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The New Global Revolution and our children are getting the message

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posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 05:50 AM
reply to post by gnosticquasar

Am I seriously the only one who sees a massive struggle with my generation? Yeah, you have about 30% who are out there doing squat all and if anything, degrading society. But then there are the 70% who work their ass off trying to make a stand to everyone and anyone, stressing the fact that a system such as the one we are living in is merely idiotic and unjustified. Worst part is, were not on the television or in the MSM, so officially, we don't exist.

But no, the reaction most get is "OH! so you think our system sucks eh? Look at Africa!" almost as if they disregarded everything the person said, and took it as an attack on the "homeland".

Were talking about the global society, the global community, not the fictional one you call a country.

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 07:49 AM
We all have to be careful of the "allness" attitude. All you kids, all you old gezers, all of this and that. It is a normal reaction when something pisses you off, but really, it is not a black and white world, but shades of gray. The hippies, black panthers, and other activists were not really that organized and they give up the fight for various reasons as stated in an earlier reply, like the end of the war and Nixon resigning. This was made pretty plain in that PBS documentary on John Lennon's life that was aired recently. He tried to keep the revolution going, but ended up on a long drunk on the west coast before he moved back to NY and started getting it back together. Of course he didn't regroup for very long before he was gunned down. Anyway, I was born on the cusp of the boomer and gen X, if there is a lost generation is is mine. Born too late for the hippie revolution and too early for the punk reaction. Young people have the energy, drive and spirit to continue the fight, us oldsters have been beaten down by life and have gotten tired. Reading all this stuff going on just makes me want to crawl back in bed and wait for the end, how ever it might happen. 25 years ago, I planned on being in the woods and prepared. Well I'm there, not as prepared as I wanted to be in 2010, but I just don't have any more drive to do anything but live day to day, wondering how I'll be paying my next bill. Don't worry, it will happen to you youngsters eventually.

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 10:53 AM

Originally posted by Joehio
reply to post by Killface

What's your avatar right now and what does it represent about you? And you're still arguing with me? Oooh college, like that's the answer. There's thousands of college grads down at unemployment offices every day in these times. Not to mention college has largely become corrupted and you'll have no means to apply it in the work place. Also with the god awful education and skyrocketing price of higher education or hell even primary education these days, do you really what to hold up the "quality" of education your generation received as a positive? And that still doesn't speak to how listless, unmotivated, and ignorant your generation is. Which is why I bring up your avatar. Wow, advocating a cartoon character for politics. That's really going to change the world. I bet if a lot of you were really motivated, you'd even start a campaign to get him elected on facebook. And that's the depth of thought and motivation common of your generation.
edit on 4-12-2010 by Joehio because: (no reason given)

My god you miss the point,

Lets start with the college point, You call my generation lazy and unable to work to further themselves but many more of us have made the choice to do so than your generation. This has nothing to do with the quality of the education or the validity of a degree in the world, my point is that more of us chose to be educated than any other generation before.

Context buddy, try to figure out what you are arguing before opening your mouth.

My avatar?! Seriously?!

My avatar is Killface, the main character from adult swim's cartoon "Frisky Dingo". One of the more intelligent comedies out there. (I hesitate to suggest it to you, since you have problems understanding context.)

In the second season of the show, Killface runs for....wait for it.....president!

But you know me, I am too lazy and brainwashed from MTV to think straight...I am trying to get a cartoon character elected in real life...(Really? This is your insult towards me?)

My posts do not make assumptions about you, but rather your generation. If you want to save face at all, I suggest going back to attacking my demographic, not me personally.

"And that still doesn't speak to how listless, unmotivated, and ignorant your generation is. Which is why I bring up your avatar."

This is the best part, is how you call us unmotivated and ignorant, yet you took the time to insult me over my avatar. You were completely unmotivated to research and learn about the character before making claims about me as a person....sounds pretty almost the definition.

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