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The Jar of Possibilties

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posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 01:52 PM
Sun Myung Moon Crowned as the Messiah information:
Summer Pulse 2004 Information:

So now we have this "Sun Myung Moon" as the Messiah. Ain´t it funny how "God" said "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end" I am not sure if he said the "sun and the moon" but there is some relation with the sun and the moon, and that bible verse.

Now that we have around 93 percent of the navy at sea right now close to China doing a "Show of force" exhibition called "Summer Pulse 2004". Meanwhile what the hell is China´s military doing? We need the Navy back here at our ports to watch out for terrorist attacks!

Something is not right.

This is the idea I have in my head right now.

What if, China invades the USA as this exhibition is taking place?

I read some speculation going on about how the US could have turned to China for help in declaring Martial Law, because Bush knows the US soldiers wouldn´t shoot Americans.

So, it could either be that China is going to invade, ala massive "Pearl Harbor" except the whole US? OR, could the invasion start with a major "terrorist attack" on us, and then the invasion from China would be held off as "China helping the US out in light of a developing terrorist attack" and this be held off as China taking over for Martial Law in the US?

The chinese could do the terrorist attack, and then invade.

A meteor impact can be blamed as "eco-terrorism". There was some speculation going on in these boards about 100 megaton nukes being fired into the ocean so that a huge tsunami would hit the coast of the western US.

Maybe there really IS going to be a meteor impact around there and this would be the great coverup? A massive "terrorist attack" in the ocean?

or a massive meteor impact occurs, and they won´t cover it up..

Or maybe there ISN´T going to be a meteor impact around there, and they really would fire 100 megaton nukes to that area and cause a big tsunami in the name of "eco-terrorism".

So, in the light of all these ideas, could it also be that one of these possibilities is the plan? or perhaps even part of an even bigger plan to over the US?

In the light of these possibilities now, will they happen? I dunno. But the possibilities are VERY DAMN POSSIBLE you have to admit that.

If this ever turns out to be a possibility, and the word spreads out of these ideas of being a possibility, will they cancel their plans just because some of us remembered to connect the dots to come to some some disturbing ideas such as this, which coincidentally turned out to REALLY BE the plan?

Think about the endless number of possibilities here, and what are the agendas, then we will get a huge number of possibililties here.

But I know that with Sun Myung Moon here being the Messiah it HAS to be something to do with China.

4rth of July is this coming sunday. What a huge day for things to kick off on or around that date! It´s possible. I am keeping an open mind, putting all the possibilities into awareness right now. It is not impossible that these things could happen. Unbiasedness is the key right now.

Just put all the possibilties into one jar and what do you get?

Well, to add more to that "Jar of Possibilities", there are also other countries at sea right now ready for something. US could have made plans with those countries as well. The invasion doesn´t have to be only from China, it could be any other country, it could also many countries teamed together. And who says that only naval ships would be involved too, I am sure there are many countries who know of America being more vulnerable due to their "arrogantness" in doing a big "show of force" who can plan to do something to the US....

just think about this possibility and more...

It is true, that one plan can collapse, I think it will, there are other unseen forces at play here.

Personally I think, this summer is it. Not the end, but planet x, transition from 3d to 4d (rapture; Im not relgious btw) is this summer for the self-selected ones who can see through the viel of deception.

One of many plans could be in progress right now, some may fail, some may not, and the beginnings of them may unfold, but none will go to the full extent.

So yea, sit back relax and enjoy the ride.

But I think its worth it to bring some of these ideas into the awareness of some human beings here, so that they may also have the choice of thinking about other possibilities, and seeing behind the viel.

Something big is headed our way, no doubt.

This article should give you some motivation for ideas of whats to come.


[Quote]: When a planet is retrograde, it is commonly believed that the archetypal energy associated with that particular sphere will be muted or blocked in some way.

While the energy of Venus is associated with love, abundance, beauty, and popularity, the Ancient Adepts warned that on her lower octave Venus could also represent a very negative interpretation of the aforementioned qualities.

