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Why is white pride a bad thing?

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posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 07:30 AM

There is nothing wrong with having pride in who you are and what your heritage is!
reply to post by SaturnFX

Yes there is because as a White you are automatically assumed to be having a superiority complex! Think of this! If a school student wrote a paper about how they were "proud" to be a Black/Mexican/Muslim/Jewish/Ect. Because "Insert-Name-Here" Invented something that benefited all of mankind or made the world a better place they would be praised. Now think of what would happen to a student who wrote the same paper with the only difference being he and the person he was proud of was White???

There would be an uproar and the student would be counseled.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 07:47 AM
Not necessarily a bad thing, but totally SILLY!!

You can be proud of actions, you did NOTHING to turn out white (or black, or yellow, or whatever). How can you be proud of something you had no control over?

So you're white? Cool...want a cookie for it?

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 08:11 AM
we are called white-caucasion...I will say this again, WE ARE NOT WHTE. We are light skinned. chinnese are more white then causcasion. aLbino are almost white, but caucasions, are not white. you are seriously color blind to think we are white. It is not wrong to be PROUD of our skin color. I am born me, I am born my color I love me I love my skin color. I am born iris(mother)- german(father). I am 6th and 7th generation american I am proud of me.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 08:26 AM
Well I guess that because we are white, we should have no liberties or privileges. Lets see, there is Black History Month, BET Black Entertainment Television, Martin Luther King Day, several black only universities, Kwanzaa, etc... If there was a white history month, or WET...haha White Entertainment TV, we would be racist and surely have Rev. Jessie Jackson beating down the Supreme Court to file civil charges on all of whitey for this injustice against the other colors of the world. Personally....i could give a rats ass about what color a person is...if they get up, contribute to society, pay taxes, work, take care of there family...great. If your the dead ass, let me pay your way kind of person...then sure, call me racist. It seems to me, one stated earlier that we had no hardships as a WHITE race to overcome. How about succession from a tyrannous country that made a land equal for all race.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 08:58 AM
I think you're getting a little off point. Celebrating your heritage would be celebrating being british, american, french etc. Celebrating being WHITE is very different. Celebrating being white is like saying being white is being better than black, brown, yellow or whatever else.

Other cultures (such as your example of jewish/muslim/mexican) celebrate the fact that they are just that, NOT that they are black, brown etc etc etc. So your argument doesn't make much sense, however it could simply be the way you worded it.

In the UK recently there was a massive fuss and protests kicked up by an english person burning a Quran, they were also threatened with jail time for racial hatred. Yet when a Pakistani burnt poppies which are a symbol of our fallen soldiers and the battles we went through in ww1 and ww2 (yeah no stuggle's we went through at all!), then nothing was done at all.

There have also been reports of people being told to take down English flags on celebratory days, and even when the world cup was on as the government was worried about it being portrayed as racist!

I have no problem with other cultures celebrating their history and being proud of who they are here, however it seems ridiculous that we are often not allowed to do the same in our own country. However our government and media are very much getting to ridiculous levels where our very heritage and history are not being able to be celebrated (and that's a comment on being English, not white!).

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 09:14 AM

Examples of just a few of your name calling, I didn't post ones that were directed to other people in your other posts:

the million man march was for everyone idiot.

A black man isnt running the country into the ground anymore than the 43 idiots who misrepresented the face of a people and the land. ...

I don't name call. A savage is ....well a savage.

I can't get over it when I have to share a planet with juvenile people that think there is something not wrong. We are all still slaves, especially you because I can tell you can't recognize.

