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Norton internet security and other American Software..All malicious code ???

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 09:53 PM
Most Corporations in recent years are afraid of the government and do whatever they ask. This is why an ever-growing government is bad. We need a government that is smaller and lives within the confines of the constitution. I hope that one day we return to what made this country great!

Use a Mac computer! No software needed. Here is a music video I made for you

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by rectangle
Even if I assume Norton is not riddled with spyware from US Department of Homeland Security, we can assume the DHS has a version of all kinds of things that you will probably help them to install on your computer in some way or the other.

Several years ago it was reported that hushmail, who runs an encrypted email service which they claimed they would not keep a copy of your private key (meaning that if you lost you PassWord, you could not login ever again), had two different versions of its software. The Java program which did the encryption work had the usual version and one they would hand a user, if the right government agency asked hushmail to, which would hand the government agency the PassWord. I also presume the government agency would be allowed to use the PassWord on a private citizens account without leaving any footprints.

It's possible for each account to have a second password which leaves no paper trail, or to simply use other means to access the account, but the encrypted payload itself would be very difficult to unencrypt with just a username and password.

Therefore I think it a good presumption that almost any popular software has another DHS version that they will try to slip in to a target computer.

This is actually the new wave of the future. It used to be that malware slowed down your system, or replaced your screensaver with a dancing baby, but now it's no longer just a hobby. Now organized criminals have a way to profit off the average user who knows nothing and would never know that he's infected.

We know that Java is extremely insecure and can be used to download all kinds of things onto target computers. Java is infuriating because no one seems concerned about fixing it, while nearly every website insists on using it.

Well, websites use Javascript which has nothing to do with Java. They just ripped off the name. However, Javascript has been used to install malicious software on people's computers. Crackers have boasted that those issues still haven't been fixed after they discovered them many years ago.

Likewise Adobe has security issues with Flash, PDF and its own downloader program which they are not very motivated to fix. Like Apple CEO Steve Jobs implied, we can do without Adobe altogether when HTML5 is the standard.

Unfortunately not only won't HTML5 be standard until late 2011, but it's being developed mostly by Google. They've even proposed some stuff that will be specific to Google Ads.

The problem with Microsoft (M$) is that the security problem is not just a problem of the OS, it is that we have the wrong design for the hardware. We, as a society are not willing to pay for the hardware design that will make a more secure computer. How the hardware needs to change is not a secret, it just costs money. When we buy computers, we buy for price, not for quality.

We know that the "authorities," both government and those in charge of computer systems must surely have implemented a means to trace almost anything across the internet so they can catch malware instigators.

The "authorities" seem to always know whom to blame when a virus spreads. However, they are usually in Russia, China or the Eastern Bloc, so the FBI has no jurisdiction to prosecute them. All they can do is just spy on them.

Like a privacy expert said in an interview, "privacy is already dead, it does not exist, it has not existed for quite a while." Anonymity does not exist.

I tend to disagree with the sentiment of people who makes these kinds of statements. It's like they want to indoctrinate people into their techno-dystopic outlook.

We can not simply get lost in group by trying not to stand out. it is too easy for the computerized government to keep files on so many. They are now collected automatically by computers. Trying to live off of the grid is likely to start a surveillance.

No kidding. Some guy is getting kicked off his land (like 30 acres) because he lives off the grid.

As the most basic firmware of computer, BIOS and such is now written in India and China, what are the odds that we do is hidden from them either. Seems that China has not used such a resource to track down Chinese dissidents, so maybe not yet.

The Chinese are not shy about announcing that they design BIOS chips for computers. As a matter of fact, Chinese netbooks have become all the rage in computing for the past few years.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 12:19 AM
by post by fisheye
"Linux is for advanced smart people and not yet ready for the masses but it is close."
Ubuntu10.10 maverick meerkat.
you can install it easly now.
you install it with windows,
when you boot up you choise witch to use.
and use the internet with no truble.
it has links to lots of good programs.
like Gimp. a art program, its like photoshop.
with a program called Wine and playonline.
you can then use windows prograns.
but nit all.
but thing what do you use that needs windows?
all the linux programs are made free by the people use use it.
you get a list in linux that are programs that have been check't.
so they are safe.
and you get help from the forums.
you can run it from the disk.
so you dont do any thing to your hard drive.

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by vcwxvwligen

Hushmail broken into:

Privacy is Dead. Get Over It….

That’s a famous quote from Scott McNealy, who was CEO of Sun Microsystems.


In my emotions, I want to agree with you, but Privacy may be dead. Such as the punishment for HIPA Violations are quite small. More to discourage clerks from gossiping, and to assure the public of that there is Privacy in medical records.

I am curious about another incident. When John Ashcroft was Attorney General.

Aide: Sick Ashcroft pressed to approve domestic spying


Have we found out what it was that Ashcroft and Comey had seen in the Domestic surveillance law that they did not want to approve of?

Difficult to believe that an Attorney General who has the reins would feel some part of the rules went too far.

Since the court which approves of domestic spying can not have its records examined, one would believe that there is no real oversight. Like. We hear of a few surveillance in court records of Prosecutions. If the DHS has been watched an account, after a certain period of time, if the DHS has not found a reason to continue the surveillance, then they must notify the target of what the DHS did. Has anyone ever heard of an individual who was notified of a failed surveillance?

My real hope is somewhat more limited. To keep non-governments off of my computer.

In pursuit of keeping thieves, black hackers, and Spyware off my own computer there is a recent story that Google Chrome was the only web browser which was not hacked in a contest.

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