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world cup and free press

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 12:55 PM
hi guys. long time listener first time caller. (never had anything useful to add, hopefully i now have)

ive had this feeling that has been growing over the last week or so then today it poped into my head as a thought and i thought i would share to see if anyone else agrees.

In the days/weeks building up to the world cup vote i was seeing a lot of stuff about its wonderfull we have a free press in the uk and how the terrible russians have a controlled press (despite the fact its taken an aussie hacker to do their jobs for them and they still dont report the key information even when its posted online for them to copy paste) then boom within a few hours now all i am hearing is how our press is terrible and should never do anything of the sort. While i dont think the reports were in any way interesting and all they did was prove yet another company is somewhat corrupt (shock horror) at least the reporters were doing their job somewhat.

while i dont think the whole thing is a conspiracy i do think it has been jumped upon by someone who has seen an opportunity to close our press down the last mile so to speak.

im not very good with words so i hope ive got whats in my head out into words.

while im hear, as i doubt i will have another thought for many years to come, il just say keep up the good work. theres not a lot we can do these days to change the direction we are heading in but at least people on this site(mostly) have their eyes open to it, i bang my head against walls on a daily basis trying to get people to (que cartman voice) just ask questions. i gave up trying to get them to understand a good while ago.

you guys make me feel that little bit less insane

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 01:14 PM
Its a case of trying to find a scapegoat, trying to find someone to blame. Fifa is & has been corupt from the get go & its useless debating who is to blame, simple fact is, the fifa panel didnt like the designer handbags they recieved from the english & instead prefered the hard cash they got from elsewhere. Like every major corporation, there's a few corrupt indivduals.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 01:55 PM
The Russian Mafia and the Qatar royal family greased the hands of these corrupt creeps! FIFA is totaly corrupt and now i think the English media will hunt them down like the dogs they are...

Some thing's that Blatter and others have been up to...

England never stood a chance, even before Panorama!


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