Your right but it is fed by the ignorance that roams the Earth in the form of scum. I can tell it has found a happy home within your reasoning and logic, which is a FAYUL btw.
The three-fifths compromise is found in Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 3 of the United States Constitution:
The Three-Fifths compromise Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons............... "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." As far as a 'drivers licence' yes I do have one, why??? Well to get myself and my family to our JOBS. I also have a Federal concealed carry permit, why??? Part of my JOB, and to protect my family from violence when we are in more populated areas, and NO not just from young black males, who by the way are not as racist as they are made out to be. They will kill you for what you have, just as quick as they would me, no discrimination there,I assure you. As far as your 'love for me', keep it. I am not your 'brother' and that has nothing to do with race, my brothers are open minded, educated, hard working, most of all loyal to who they consider their 'brothers'. We are color blind, a black,brown, yellow or white man who protects my back, in return for the same, they are my 'brothers'. As are the hundreds of thousands of white men and women who fought and died for Emancipation, so you should be the one to 'recognize'.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 09:28 AM
ummm, stupid question. everybody knows it is perfectly acceptable to be a racist, as long as you aren't white. but i drop the n bomb one time and everybody on the city bus gets soooo offended. geez, my bad, i'm sorry. i didn't realize that everybody was getting so sensitive these days.
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posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 10:12 AM
I don't know if anyone has brought this up but I believe as time passes by and especially here in the US possibly in Europe also due to the mass waves of immigration from Mexico and South America and Africa and the Middle East in Europe we will see a rise in white pride if you want to use that term as we, (whites),become the minority. Soon it will most likely become a matter of survival for our race. Some may call this racist but it's no different than what other groups and races are doing today and get away with.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 11:56 AM
Mention White Pride, and you get Bigots on Parade attacking the audacity of such a concept. From the first page.


Being white isn't a culture.

And other races don't celebrate because they are whatever colour they are, they celebrate the history of their race, and the hardships that have been overcome.

So race is a culture? And Whites don't have the right to celebrate "the history of their race, and the hardships that have been overcome."

As if whites have no history or hardships to endure.


What is white culture?

Edit: Just noticed your statements about Jews. So this is one of those threads. Have fun.

Obviously you are one of those.


What exactly have whites had to fight for or struggle for?? Umm..nothing!! They moved from place to place slaughtering natives and taking over. Is that what you wanna celebrate?? If theres something specific for whites to celebrate then please enlighten me...

And i agree that whites dont really have a "culture" thats just my opinion.

What have whites had to struggle for, besides our freedoms, liberty, standard of living, that you take for granted? Never heard of the numerous invasions into Europe? Spanish Inquisition? Protestant Movement? Revolutionary War? The numerous struggles of Unions against corporations? By the way, a great many whites joined blacks in the struggle for civil rights, now people like you would like to leave whites out of the deal.

schrodingers dog

As in recent history it has been folks of pink skin that have been doing most of the oppression there's no reason to 'celebrate' being white for being white, unless of course one wishes to celebrate oppression.

Pink Skin? Yeah, there is nothing derogatory about that. Sorry, but no, white people haven't been doing most of the oppression. The part of the planet controlled by whites is the part where people are the most free. The rest of the world is controlled by extremely oppressive regimes who are comprised primarily of men who do not have pink skins. Here is a clue, White people, European colonists, ended slavery, and the thriving trade of the exportation of slaves out of Africa into the Middle East countries controlled primarily by Arabs.


But considering that American culture is cobbled together from and shaped by cultural elements from cultures all over the world and across time, many of which aren't white, one can see how that might be difficult to do without injuring one's "white pride".

There is no injury to white pride when the contributions of the many white cultures (Caucasians if you prefer) are counted and given credit for their contributions, rather than only being given credit for false claims of oppression, there will be no injuring of one's white pride.


and no, NASCAR is -not- white culture! thats redneck culture

Proof that white people are bigots. Exactly what is wrong with redneck culture? I'll bet if there were some studies made, it would show that your kind is far more bigoted than the average redneck. Do you have a clue what a redneck is? Buy a cop of "Grapes of Wrath" and educate theyself.


lol @ white culture ...

Birthdays - Lets get drunk.....

Yeah, white people are the only people who like to party.

Thanks for the shout out !!!

If one is going to be proud of their skin color, ..... that shows me they probably haven't accomplished alot in life, ..... and just need a reason to have pride.

I guess you need a reason to have pride.

There are many white cultures, and they should be celebrated for their accomplishments. Yet the local community college has a month for every group but European cultures.

Blacks have the NAACP, which I personally think is a respectable group. At this point in time, a respectable group supporting the rights of whites in the U.S. is not out of line.

