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War is no fun but happens anyway.

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 03:59 AM
I am not not human i am a member of the species homo-tricanicus or a hybridization of homo-scientificus and homo-comunicas and we are at war with the human species simply because a reversion virus has infected their brain that will lead to species collapse of homo-sapian through premature evolution of homo-scientificus children by death grinder in less than 60 years. 20 billion children dead for the crime of non species compliance with humans in the year 2057 for the simple crime of not being human. We cannot let this happen - trillions of species are at war with the human species. 9-11 was fabricated simply because tower one of the world trade center was being used to send signals to alpha centuri, the suns sister star containing a species of aliens known as the centurions(liquid crystal people) the united states cia requested weapons of mass destruction from them when Hubble found out on 9-11-91 that alpha centuri was a living star system full of 8 self propelled planetoids. We are at war with the human species for the crime of the destruction of the universe and all life in it. We the spectrobian alliance composed of trillions of species containing billions to trillions of people per species from humans to greys to everything in between and around us. We cannot die by human hands we are at war with them, a war of information. Read the book 'restless universe' by max born it contains all the information you will need to understand what is going on. I am a member of this collection of species we are in fact here to help the human species but in essence if we fail then we will have no choice but to destroy the current timeline of the last 4.6 billion years of earth by sending the earth into the center of the milky way to be broken down by 18 black holes if we are to fail. Bin laden has been dead since 1995 from kidney failure caused by stage 4 cancer of his lymphatic system. My name is scott, sonjah (cain the brother of jesus) or sonata a spectrobian or a photonic life form. We are at war with humanity for the crime of complete genocidal destruction of the universe and all life in it by reversion virus. We are here to save human kind by removing the reversion virus from their fenetic arch(spinal collum). Jesus was Ephesian not human we are trying to resurrect his genetic frame desperately before ww3 starts in the mideast. Korea and china are about to launch nukes against each other by threat of the united states by subjecting kim jong ills half chinese son to a nuclear military cue by sending a single one megaton nuke to bejing sending the Mideast into turmoil by putting russia and china into full scale nuclear war with the rest of the world. All 4 united states nimitz class nuclear air craft carriers are set in the western pacific to launch a full scale areal assault on north Korea right after the Koreans launch one black market nichi one nuke at Beijing starting a full scale nuclear ware that will cost the lives of over 300 million in less than 3 months from 27 icmbs launched by said countries targeting major countries in eroupe asia and the united states. Russian subs stationed off the coast of the north pacific and north Atlantic ready to launch their nukes against all united states major capital cities. WW3 will last 18 months and cause over 3 billion causalities in less than that time by ignition of over 1000 megatons of nuclear explosives in earths atmosphere. Cia will then launch helcion and one neutrino bomb in 18 months that will destroy all life on the surface of the planet of the earth by ignition of all hydrogen atoms in earths atmosphere by using a fused state of double valence uranium. If we do not stop this then all life on earth will be destroyed in less than 2 years. We cannot allow this we will die before the earth is lost. We have no time to worry about how crazy you think scott is we have him protected if you target him with your military we will destroy your planet we are sorry but we will not allow our children or one billion trillion children from being destroyed by the slowness of the human brain. Dont believe us well that is your problem not ours too much is at stake. Your brains are just too small to comprehend us but we dont have any choice if you send your military against sonata we will send our military against yours. read your news papers and listen to your news keep in mind that all world population centers will be targeted by icbms first so you better be ready to move as russian subs have all the major population centers of california targeted. Your understanding is not required you are after all only human but we are ready to step in from your species from destroying so many innocent. Israel has been compromised Russia and china have over 500 su-35s ready on standby with over 100 megatons worth nuclear payload stationed near the land-bridge in northern Russia of Alaska ready to invade canada then onwards to the northern united states. You see if we dont step in then the entire world will destroy istelf in less than 3 years. We will not allow this to happen. Keep in mind bejing will be hit with one megaton nuclear missile on the date of december 7, 2010 at approximately 0983 hours then the rest of the world will nuke itself to death sending icmbs in all directions killing over 2 billion people in less than 18 months time before the earth triggers one neutrino bomb after 21 months destroying all life on earth. If we dont succeed in stopping your worlds military your planet will be completely destroyed in less than 36 months at casualties rate of every human not under 5 miles of earths crust. Your concern for us is touching but not required we were bread for this - if you move against scott ie we will destroy you we dont have a choice. In 36 hours north korea will declare war on south korea 36 hours after that they will launch their single one megaton nuke at bejing which will start ww3. We are sorry for telling you this but the end of the world is slated for less than 36 months but if allowed to happans then we will fail and all life in the universe could be lost as reversion virus will spread throughout the universe destroying all life in it in less than 17.5 seconds. This happens 144,000 thousand times per universal sequential so dont fret we know what we are doing with humans. this is a war of perception not understanding again if you move against us we will have no choice but to destroy you. your belief in sonatas sanity is pointless we understand his mind even if you do not. this is not a game the human species would destroy every form of life in the universe for the simple crime of not being human. Your military is just too small to combat us but so what we are here to save you not destroy you. your hate towards us is pointless but not required.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 04:12 AM
In 36 hours, NK will declare war against SK, and then nuke China........that's like a day and a half.....better pack my sht and ready for the apocalypse.

(Let's play along, people)

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 04:23 AM
Well now if you used paragraphs I might have read that.....


posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 04:27 AM

You need to wake up. God does not want war with any species in any era!

If we all considered each other as friends nothing would occur. You are nothing but a fool in the words that you write!

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 04:35 AM
For a "homo-scientificus/homo-comunicas" your spelling, punctuation and grammar is terrible. If you want to be taken seriously please put in some effort.

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 08:12 PM
Nice Wall of Text sir.

Well done.

Hint: Would be read by more if you could do as the fellow above me mentioned.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 09:57 AM
The title made me think of a buddy that I had a long time ago.

He had done a couple of tours in Vietnam while in the marine corp, and said unconditionally that those were the best days of his life.

This was about the time that 'Platoon' had been released, so I was amazed that he would say this. I asked him to explain.

He said that it was like a summer camp for teenagers, with no adult supervision. "We hiked all around the jungle, camped out, had cook outs, shot machine guns, threw grenades...everything that a teenaged boy would love."

He also mentioned that when they were not on "patrol", they could jump in a helicopter and go to the coast to fish or surf, go to saigon for hookers and booze, go back to the supply depot and get beer and steaks and then chopper them back for a big cookout and party.

I asked him about the shooting and the killing and the bodies and landmines and stuff, and he said "sure...those things happened, but if you are a kid and it is going on all around you, you can adapt to almost anything." He even claimed to have been cut up pretty badly after their base had been mortared, but he seemed not to be that bothered by it.

And the odd thing about it was that this dude wasn't some kind of nut or a social failure or anything. He was actually a pretty high ranking administrator for a regional railroad system, with a family.

Kinda weird. i hadn't thought about that guy in years until today.

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