is multi-colored. It is a being that lives in between separate realities.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 02:46 PM
Thank you both for your replies I have to go now, gotta meet someone. I anxiously look forward to more replies and I do have something to say to both of you who replied so far. Thank you!!!

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 03:15 PM
I would say in my quick interpretation of your dream that "you´ve been sitting on something too long !" if you do not make some wise choices and move forward with your spiritual path it will do you no good. You had a choice to follow your ancestors or move forward. The Crow was the test.
Good luck.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 03:58 PM
reply to post by recycled

Indeed, I am coming out of a spiritual sorrow. Life circumstances are very bad for me now though. It is strange to feel so happy about my spiritual growth and understanding, but feel so much despair in my life for other reasons. I feel like I am now seeing what is really important and that is why I am growing. Maybe I need the bad stuff to grow.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by WashingtonGrewHemp

Your response totally excited me. I love colors. I mean I have some favorite colors, but I looooove multicolored things, especially shiny stuff. I love gemstones, minerals, glitter, rainbows, stuff like that. Funny but most of my clothes I wear are quite plain though, mostly black, grey, white, and bluejeans. I don't know what the connection is if any, but that is the first thing that caught my attention about what you wrote. The shamanistic thing is something interesting to me, but I need to keep learning more about it. I am learning about different gods and goddesses too. The day before yesterday I was reading something that casually mentioned the Hindu goddess Kali-Ma and I started reading about her and I thought she must be so beautiful and amazing. Now I feel a connection with her and want to learn more. She is goddess associated with death, rebirth, destruction, and creation. Most see the destruction and killing aspect, but she is a duality. She represents so much. Anyway, I read that one of her correspondences is black stones, including black onyx and garnet. Interestingly, garnet is the stone that represents Persephone, whom I also have a feeling of connection with. Persephone is a duality also, she walks between the world and the underworld. Part of the year she is Queen of the Underworld and part she is up in the "real" world living normal.

Ok this is getting to be too much to write, and I'm not sure it fits here.

I forgot to mention, I decided to sleep with a black onyx under my pillow last night. Interesting that I had that dream and Kali has a connection with birds among other animals.

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by Ellie Sagan

Hey Ellie I just got your PM and came straight over to the thread ... wow ... that is a very powerful dream you had there my friend.

Crow is one of my Totem animals too ... I have a very strong connection with them ... and I found it particularly interesting that you mentioned being told in the dream that you were following in the steps of your ancestors.

I have always felt that Crows are a physical connection with our ancestors ... and not just the ancient ones.

Let me tell you about a couple of Crow links in my lifetime(s);

#1 I have a complete set of pastlife memories from a lifetime I had a Piegan Crow Indian (1700's).

#2 In 1989, I lost a child and afterwards I started noticing a solitary Crow that would just sit and watch me ... I instantly felt that this Crow was a connection between me and my lost son (a way that I could still 'see' him and he could 'see' me) it was very comforting and helped me with the grieving process immensley

I know some may think that I was clutching at straws and that the appearence of the Crow at that time was just wishful thinking ... I was aware of this myself but I liked to see the Crow even if it was coincidence. As my grief subsided and I accepted my loss the Crow became a less frequent visitor ... but if ever I was having a bad time I could guarantee I would see the Crow and it would always make me feel like my son was comforting me and telling me it would be alright because he was looking out for me.

#3 In 2003, my dad had his 80's birthday and I had been to visit him in the Midlands ... three days later I returned to North Yorkshire and the following morning I got a phonecall from the hospital saying my dad had been taken ill and was unlikely to survive the night and I should come back down as soon as possible. I was in shock I couldn't believe it ... I rang my other son who came to pick me up and take me back to the Midlands to see my dad before he left for his ultimate journey ... it takes two and a half hours to get from North Yorkshire to the Midlands (traffic permitting) ... it was the longest couple of hours of my life.
I just sat in the car staring out the window and when we were about 20mins away from the hospital I saw two Crows sitting on a fence at the side of the road ... and I swear they were looking me straight in the eye ... I knew Callum had gone to collect his Grandad so that he would have company on the journey ... I looked at the time and it was 3:55pm.
When we arrived at the hospital my eldest son was standing outside waiting for us ... I knew from the look on his face that my dad had already left ... we just hugged each other ... there was no reason to say the obvious. Once I'd composed myself I asked my eldest son (who'd been there with my dad until he left) what time he'd gone and he said 'just before 4pm'.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the two Crows I'd seen watching me from the side of the road had held the spirits of my son and father at that time ... no doubt at all. And even now I occasionally see two Crows in the yard or the street ... and I instantly say an internal hello to Callum and dad.