Hispanics, who aren't really HIspanic, have La Raza, The Race, now that is whacked, but no one here seems to see anything wrong, but at the mention of white pride and the bigots come out to parade.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by poet1b

It's a double standard and a huge hypocrisy, political correctness is going to be the downfall of western civilization. We will die by our own sword.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by ironheadd

Please do not try make it seem as if I came out of the woods, name calling or disrespecting people because of their beliefs. That is not what I do. I will admit, people that worship lies and falsehoods can have the tendency to get under my skin know how much truth is out there. Specially when they try to spew that as if were the divine truth. But people would rather have it spoon fed to them, rather than to feed themselves.

I can't get over it when I have to share a planet with juvenile people that think there is something not wrong. We are all still slaves, especially you because I can tell you can't recognize.

I'm sorry if the truth hurts, but, it is apparent you don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes. I like how you skimmed over my whole post and hand picked the things that don't fit into your "finite"understanding of how things operate. The 3/5 of man extends beyond what you speak of....and you never mentioned anything about what has been done to change it. Creed and heritage has been removed from so-called black people. The 3/5ths still stand today.

" As far as a 'drivers licence' yes I do have one, why??? Well to get myself and my family to our JOBS. I also have a Federal concealed carry permit, why??? Part of my JOB, and to protect my family from violence when we are in more populated areas, and NO not just from young black males, who by the way are not as racist as they are made out to be.

I refuse to 'name call or speak ill on my brethren, its not in my nature, but I will address this ignorance(lack of knowledge).
Well, a driver's license is NOT required for travel, only commerce. You seem to know the democratic statutes and codes, But the real American Republic constitutional guidelines are contrary to your whole approach. I will not touch on the permit, I will let you figure that one out. You should protect your family by not having them believe in your beliefs. To protect your family violence you should reevaluate your perception, young black males are inclined to do whatever it takes, your right. I bet the news only covers those particular people in your small town. What about the kids in (non-white) towns that kill their friends because they haven't been taught how to distinguish reality from a video game?? The fact is, someone mentioned earlier so-called blacks are only 12% of the american population. Do you feel threatened by that in some kind of way, where you need a firearm? Have you ever wondered how do so-called blacks get "government"issued weapons without the governments involvement. Or a weapon of any kind for that matter since so-called blacks never to this day own any manufacturing plants???? . Thats what you should protect yourself from. Your actions speak louder than anything you could ever write.

As long as you have 2 eyes and you breathe air, and you are of the homo-sapiens to stroll out of so-called Africa, your my bro. Rather you like it or not. Its your mentality that keeps people divided. No matter your beliefs, or your understanding I am still willing extend my hand to the person I unfortunately have to share a planet with.

I am not your 'brother' and that has nothing to do with race, my brothers are open minded, educated, hard working, most of all loyal to who they consider their 'brothers'.

For you to know nothing about me, your are going really far out to display a false sense of separation. The youngest addition to the human family have been doing since Europe thawed out. I am educated, not because I bathe in false synthesized, watered-down knowledge, but because I walk the extra mile...pass wiki. That comes from being open minded and realizing the truth is NOT in an institution. I can bet you have never worked a day in your life. You may have a job, but real earth work that requires no compensation, I bet you don't even know of that concept. Sacrificing your space/time to research, and unearth truths and burying false hoods or to grow food to feed other humans.
You have a westernized, compartmentalized mind. Which means to me, you will never see the ultimate, absolute-holistic reality. You can only see it "your" way, not "the" way.
My 'love' isn't reserved for you specifically, its for the sheep. The people that can't tell when someone is actually loyal to them, and the ones that can't tell when someone is here to help.
One day I hope you get enough courage did you put it, "intellectually bitch slap" yourself. (and you proclaim to be of the educated, right)

You'll never evolve into the person or people that you strive to be.

The real world scoffs and is rofl-ing behind your back at your perception and sciences. evolution SMH, I guess you have it all figured out huh?