The word for Venus in the Qabalah is NVGH or “Nogah” with a numerical value of 64. This is very interesting because the sum of the Hebrew words for woman (ChVH which equals 19) and man (ADM which equals 45) also equal 64, therefore illustrating that the energy of Venus represents the coming together of opposites to form a fruitful, unified whole. When this natural coming together is exploited or approached from a lower perspective, shallowness, perversion, and a self-serving agenda are often the result. [End Quote]

Yes, the hidden agendas and their plans will begin to unfold.

Throw into the jar the anti-bush scene into the mix:

[Quote]: On a mass level, the legal wrangling that has surrounded the U.S. release of Michael Moore’s current film “Fahrenheit 9/11” is a perfect example of the weakened and muted vibrations of Venus causing something in her domain to stall. The fact that Neptune which rules Cinema has also been retrograde only adds to the dilemma. However, because Venus is now going direct, look for “Fahrenheit 911” to connect with a mass audience and reap significant profits.[/Quote]

With so many events happenings at the same time, a civil war could break out amongst the people against Bush and the government.

Oh wait, theres more?


6 volcanos in Alsaka are now on high alert status.

4 are at yellow - An eruption is possible in the next few weeks and may occur with little or no additional warning.
Small earthquakes detected locally and (or) increased levels of volcanic gas emissions

2 are at orange - Explosive eruption is possible within a few days and may occur with little or no warning. Ash plume(s) not expected to reach 25,000 feet above sea level.
Increased numbers of local earthquakes. Extrusion of a lava dome or lava flows (non-explosive eruption) may be occurring. [/Quote]

So you throw this into the mix, knowing also that Alaska´s earthquakes have affected Yellowstone in the past week IMMENESLY, and that along with these eruptions, YellowStone (and many others) COULD be next.

So now you get that jar that is full of possibilities, and you shake it up real good. And what do you get?


So my final conclusion is this: SOMETHING HUGE is going to happen REALLY soon. Connect the dots, and you will see this. There is no doubt left in my mind that something will happen.... watch.

CORRECTION: There are 4 volcanoes in Alaska on yellow, 2 neighboring volcanoes in Russia at orange. For more information check out:

Don't fail to connect the dots. A chain reaction of eruptions is also possible.

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posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 04:45 PM
I've been following this same thing about the Alaskan earthquakes affecting Yellowstone and the massive (suspected) supervolcano.

YIKES! It certainly does seem like all h*ll is gonna break loose!

Oh yeah.. and people are fleeing for their lives from the huge forest fired outside of Fairbanks right now!

[edit on 2-7-2004 by PsiEye]

posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 11:06 PM
As PsiEye said , WOW.
Those links are going to keep me awake all night now

posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 11:47 PM
Maybe aussie bloke is part of a conspiracy to make us think that an asteroid could hit the earth soon....just getting our minds in the right place...some say he is real, some say he is not, but what if we nuked ourselves and blamed it on an asteroid. We wouldn't know the difference.
Has this been said already?


posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 01:35 AM
Well life does seem odd even with no media influence (ppl are becoming more stupid as each month goes by). I have sort of had the feeling you get just as a loud firework is being lit, its like a violent calm and you feel it before it happens.

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 01:38 AM

Almost 2 hours before your thread and post the same content.

Now Im not accusing you of anything, Im just trying to help people find the information they look for and to remind everyone that they walk a fine line when the copy a thread.

[edit on 3-7-2004 by Agent47]

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 03:53 AM
That thread only discusses Rev. Moons crowning as the messiah. My thread goes further into other topics which can also be discussed as well.

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 04:12 AM
I think any country including china would find it near to impossible to occupy the united states. Not even going into the logistics of gettin there army over here in the first place. The american people are not unarmed and defenseless there over 200million guns floating around the states.

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 05:23 AM
yeh true, the american people can fight for themselves for whatever comes our way.

All I know is that if something big occurs in the future I won't be on Bush or his administration's side.

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