We must also remember that a group of Crows is called a 'murder' of Crows ... and I believe it is this link with death that makes many people fear these magnificent creatures ... I absolutely love them.

As for your dream ... I believe your spirit has been allowed to weaken over a period of time ... the Crow represents your spirit and you were nurturing and feeding it ... making it stronger ... nourishing your spirit will make it and you stronger ... you and your totem are a partnership.

Brilliant x Woody

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Your recollection of your father and son and the crows really touched me. Thank you for sharing it.

I really hate how people have come to just see crows as a nuisance and bad. I love them. I haven't always felt that way, they used to just seem amusing to me. They seem human at times.

Strangely, yesterday and today I have seen no crows and I've been looking too. (It was last night I had the dream) It seems weird and I wonder what it means. My husband has even said, "your crow's out there calling to you" and I will look and there is a crow cawing at our house. Or once he said, "Your friends are calling to you." LOL I love it.

Oh I meant to ask you also... The past life memory of being a Crow Indian, do they take their name from traits of a crow or how does that connect other than just the name?
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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by Ellie Sagan

The pastlife link was the ancestor connection but I think it's an amazing synchronicity that I was Crow Indian.


posted on Nov, 14 2016 @ 12:55 AM
a reply to: Ellie Sagan

That is a very fascinating dream.
The Crow Spirit visits and teaches me about a lot of things, and for me it was primarily around mid- February of 2015.

I am actually going to make a thread about it, as there are tons of connections and messages I received. I'm unsure what I'll do for it and it may not appear online for a few years. We'll see.

I will tell you this, the Crow is a protector and it's symbol in this regard is the Shield. It also carries a bolt of lightning, which represents many things like sparking your imagination or thinking. So this guide will inspire you to think many many thoughts and bring you great revelations as it did for me. In retrospect I'm sure you'll recognize that.

Also connected are thunder and lightning deities, like Indra who fires bolts of lightning from his bow. He also can bridge the realm of our world with the realms of other existences.

There is a strange connection with the film "The Crow" as well, with Brandon Lee. The signification of death and rebirth is prominent in this. These themes are mirrored by the wrestler "Sting" who ended up using the Crow personal and facepaint themes with great fanfare. This connects us with the Scorpion.

If you notice in the band KISS who also wears this facepaint scheme (and as far as I know, originated the costume), one of them wears cloths with Lightning bolts on it.

Another fictional character that utilizes this facepaint is Domino, and she is sometimes paired with Deadpool who also dies and is reborn fairly often due to his advanced healing factor. Domino's special power is Luck. She's just so incredibly lucky all the time.

This stuff gets stranger and stranger, like there's a Counting Crows album cover featuring electricity as it's primary symbol, and there are military patches with the Crow + Shield + Lightning bolt symbol, if I recall it was cryptography or electronic warfare related.

Anyways, that's nothing, I also wrote this stuff in a really cool dramatic way (imo) when it all came to me. It was part of a 30 day stream of consciousness that I wrote on my phone (and have saved for later editing/posting). I perhaps made 15,000 text posts that at least 85% of them were this "stream of revelations", which was my biggest and most impossible feat I ever hacked from the other side. It really could make a dozen threads.

You'd simply have to see it to believe it. Other prominent connections surrounding this Crow (as it was in the middle) are Cats (mostly black cats, Panthers, etc) and deities like Nyx and Hera. It'd take me 30 days to explain in full and I cannot replicate the stream I just gotta recover the texts and organize them into threads. I plan on doing that one day.

I realize that may all sound really crazy, but your thread caused me to remember all of it. In December of 2015 I also had another major piece of information come to me which the Crow was prominent in. I guess I could quote the Crow forever and ever more...
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