We are color blind,

Right, thats why you carry the permit right. Not just for so-called black people. I honestly know what you were trying to say right there, but may you should.

put a little thought into your comments

because a color blind person would have never mentioned a color.
So what your white, you openly admit that. But what I am I can't openly say because you don't even have the necessary elements within European/Western science or even the English language to understand what it is I am. In your westernized mind I guess you could call me an angry black person. But that would be an even bigger misunderstanding than labeling me to color. Black is an adjective that describes what something appears to be, not what it is...
You are all racist if you believe in the very Idea of races. By definition thats race-ism. Be proud of life and consciousness.
Peace and bless.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by mayabong
Star and Flag! Here in Canada, the government actually helps ethnic groups financially, for instance the Blacks with their Black Heritage events and their annual Caribana Parade in Toronto, but if Whites held a "White Heritage Day" parade, we would be treated by the police as if we were the K.K.K.. Also, if us "straight" folk held an annual "Heterosexual Pride" parade and dressed and acted the way the queers do during their annual "Gay Pride" parade held in Toronto, we would be arrested and charged with lewd behaviour, or something to that effect, whereas the queers only have to cry discrimination to get away with their disgusting behaviour during their parade. The government, and rightly so, would like to wipe out bigotry altogether, but by giving in to these groups and more or less telling Whites to go to Hell, they actually help create it.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 01:10 PM

The reason I carry a sidearm is because of my job, or didn't your mind grasp that part? Secondly Orlando is not a 'small town', and my family has suffered violent crimes against us three times in the last fives years. All by young black males,. not an easy task seeing as though Orlando is mostly populated by Latinos,and Caucasians. I can see that you are so far gone in your beliefs that it would not matter what I said, oh and by the way you were 'intellectually bitch slapped!' Proven wrong on most everything that spewed out of your 'holistic earth brother' mouth. You are just so full of yourself you can't see it. So go outside look up to the sky and wait for the mother-ship to come pick you up and take you far away from us 'beasts'.Just don't do it in my neighborhood, because if you stand still long enough one of your 'brothers' is gonna put a bullet in your condescending ass! Welcome to the real world, it is violent, and at times deadly. I hope that you find this out in the least harmful way, but you will find out. I am done speaking to you about this issue, and will not reply to anymore of your posts, no matter how much you twist the truth to best suit your point! So heres a little taste of your medicine, I wish you the best, and my peace be with you and yours always,you retard...

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 01:44 PM
reply to post by ironheadd

You won't reply, but my vibrations will resonate in your empty, fleshless cavity forever. You didn't intellectually slap me. You in fact wasted your own time by attacking me out of nowhere. Your racist approach turns my stomach upside down. Its ugly to keep hearing you say 'your', im not 'your' brother. Leave our planet then. I wish for one second you can realize that this is bigger than me or you. The truth is the truth, I don't have to twist it. Its going to hurt either way it goes my friend.

I know its hard for 'older' people to learn new things, but its a new day bro. Thanx for you wishes.

Welcome to the real world, it is violent, and at times deadly.

This isn't the real world. This is your interpretation of it and this is what you make of it. I hope you come from under your rock one day and.....

I hope that you find this out in the least harmful way

things are the way the are because of your contributions or lack thereof.
With that being said, my kindness has been overextended. You should be ashamed to call yourself an adult, an American, and most importantly a Father. Go educate yourself and stop disrespecting others because you don't agree with what the have to offer. Knowledge is power and pride is for the powerless.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 02:12 PM
We can speak "racially" and celebrate out uniqueness--difference is what makes life discernible and enjoyable. It would horrible if everyone was just like me. Try hanging around me all the time like I do. It can be rough. But we get into trouble when our talk turns "racist"--when we denigrate entire groups by their ethnicity. That's unfortunately what often happens within these "white pride" celebrations--the slip from a celebration of equality and diversity to superiority and exclusivity. Sure I see the beauty in venerating one's ancestors and heritage but for me it seems a bit silly to puff with too much personal pride about what I arbitrarily turned out to be when I first fell out of my mom.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by Unilluminist

I'm not blaming whites for everything, but you made a great point that the Rockerfellers are white. Why do white people get mad at that fact? It's the truth. White people support other white Elites just cause they're white even though white elites hate poor white people and poor people in general. So you basically agreed with everything I said in my post. Thanks.
My great grandfather was a white man. Jewish also. And I celebrate the fact that I am part white. If it wasn't for him escaping Germany and having his only child my grandfather, I wouldn't be here.
BET, NAACP, Black History month, were all started because racism was so bad here in America, that black people needed to develop things for themselves.

I agree that BET and other raced based celebrations are outdated today and on the verge of being racist. We need to move on from it. But just understand why they were created. If people hated you for centuries and made fun of you, and told you that you were ugly and the worst of society, you'd find ways to combat that also.
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posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 02:45 PM

Listen,first you attacked me you prick go back and check for yourself! Second if you ever question my ability to be a father again I'll spank your ass like the little child you are. Thirdly, you have already left this planet, that is apparent in your limited views of what most everybody lives everyday here. Fourthly, you so full of sh!t your eyes are brown. You are what is wrong with the whole racial divide, you can't grasp the fact that your race is responsible for the most violent crimes in America by percentage. When was the last time you were given any lashes by a white man? When was the last time you were told you couldn't drink out of the "whites only" water fountain? I do not owe you or your race a damned thing, if it's so damned bad here move the hell back to where you were taken from. Whats that born here in America, and your American? Then act like it, and stand up for AMERICAN civil rights, and leave your personal views where they belong, back fifty years ago. Now shut your freaking mouth and go put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, you and your opinions mean less to me anytime you open your racist mouth. You're a real piece of work, mister brave ass sitting in your home huh? When the SHTF it's your kind that will be coming to my kind for help, and guess what? Not gonna happen, I wouldn't cross the street to piss in your mouth if your teeth were on fire! So just keep provoking me, it doesn't help you at all, and you are too damn stupid to realize that. Hugs and kisses, sweetie. GFY...

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 02:45 PM
I think pride based on a genetic accident is retarded no matter where you're from.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by ironheadd


I would like to open this reply by saying, I am not the person that you have been "conversing" with over these past reply's to your posts. I am "Ironheadd's" wife of 27 years, and I do not have an account for ATS, nor do I want one. I am sure when my husband reads this, he will not be happy to say the least. I would like to say something to you, and as I have read your posts and that is:

  1. Your first sentence of reply was to call my husband an "idiot"..
  2. I can not stress enough to you sir/madam just how wrong you are in that assumtion.
  3. You have done nothing but to continuely attack my husband personally.
  4. When I read that he posted information that he carrys a sidearm for his job, that should have been enough information for you as to what kind of selfless and giving person that he is.
  5. All the time I have known him I have never once heard him utter the "N" word, he has taught our children the same. Shame on you for trying to egg him on too.
  6. Nowhere did I read in his posts that half of his family on his mothers side are in fact black. I am sure that if he did point that out to you would have misqouted him or someone else to try and prove your pointless rhetoric.
  7. Lastly how dare you question what kind of father he is, our daughter is an Equine spealcialist that works for the Pro Bull Riding assoc. and our son is a 4.0 student constantly, attending M.I.T. We have never asked for any help from any oganization to pay for the tuition for mine and his children.
My background is that I am the charge nurse for a very busy E.R. at an area hospital. I can not believe the amount of black on black gun shots that pass through our E.R. daily. I have been a victim of car-jacking in the parking lot there, by two young Haitian's who were in the country illegally. I was hit with a pipe until unconscious, and if I had been anywhere but in the parking lot of a hospital I would have most likely expired. Not once did I hear a racially charged statement from anybody in our family. I would like to close this by saying that even though you are a very caustic and hate filled person, my husband and I will continue to put our lives on the line for you and your family everyday.You have brought shame to yourself by your continued and constant bantering. It is your family, that people that have been following this mean spirited attack of yours, should feel for as they are obviously being taught to hate people, not our children. I am sorry that I will not be able to respond to your inevitable attack on me, but I will more than likely be in a discussion with my husband over leaving you this note. I will pray for you and your family, to receive understanding and tolerance towards other people, and for your children to break free of your hateful and harmful chains. God bless you, and keep you all safe from harm.

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posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by kcs7272

One of your Native Sisters here - words well said!! I do wonder when we will get a Native holiday or celebration added to the calendar they use in America! Oh well we do have our own calendar - I have the next Pow Wow circled in red - hope to see you there.

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